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Biggles in the South Seas Armada SBiggles Algy Ginger a Bigglesův kamarád z války the South eBook #8608 Sandy se vypraví na Tahiti na obrovské naleziště perlorodek které Sandy objevil Tato cesta však. One of the best if not the best of all the Biggles books This the plot that should have been used for the 1980s Biggles movie not the silly time travel concoction the producers came up with The book has it all romance a really bad seed bad guy terrific locations In fact WE Johns and Biggles 'discovered' the Tuamotu island group almost ten years before the Kon Tiki did The character of Sandy Macaster the Scottish South Sea beachcomber is I think easily the best conceived and conveyed support role in all of the Biggles cannon The passages in which he and Ginger and the Polynesians dive from the sea plane for oyster shells are wonderfully told Johns though some of his 1960s Biggles books were pretty ordinary was a master story teller at this time And while I suspect he might never have been to the South Seas he has somewhat miraculously like RM Ballantyne before him created a South Seas imaginary which for the armchair reader is almost better than the real thing I took this book with me on my first visit to Papeete earlier this year hoping to find the 'Hotel Du Port' where Biggles punched out the seedy Corsican Castanelli Alas either it has been pulled down or was likely a creation of Johns' imagination For the record the other books in my Biggles top five are Biggles Defies the Swastika written about the same time as 'South Seas' with a twisting plot worthy of John Buchan Hitchcock; Biggles Hunts Game full of plot implausibilities but an absolute joy to read late on a night you don't need to work next day; Biggles and the Poor Rich Boy a delightful chase across Scotland also with a touch of Buchan as well; and Biggles and the Lost Sovereigns Another island adventure Biggles and his cronies are always at their best in the tropics or as the silly ass Bertie likes to put it 'where the bananas grow'

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Characters ï Biggles in the South Seas Armada S ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ☆ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Biggles in the South Seas Armada S Author W.E. Johns – Biggles Algy Ginger a Bigglesův kamarád z války Sandy se vypraví na Tahiti na obrovské naleziště perE Nakonec se jim Biggles in PDF však tato cesta mnohonásobně vyplatí Na nalezených perlách vydělají mnoho peněz a také před Castanellim zachrání místní domorodc. my fav biggles are after the war as is this one

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Zdaleka neproběhne bez problémů Cestu jim bude znepříjemňovat místní padouch Castanelli a na náladě jim nepřidá ani hurikán který se přes jejich ostrov přežen. This was a good one; lots about giant oysters and pearl fishing I seem to remember And some Solomon Islanders who by dint of being foreign are therefore baddies And dealt with accordingly so serve them right The Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics will I hope reflect on many years of British History smashing weaker opponents and ruling over them gloriously while the sun never set and the world map was mostly coloured pink Or is that the Commonwealth games