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summary Burning Alive Sentinel Wars #1 ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook  ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Burning Alive Sentinel Wars #1 Author Shannon K. Butcher – First in an all new paranormal romance series Caution readers may feel the heat coming off the pages They are the SentinelsThree races desStead ends up in the man's arms There she awakens a force powerful and enticing than she could ever imagine For the man is actually Theronai warrior Drake whose own pain is driven away by Helen's presence Together they may become than lovers they may become a weapon of light that could tip the balance of the war and save Drake's people. Burning Alive is an interesting book to recap because my reasons for liking it are not the norm The characters didn't really grab me and I can't say that the story was one of the best I'd read recently although it was still fun Even so the book had me on the hook right off the bat by throwing me right into the action and the character origins were different from your average pnr In a genre of similar stories I feel myself getting excited anytime something comes along that makes me say huhhadn't seen this beforeThe only downfall was that my ebook document seemed to have been missing a couple of chapters in the middle and I think I completely missed the big love scene so no clue how that wenthah and came back a little confused and had to fumble around for a little while before figuring out what was going on I probably should have gone and loaded another copy but I was being lazy on the couch and was able to get back into the story uick enough that I wasn't going to stress over itThis book had such an impressively strong start It felt like I was immediately thrown into the story without having to go through a bunch of painful world building which is always a plus So many PNR'sUF's start with such a slow build that I'm debating whether to throw in the towel by page 50There's nothing new to the concept of warriors or soulmates but the sentinal world felt fresh to me This is a pnrsci fi hybrid in which alien warriors inhabiting earth are killing demons Whoda thunk it I wasn't wow'ed by the main characters in the book but found myself invested in a few of the side characters and can't wait to see how their story goes in future installments I will absolutely be continuing with this series

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Sentinel Wars Epub #218 First in an all new paranormal romance series Caution readers may feel the heat coming off the pages They are the SentinelsThree races descended from ancient guardians of mankind each possessing uniue abilities in their battle to protect humanity against their eternal foes the Synestryn Now one warrior must figh. Burning Alive was a book that pulled me in from the beginning For that I definitely give it points I liked the storyline about Sentinels and their war against the Senestryn a race of demons The origins of the Sentinels are fascinating to me There is an element of the futuristic teamed with the ancient in their conception and their millenias long war with the Senestryn It had me thinking of Flash Gordon and the various races that Flash encounters when he goes to Space in Dr Zarkoff's rocket for some reason Don't ask Humorous aside I kept thinking about Sinestro who is an arch nemesis of Green Lantern from the DC Comics Universe Anyone else make that connection I do have to say that Ms Butcher charted a course along familiar ground but somehow made this story interesting and distinct from the other series in my opinion As I read I could definitely see how she was influenced by other writers that I enjoy but I don't feel that she was trying to copy them As my sister likes to say There is nothing new under the sun But what I appreciate is seeing an author take a familiar concept and give it a new approach or new life I feel that Ms Butcher did thatI really liked the aspect of the warriors pining for their mate and how they have the tattoo of a tree on their chest that grows as they age and eventually starts to die unless they find a mate The leaves on the tree die and fall off and the closer they get to the tree being completely denuded of leaves the closer they are to their souls dying I thought that was pretty interesting I liked the fact that the warrior is full of energy and his mate taps that energy and uses it to fight the Senestryn in tandem with him Very cool I love a strong powerful warrior who longs for a true love Sigh I felt so bad for all the warriors who will die never finding their mate since most of the Sentinel women were killed I hope that women will be found The hope will keep me reading this seriesThe characters in this story drew me in and I cared about them Maybe too much It broke my heart when a character I fell in love with died horribly I almost threw my book across the room I rarely do that I felt intense pain and disbelief Part of me still wants to believe that it's not the truth The circumstances of the death really cast a pall over this story I had trouble caring about Drake and Helen's romance knowing that this person was dead But at the same time I think it showed the cost of this war The scene in which Drake shows Helen the Hall of the Fallen in which the sword of the dead warrior is hung in remembrance was very profound I felt the awe and the anguish at seeing how very many swords hung there It added to my grief that I felt at the beloved character's death As I said I wanted to find someone to blame for this person's death It is easy for me to blame Helen because she flaked at a crucial moment her lifelong fear such a burden that she couldn't come through and tap her power to defeat the demon in time It was a dilemma for me I could see that Helen was just human full of frailties and flaws How many times have I failed someone who counted on me More than I wanted to Fortunately it hasn't cost anyone a life but poor Helen has that on her conscience Although she will go on to fight in the war at Drake's side basking in his love I think she'll always feel grief that she couldn't save this person The grief I share I think that the reasons behind this courage crippling vision of burning to death were not explained as well as I like I hope that this will be explored further in the next booksDrake and Helen's romance was good They had good chemistry with some steamy love scenes I liked that Helen was an average girl with a normal perhaps too curvy figure but Drake thought she was the sexiest woman alive I liked the powerful chemistry between them when they met I did want things to work out for them although I was still depressed about the death of that person I was in love with I admit I'm intrigued to see what will happen with Zack and Lexie than I was drawn into Helen and Drake's romance Why is the first in the series always the least compelling To keep us reading I'm wondering what's going to happen with Logan Will he find a mate as well More uestions than I have time to list in this reviewThe cast of secondary characters has caught my interest and I look forward to reading about them I'd like to see where this war with the Senestryn will go I think that Ms Butcher will continue to add dimensions to this interesting series she had created I just hope she doesn't get me to fall in love with any characters and then kill them off I don't think my heart can stand itOverall rating 3550 stars

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Burning Alive Sentinel Wars #1T his own Burning Alive Epubdesire if he is to discover the power that lies within his one true loveHelen Day is haunted by visions of herself surrounded by flames as a dark haired man watches her burn So when she sees the man of her nightmares staring at her from across a diner she attempts to flee Alive Sentinel Wars MOBI #243 but in. 4 stars – Paranormal RomanceThis is the first book in a uniue promising new PNR series about sword wielding tree of life tattoo bearing immortal Sentinel warriors fighting a demon race called Synestryn to protect humanity and guard the gateway to an ancestral world called Athanasia Theronai Sentinel warrior Drake has been fighting in the brutal war with the Synestryn for centuries and now it seems that they are waging a losing battle and the demons are gaining the advantage With the loss of all females of the Theronai race the warriors are unable to find life mates to bond with and are slowing dying off as a result of eventually succumbing to the violence and intensity of their power The Sentinels are starting to lose hope but then Drake encounters human woman Helen and feels an immediate potent connection that could alter the delicate future for their race forever All her life Helen’s had a vision of her own death burning alive as a mysterious dark mesmerizing stranger watches with a smile on his face So when she meets the enigmatic man from her dreams warrior Drake she fears that her doomed fate is at hand but Drake refuses to believe that her vision of the future will come to pass and vows to protect her at all costs Will the profound passionate bond between Drake and Helen save them both Can Helen bring much needed hope to the Theronai and restore the fragile balance to the Sentinel wars I’ve read and enjoyed Shannon K Butcher’s romantic suspense Delta Force trilogy and Burning Alive is a good debut read in a paranormal romance series that holds a lot of promise There’s a nice balance of world building explosive fast paced action violent gritty demon ass kicking intense steamy passionate romance and even some humorous uips by Helen that provide some comic relief Drake is a strong courageous fierce loyal sexy and tender warrior and makes a totally swoon worthy hero There are several warriors introduced in this that I can uite easily envision as heroes in upcoming books in the series I’ll definitely read the next book Finding the Lost that’s slated for release in Nov’09 4 stars