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Dead Moon Threshold #3 characters é PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ ❮KINDLE❯ ✽ Dead Moon Threshold #3 Author Peter Clines – In the year 2243 the Moon belongs to the dead The largest graveyard in the solar system it was the perfect solution to the overcrowding and environmental problems tD by the lack of air or warmth or sustenance An enemy that is Dead Moon Kindle already dead Now Cali and her compatriots must fight to survive Because if they don’t everyone on the Moon may be joining the dead And maybe everyone on Earth to. This seems like a stand alone zombie work than it does as part of the Threshold series I am a huge fan of Clines but I find I either love his books or fall somewhere in the middle usually due to the plot That is how I felt about Paradox Bound whereas I loved 14 The Fold and Dead Men Can't Complain Having said that I think this story would have fared better in how it was received by reviewerslisteners had it been marketed as a stand alone and not part of Threshold Granted I am over half way through at the moment and if there are any references to any part of Threshold they've been too vague for me to catch Also there is little character development in comparison to say 14 The Fold When the characters start getting killed off in often pointless why did you do that ways I'm not terribly upset by their passing I'm Who was that again When characters were killed off in 14 I was in tears That is how invested I was Here we don't get much in terms of background or an emotional connection to the care takers of the moon scape cemetery the tourists or the management other than perhaps annoyed by their inaction or action that results in deaths It wasn’t until the last couple of hours of the book that the relationship between it and the Threshold series became evident

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N away from her past But when a mysterious meteor crashes into one of the Moon’s cemeteries Cali and her fellow Caretakers find themselves surrounded by a terrifying enemy force that outnumbers them than a thousand to one An enemy not hindere. I desperately wanted to like this so much than I did I guess what I should have remembered is that I wasn't immensely fond of the 2nd book in the series I enjoyed it at the beginning lost interest through the middle and loved the heck out of the last 40 minutes or so when tentacles and mayhem got involvedFull review to come later

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Dead Moon Threshold #3In the year the Moon belongs to the dead The largest graveyard in the solar system it was the perfect solution to the overcrowding and environmental problems that had plagued mankind for centuries And the perfect place for Cali Washington to ru. 35 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum ’ve really enjoyed Peter Clines’ books in the Threshold series so far 14 and The Fold which was why I was excited when I found out that he would be releasing a third book as an audio exclusive with Audible While all these stories appear to take place in the same world any connections between them are immaterial to their individual plots so each one can be read as a standalone As such I wasn’t too surprised to discover that this new book Dead Moon would take place in the future on the moon though I was a little taken aback by the very different tone style and overall ualityThat’s not to say Dead Moon was a bad book but it does feel less well put together compared to Clines’ previous Threshold novels with a slapdash plot and characters that aren’t as developed The premise also comes across as less uniue and commercial like something I might come across in a B movie on the Syfy channel—as in fun but superficial As you can probably figure out from the book’s description this is a zombie story on the moon The year is 2243 and overcrowding and environmental degradation on earth has forced humankind to figure out a new way to deal with their dead The solution Make the moon a graveyard where Earth’s wealthiest citizens can launch the remains of their deceased loved ones to rest in peace for eternity looking down on us from the brightest object in the night skyBut such an enormous undertaking also reuires a lot of manpower to maintain Enter the Caretakers men who women who live onsite in Luna City the moon’s largest operations center where they perform tasks such as grave digging and overseeing the cemeteries It is lonely and isolated work but it is also perfect for Cali Washington who has signed on to become a Caretaker in order to start a new life and escape the troubles from her old one Not long after she begins her position however a mysterious meteor crashes into onto the moon’s surface affecting the grave sites in a terrifying way Far away from any help and amidst dangerous dust storm conditions as well as impossible reports about the dead rising Cali and her fellow Caretakers must band together and try to surviveUnlike 14 or The Fold the overall premise of Dead Moon is relatively simple and the book is what I would call a popcorn read with a story and characters that present themselves accordingly There’s also plenty of action and while these scenes and the dialogue are pretty hammy there’s no denying the entertainment value This is a zombie book after all and it’s the kind where you know right away what you’re getting into It will mostly play out the way you expect though there are also a few twists and surprises thrown in that those who have read the previous Threshold books will probably appreciate In terms of characters we have a diverse and interesting cast But as with many of these pulpy space disaster stories it wouldn’t really be advisable to get attached to any of them since a bunch of them will not survive Some were clearly written to be fodder for the zombies so not surprisingly character development is on the lighter side Likewise the plot has a “throwaway” uality to it which is pretty typical with these typcs of fluffy reads I get the feeling that Clines wasn’t overly concerned with any possible plot holes or explanations that don’t sense—like come on it’s moon zombies It’s supposed to be over the top and a little silly so I’ll give it a pass for being so outlandish Like I said these aren’t necessarily bad attributes as long as you come into this with realistic expectationsIn other words Dead Moon isn’t a deep book by any means but I had a good time with it even though I don’t think its uality is in line with the previous Threshold books especially with The Fold which I thought was mind blowingly clever and engaging For the right person at the right time though I can see it being very enjoyable I will give that it is thrilling and great fun—a fantastic audiobook to check out to if you want an easy and fast listen A solid 3 35 starsAudiobook Comments If nothing else you should be picking up this audiobook for the awesome narration of Ray Porter I’m a huge fan of his because his performances are always topnotch no matter what kind of material he’s given to work with The guy brings an electrifying energy to any book because of his great voices and enthusiasm