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My Maddie Hades Hangmen #8 Doc Ï 394 pages Download ↠ Tillie cole ½ [PDF / Epub] ☁ My Maddie Hades Hangmen #8 Author Tillie Cole – Not even love can conuer the demons of our pasts⁣⁣Flame and Maddie have found solace and safety in one another’s arms two fractured soulsNot even love can conuer the demons of our pasts⁣⁣Flame and Maddie have found solace and safety in one another’s arms two fractured souls beginning to heal But no matter how strong their love grows it can never completely vanuish the demons of their pasts These demons are dormant not defeated⁣⁣Now a new enemy threatens the Hangmen and a new re 'MY MADDIE' is the eighth book in Tillie Cole's 'Hades Hangmen' series Spoken in 'Multiple Perspectives' My most highly anticipated book of forever was finally in my hands and I devoured it I inhaled it loved it couldn't get enough of itFlame Maddie first captured our hearts in 'Souls Unfractured' Hades Hangman #3 so meeting up with them again was like coming home from a long trip away And that love I'd felt back then cannonballed yet again making my heart full This book this couple have been to hell and back and just when we think that's all behind them some demons have come out to play again and it's going to take a lot to banish them because the fires that burn within Flame grow and intense and it's only Maddie's love that can set him free '🅈🄾🅄 🄲🄾🅄🄻🄳 🄽🄴🅅🄴🅁 🄷🅄🅁🅃 🄼🄴 🄱🄰🄱🅈 🅈🄾🅄 🄰🅁🄴 🄼🅈 🅂🄰🄻🅅🄰🅃🄸🄾🄽 🄼🅈 🅁🄴🄼🄴🄳🅈 🄼🅈 🅂🄰🄻🅅🄴 🅈🄾🅄 🅆🄴🅁🄴 🄰 🄳🅁🄴🄰🄼 🄵🅄🄻🄵🄸🄻🄻🄴🄳 🄰🄽🄳 🄰 🄷🄾🄿🄴 🄶🅁🄰🄽🅃🄴🄳' Maddie is such a strong heroine she's fierce when it comes to loving Flame and a force to be reckoned with if anyone tries to keep her away from him Flame our tortured hero has endured so much my heart literally broke in half and that was just in the 'Prologue' the worst was yet to come And believe me it made for hard reading You might need to have tissues on the ready This book packs one hell of a punch'🄼🅈 🄷🅄🅂🄱🄰🄽🄳 🄿🄰🅁🅃 🄳🄰🄽🄶🄴🅁🄾🅄🅂 🄺🄸🄻🄻🄴🅁 🄰🄽🄳 🅄🄻🅃🄸🄼🄰🅃🄴 🄿🅁🄾🅃🄴🄲🅃🄾🅁 🄿🄰🅁🅃 🄻🄾🅂🅃 🄰🄽🄳 🄱🅁🄾🄺🄴🄽 🅂🄾🅄🄻 🄵🄾🅁🄴🅅🄴🅁 🅂🄴🄴🄺🄸🄽🄶 🅂🄾🄼🄴 🄺🄸🄽🄳 🄾🄵 🄻🄸🄶🄷🅃'A Rollercoaster of emotions came at me chapter to chapter I sighed I cried I swooned I loved I waited with bated breath at what was going to come at this crew next because danger is lurking in the background Someone is out to get them yet again An unknown force Next book is going to be Viking’s and I can tell you that I'm all sorts of nervous But boy am I ready

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Velation threatens the peace Maddie and Flame hold so dear Flame is fighting a multitude of wars – against the club’s new foe against the horrors of his past and against his fears – but the fire in his blood may be the only victor⁣⁣As Flame begins to spiral into his own personal hell it is up to Maddie to bring her husband back into her heart I have been avoiding writing my review because honestlyI have what is probably going to be an unpopular view on this overall story Let me start by saying that Tillie Cole is an amazing writer She really is and in no way does my opinion include her talent in writing In fact I think because her writing is so intense and vivid that it makes it so that I feel for the characters so much harder than normal With Maddie and Flame they have been a couple that I absolutely cherished throughout this whole series Their first book melted my heart and I hold a very special place in it just for themThis second book left me with a bad taste in my mouth It truly did It was so dark depressing and hopeless I actually thought of putting it down than once I know that this series is intense and darkbut what I have always loved about it was there was a balance between the darkness and the lightness I would cry and feel hopeless but down the road there were such feel good moments that made the awful fade Not so in this story Certain scenes were so hard to take I literally felt sick to my stomach I was so upset by two particular scenes that I had to stopand wondered if I even wanted to continue Thank God this was a Buddy Read for me so that I could dump my feelings on poor Steph I actually feel sorry for herbecause I was a mess She has yet to hear my rant about Ash I am waiting until she finishesLOL Another thing that became a bit annoying for me was the repetition of poor Flames issues I mean I feel so bad for what he has endured in his lifetimebut we went through all of that in the first book with him and Maddie We seemed to have to go through it all over againand then it was constantly brought up through the majority of the book I'm not kiddingBy 75% we were still hearing the same issues My new rule for authors is this please if you are going to give a dark emotional storymake it for the first half of the bookbut then let the second half have a lighter tone to itpretty please On a positive note it was nice to see all of my favorite couples thank God for Steph's notes from past books or I would easily forget who was who I love the friendships that have developed with all of our characters I have to do a shout out to Viking as he was the only comic relief to be found in this story His humor is crass; but I was willing to take anything I could get at that pointLOL All in all not my favorite book out of the series Personally this wouldn't be a book I would ever want to reread There just wasn't enough feel good moments in it for me I hated having to write this review as I have always adored everything that TC writes I can't go against my over all feeling of the book though Now I strongly need a lighthearted bookdesperatelyThank you so much Steph for Buddy Reading this with me Your notes are so valuable and you are too I couldn't imagine not having you to be able to vent to through out this highly upsetting story Let's hope the next one isn't uite so heavy and as for when Ash's book every comes outI don't know what I will do

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My Maddie Hades Hangmen #8To remind him that together they can face any obstacle standing in their way To show him that no one and nothing can tear them apart again His Maddie⁣Her Flame⁣The fight for their forever⁣Dark Contemporary Romance Contains sexual situations violence sensitive and taboo subjects offensive language and mature topics Recommended for age 18 years and 'My Maddie' was painful to read Took me 4 days But it had to be done Closure and all that For Flame Maddie And for me I hope this crazy guy gets paired up with a nun Looking forward to this crazy guy's story