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EBOOK µ EPUB Just Jorie ä FREE ´ ROBIN ALEXANDER ↠ ❮Download❯ ➹ Just Jorie Author Robin Alexander – Insolpro.co.uk Some believe that special someone is out there just waiting to be found Jorie Andolini is one of those people and has spent a lot of time envisioning that moment She bIp to New York a snowstorm and a canceled flight home that puts her in the path of Lena VaughnLena has found fault in every man she’s ever dated Her dream of finding a husband is dwindling with every year that passes Despite what her friends say Lena doesn’t believe she has a fear of commitment she simply hasn’t f This was a fun read I like how Lena just accept that she has feelings for Jorie she just goes with her heart It was a trip to read pun intended It's worth the readingEdit I just finished the audioBook and I felt even in love with this book

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Some believe that special someone is out there just waiting to be found Jorie Andolini is one of those people and has spent a lot of time envisioning that moment She bumps into a woman at a grocery store the woman drops a can of peas Jorie picks it up their eyes meet and two souls connect But it’s actually a wasted tr I oughta serve myself an Aunt C style slap upside my head for taking FOREVER to read thisNot gonna lie The cover art put me off a bit Now I find it endearingThis was the glass of top notch sparkling wine after days of intense thirst Okay that sounds a bit too ritzy for this down to earth novel by Robin Alexander Wow if the rest of her content is like this she'll easily find a way into my favorite author categoryToo many books have been described as laugh out loud funny only for me to slightly smirk a few times throughout the whole reading THIS BOOK HAD ME CACKLING Even in the subway I was the person grinning and giggling at my phone I probably looked like I was in love tittering at a crush's text SO FUNNY Alexander's analogies and sayings were justexcuse me while I kiss my germ covered screen Then not only is it funny IT'S ROMANTIC AS HELL AND SEXY I can't remember the last time I got a fiction crush as hard at the one I have on Lena Lenaaaaaa all tiny in her Bette Porter esue outfits and her icy at first awkward later personality I MELT I highlighted SO MANY uotes and grew as frustrated as Lena and Jorie navigating through friends and family skeptical of their love Grams and Aunt C I usually duck away from stories with annoying relatives These two old ladies however captured my heart and my massive grin Alexander wrote them so well; they were too entertaining to skip over I even created a new shelf in honor of them 'meddling family' I'm tempted to make an 'annoying friend' one too for Tina and Eva and annoying friends in past booksI'm cloud nine in love with this Unlike other books it didn't stop at Lena and Jorie dating making us assume they'd have a HEA No we got to see them grow without the hackneyed break up get back together trope that romance books love so much I fell in love with their love which should happen in every lesfic honestly I must also mention how refreshing for the setting to be in New Orleans Nicely doneOops I'm working backwards by mentioning the first segment now But I loooooove seeing them get to know each other picking up on easter eggs of to come They made amusing acuaintances loved their thoughts accusing the other of being a killer hahaha and that translated into an attractive stable couple It's a pleasure of a romanceMORE THAN FIVE STARS LET ME DO IT GOODREADSEdit Read this again in the middle of the night Still all that I could love and 5

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Just JorieOund a man she wanted to commit to It comes as a surprise that in fact it is a woman who stirs those desires For Lena it’s not really a matter of sexuality it’s just JorieTravel the road to happiness with Jorie and Lena Two crazy old women meddling friends and cattitude are just some sights you’ll see along the wa After reading Alexander's Ticket 1207 I was about to write her off as an author but some of the positive reviews for this one made me decide to try her out again I'm glad I did because I did enjoy this one but I wasn't overwhelmedA big part of my problem with this one was that the MCs felt very juvenile Ok I get that everyone needs to let off steam once in a while but these two felt like they were constantly acting like they were 18 and 20 not 38 and 40 Alexander was going for funny and cute but it came across to me as just juvenile in many ways and that really turned me off from enjoying this one Constant talk of candy juvenile antics like sticking Milk Duds and straws on their teeth watching Shrek in the hotel room etc just felt too young and immature It was too much for meSide characters Grams and Aunt C were funny at times and definitely provided a change of pace to the normal lesfic romance troupe but they also rubbed me wrong in ways I can see how some would find them funny but I found Aunt C's speech to just be rude at times not endearing I loved how Lena's character just accepted her newfound sexual attraction without freaking out or feeling ashamed but why couldn't the two characters act a little mature and talk through things as adults instead of magically U Hauling? The relationship between these two mains could have been so much better and even with their immaturity I liked them together It just kills me so much that I'll repeat it this one could have been so much better Kudos to Alexander for skipping the whole 80% angsty breakup and then immediate resolution and HEA though35 stars rounded down to 3 for immaturity