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Download Epub ò Chase the Storm ☆ 210 pages è Insolpro ↠ ➜ [Epub] ❧ Chase the Storm By V.M. Waitt ➦ – Up until he buys an old truck Elijah Morgan lives life according to his family’s plan never feeling like he belongs Desperate to find his own path he heads oY As the summer heats Chase the Epubup so does their relationship When autumn arrives Elijah is due back at college and he’ll have to choose whether to continue his education and follow in his family’s footsteps or to stay in Nebraska with the man he lov Still a gorgeous read Original Review April 2015 In spite of the reactions my friends here said they had to this book that it wrecked them in the best of ways that it really stayed with them etc Chase the Storm took me by surprise I cannot believe I have never run across this book on my own and I am very very happy my friend Eleftheria recommended it to me Once I started reading it I was hard pressed to stop until I hit the last page Indeed it consumed me and once I came to the end I wanted nothing than to start all over again Chase the Storm is told from Elijah's POV Elijah is nineteen and just finished his freshman year of college and he is miserable He comes from a wealthy family who have certain expectations that are just not a good fit with Elijah at all He doesn't care about the wealth his family has or the business degree he is supposed to be getting He has no desire to own the trendiest anything nor to follow in his father's footsteps He just feels trapped by everyone else's expectations On his last day of classes a 'for sale' sign on an old beat up pickup truck catches his eye and on that day Elijah buys himself a little piece of freedom That summer instead of going home to intern at his father's company Elijah takes another pathChase is a man in mourning Still grieving the loss of his husband Chase cannot imagine ever letting anyone else in He stays isolated and is doing his best to make a living on his farm Chase is in his early thirty's but he stopped living the day that Owen died Maybe it was fate that brought Elijah to his farm in search of a summer job Maybe it was just chance But there's no doubt that the day Elijah showed up is the day that Chase discovered that not all hope was lost Chase fights his attraction to Elijah with everything he has He feels all kinds of guilt over it feeling like he is betraying Owen but he cannot deny there is something there Their love story grabbed a hold of my heart and sueezed tight It was beautiful and heart breaking and I cried through the last two chapters and the epilogue I don't actually recall another book where I was moved so much that I cried through the happy ending There were so many feels they had no where else to go except to make me a weepy mess And I'd do it all again and very likely will soonI would definitely recommend this book to anyone that enjoys mm stories that really make you feel It is angsty but in the best of ways

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He takes a job with tough independent farmer Chase McKenzie Despite their age gap the attraction between Chase and Elijah soon becomes undeniable They give in to their desire but that night changes everything and threatens the secret Chase guards so carefull Wow This book by the end really just stole my heart The pace which I thought was painfully slow in the beginning turned out to be exactly what made this story as beautiful as it was Elijah our 19 year old narrator grew up in a privileged home with parents who have never really understood him Against his wishes but to please his family he heads to Harvard to study business Desperately unhappy lost and defeated after his first year he spontaneously buys a beat up truck and heads wherever the road leads him The road leads him to Nebraskaand onto Chase McKenzie’s farmChase is such a heartbreaking character Having experienced loss over and over again he’s basically shut himself down and resigned himself to living his uiet life on his horse wheat farm Needing an extra pair of hands to help out he takes Elijah in and not only teaches him how to be a farmer but eventually also how to be a manElijah though naïve innocent and inexperienced actually had such a burning strength inside of him I loved how huge his heart was for Chase His heart loved big enough to forgive Chase’s own internal struggles manifested in mistreatment at times of Elijah And his commitment to seeing Chase to a place of healing was lovelyChasesighI’ve never wanted to just hug and console a man as much as I did Chase Broken hardened and painfully sad the moment he begins allowing Elijah in and even all the struggles to reconcile their relationship in his life following all I wanted was to see him happy This book’s pace is slow and repetitive But I realized about ¼ of the way in that this must be intentional The life lived on this farm is slow and repetitive And when something was introduced out of the norm I felt as affected by those experiences as I believe Elijah was as well The bond between these 2 characters was a slow growth and the end result is truly one of the most beautiful love stories I’ve read in a long time EmotionalI crieda lotSexydamn are the two of them sexy togetherSweetHeartachingPowerfulLovelyThis review can also be found at

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Chase the StormUp until he buys an old truck Elijah Morgan lives life according to his family’s plan never feeling like he belongs Desperate to find his own path he heads out on the open road only to end up stranded in Nebraska Not wanting to ask for his parents’ help This book set my soul on fire excuse the cheesy metaphor but really it didCowboys are hot but gay cowboys are SIZZLINGI loved Chase and Elijah Chase was grieving and gruff falling for Elijah but scared to love And Elijah young and a little naive just wanted Chase There were so many feels I was sob gasping at one point the slow burning sexual tension; the pushpull between the men; the painful separation; the scorching chemistry; the unanswered LETTERS; and the KISSES god the kisses were epic This was one of the best love stories mm or otherwise I've ever read Revised September 2014 to add cowboy gifs BECAUSE BEAUTY LIKE THIS MUST BE SHARED