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Da Silvas MistressMerciless Luca da Silva makes it his business to keep his friends close and his enemies closer And the next item on the tycoon's agenda is revenge Believing the da Silva family nam. Despite the fact the hero is a judgemental jack ass I truly thought he would redeem himself by the end of the book I was prepared to give it at least three stars if not four as the hot factor was off the charts The hero clearly loves the heroine but can not get over one issue AGAIN and AGAINIt's not that I have a problem with his cruelty given it's basis but his refusal to listen to reason at the beginning and the middle is STUPID plus compounded by the heroine's instant acceptance of a non apology is nauseating Puh lease GROVEL GROVEL GROVEL

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Da Silvas Mistress review ¿ 3 ê ➳ [Reading] ➶ Da Silvas Mistress By Tina Duncan ➩ – Insolpro.co.uk Merciless Luca da Silva makes it his business to keep his friends close—and his enemies closer And the next item on the tycoon's agenda is revenge Believing the da Silva family name is under threat Merciless Luca da Silva makE is Da Silvas PDFEPUBunder threat the powerful Italian goes straight for the source beautiful Morgan Marshall Luca doesn't trust innocent Morgan but her delectable curves have his. Hero thinks his sister’s husband is having an affair with the h based on an informant in his company Heroine is the daughter of his sister’s husband but she’s been sworn to secrecy by her dad since his wife is going through IVF treatmentsHero has sent his sister and her hubby off to Australia so he can take care of the heroine without interference He has her fired from her job and then offers a check to go away Heroine is angry and refuses the money and threatens to sue for illegal firingHero is smitten so he tries the sleezy be my mistress or else Heroine comes up with a compromise She’ll be his mistress if they don’t have sex for a week so they can get to know each other She figures her dad will be back by then But daddy has a heart attack in AustraliaMeanwhile Hh get to know each other on their date at the zoo at a fancy restaurant where the informant is hanging out a trip to Paris and assisting victims in a car accidentThe author keeps the Hh very busy but they finally have sex after the car accident Heroine moves in with hero and keeps looking for new job Her father returns and hero sees them together and loses his temper without listening to any explanations He kicks out the heroineAfter a week apart heroine gets a new job Then a tabloid prints a story about the IVF treatments and their decision to adopt Hero thinks the heroine tipped off the newspapers Heroine is beyond angry hero would think that of her Her father finally tells the truth to his wife and they arrange for Hh to meet at their place to clear the air Lots drama until the hero finally sees the light He does grovel – but also accuses the heroine of lying to him I don’t think she had anything to apologize for considering the crazy accusations he hurled at her and getting her fired etcThat dropped it a star But this was an intense engrossing read with a hero who always got it wrong and a heroine who did her best to fight the attraction

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Body working overtime So what better way to keep an eye on her than to make her his mistress And where better to seek vengeance than between this billionaire's very own silk sheet. I loved the heroine She gave as good as she got Was a little disappointed with the big reveal The Hero was so wrong in what he thought Maybe it was just me but I'd have been a bit HERE HAVE SOME MORE CROW YOU MORON lol so loving