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His Convenient MarchionessWith this ringI thee claimAfter the loss of his wife and children the Maruess of Huntercombe His Convenient ePUB #187 closed his heart to love But now that he. This is a marriage of convenience story that managed to avoid the usual clichés of the trope The Maruess of Huntercombe has been a widower for the last eleven years after tragically losing his wife and three children to a small pox The death of his remaining heir his half brother a year ago gave him no choice but to remarry to secure an heir Refreshingly for this 50 year old hero he rejects his sisters’ idea of choosing some young simmering just out of school miss Instead he thinks that a widow a woman of some maturity would be far appropriate for him A widow would be less demanding of his time his attentionhis affections She would know how to go on and not reuire his guidance And he wouldn’t feel like a satyr Lady Emma Lacy a widow with two children lives on the fringes of society wrongly accused of improper behavior She is weary of any gentleman’s attention as for most of them a widow with a shady reputation was just the thing to enliven a dull existence At the first glance their accidental encounter in Hatchard’s bookshop would be just it one moment in time when you see a person feel attraction to them and move on with your life But the combined forces of two energetic children and a well behaved dog intervened What followed is a heartwarming story of two responsible level headed people wary of love striking a friendship agreeing to marriage of convenience when external forces threaten what they held dearly and finding that it is possible to love againI really liked the story It was so nice to see a hero who behaves like a Hero and a heroine who is rational mature and has the right priorities Their insecurities their doubts were understandingly human in line with their age and experience And I have to say that this story has one of the best portrayal of children I encountered The author didn’t make them behave as “little adults” or made them disappeared at the convenient time No they behave their age and never get discounted or forgotten for the benefit of the story They are integral part of itIf you get tired of rakish heroes or need a feel good historical romance try this story

Free download His Convenient Marchioness

Free download His Convenient Marchioness 100 ☆ [PDF / Epub] ☉ His Convenient Marchioness ❤ Elizabeth Rolls – With this ringI thee claimAfter the loss of his wife and children the Maruess of Huntercombe closed his heart to love But now that he must marry to secure an heir he’s determined that the beautiful WithUst refuse him But when her children’s grandfather sets to steal them away from her she has no other option she must become the maruess’s convenient bride. So this was a May Dec romance and though I'm sure I've read the type before it never really showed so explicitly on my radarMy Shh Reading Challenge 2018 reuired me to you guessed it read a wide age gap romance May Dec So when this showed up on my newsfeed and Ira tagged the gap Him 50 and her 32 well you have to agree it was definitely a sign xDWhat I'm trying to say is despite everything I only picked this up to fulfill my prompt challenge It had promising reviews and blurb seemed interesting too but yeahSo our story follows our H Maruis Huntercombe aka Hunt who is in need of an heir after the tragic deaths of his wife and children And our lovely h Lady Emma Lacy widowed mother of two living under great financial difficulty and the threat of losing her children to their grandfatherNow let it be known I don't do dead exes Oh I read them alright but majority of the times they leave a really bad after taste in my mouth This was not one of those times If nothing else I loved how the dead exes were dealt with in here ‘I doubt you can anger me Harry or offend me Just take a deep breath and say it’‘I don’t want to call you Papa’Hunt swallowed ‘I see Well that’s all right’ he said carefully‘So do we just keep calling you Lord Huntercombe’‘Rather a mouthful When it’s family you can call me Uncle Hunt In formal company or with strangers you can call me Huntercombe or sir Like any other gentleman would’Harry mulled that over for a moment ‘All right It’sit’s not that I don’t like you you knowit’s just—’ He flushed‘Just that you remember your papa and miss him’ Hunt said uietly His own father had been gone for twenty years—he still missed him at times and his mother ‘I do understand and I’m glad you asked me’ It all felt very personal and realistic so it was definitely painful but at the same time it never shadowed our Hh's current lives ‘I wish with all my heart that you had not lost them’ ‘You wish then that we hadn’t married’She shook her head ‘No Never that’ So it's doubly hard for me to point out why it only got 3 stars I liked the romance it was a mature realistic sort without all the fairytale expectations and the kids acted like kids and the side characters I mean the servants were all just terrific but I'm just not satisfied You know how they say men change after marriage Well this sorta defined Hunt to a T but I say sorta cause at times it didn't and it was all inconsistent but it was also what made him realistic and that might be why I'm not okay cause I don't want my heroes to be like the average man you find in the real world

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Must marry to secure an heir he’s determined that the beautiful impoverished widow Lady Emma Lacy should be hisEmma has vowed never to marry for money so m. I fell for the cover first and then the H himself Learning that he’s 50 years old only added to the appeal And that he rarely left home without Fergus his spaniel totally sealed it for me Wish someone would seal and ship him to me I’ll have to hide him from my husband of courseThe h’s a likable character too and I can imagine them together a couple and happy Her children and Fergus complete the wholesome family pictureThe H a widower who lost his wife and children to small pox 11 years ago had no intention of remarrying but with the recent death of his brother his heir he’s forced to reconsider The woman who catches his fancy – an impoverished widow with two children and a scandalous past is deemed completely unsuitable by his sisters and society at large But his mind and other regions not his heart as he convinces himself are set on the h and she seems to return his interest Villains disapproving family make trouble but also push the h towards the H for help and so they get married post haste More trouble and intrigue follows till the sweet and satisfying hea with an epilogue bonusThe story turns to humdrum domesticity midway and sort of plods on before rallying towards the end The kids are entirely too adorable and realistically drawn – so realistic that they turn unmanageable and pestilent like any RL kid – pretty darn soon And I wish the h’s callous parents and erstwhile in laws had had a of a comeuppance than shown The spirit of the book deserves a 5 as do the characters but the lagging middle puts it at a 425 The guy on the cover looks a bit like Cumberbatch classically featured but just as deliciousSpent just as much time reading the book as gazing at him ;