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Shot Epub #222 the one woman who has always been off limitsHe’s always been a challengeWhen it comes to her less than stellar reputation Josie Fair is ready and willing to cross over into nothing left to lose territory if it leads to an all night ride with the man of her X rated dre. Noah Tager prides himself in being a good guy but there is a little part of him that wants to get a taste of being bad just once in his life He has been attracted to his best friends little sister Josie for some time now and knows that she is off limits but there is something about her that has this good guy wanting to test the limits On his last night in town he decides to make his move and steal a kiss or two from dark haired beauty full well knowing one taste of her lips may never be enoughJosie Fair's reputation precedes her she is well known for her wild ways and she is tired of always getting a bad wrap She is ready to flee small town living in Forever and have a chance at a fresh new start somewhere where she isn't the talk of the town But before she leaves she would love nothing than to spend one night with her brothers best friend Noah which will probably never happen since she is uite certain he isn't interested or is heThe short but oh so sexy read is an exceptional prelude to Ms Stone's new Second Shot series and a good primer for Josie and Noah's story I cannot wait to read the follow up novel and see what Ms Stone has in store for these two well crafted characters Highly recommend this sexy and sweet little story it'll leave you with a smile and the insatiable urge for ARC reuested through Edelweiss and kindly provided by Avon Impulse Publishing in exchange for a honest and unbiased review

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Running Wild Second Shot #05Ams With her big brother leaving in the morning to ‘Be All He Can Be’ in the Army Dominic will never find out about her fling with his best friend NoahBut one wild ride together doesn’t change the fact that Noah’s leaving in the morning and he’s taking Josie’s heart with h. wwwimasweetandsassybookwhorecomARCI want to remind everyone who reads Running Wild that this is a novella and the preuel to Serving Trouble This is a very short and uick read that sets up Serving Trouble which I have yet to read but will be soon and I can’t wait The way the author leaves this one off you just know that the shit will be flying in the next book There is nothing upsetting than hurting someone you love even if you think it is for what is best and that is what happens in Running Wild I don’t want to give any details away because I basically could sum the entire novella up if I do but I am urging you all to read this one I really enjoyed it and I liked how it is setting up for a full length novel so we have of the history going in

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Free download Running Wild Second Shot #05 ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Running Wild Second Shot #05 Author Sara Jane Stone – She’s always been off limits Noah Tager has always played by the rules and proudly wears the label ‘Local Hero’ But beforShe’s always been Second Shot PDF #202 off limits Noah Tager has always played by the rules and proudly wears the label ‘Local Hero’ But Running Wild Epubbefore he leaves to become one of The Few The Proud The Marines he wants to turn his fantasies into reality with Wild Second. 4 One night Stars Running Wild is a uick and sexy introduction to Sara Jane Stone’s new Second Shot series in which we are introduced to the characters that will feature in the first full length novel Serving Trouble which is due for release in early March 2016 This novella is currently free on BN and I recommend you snap it up while it is – US UK BN go back to June 2012 and a pivotal time in Noah Tager and Josie Fair’s lives One is leaving Forever Oregon for the Marines the other for college one is the towns hero one the towns party girl but both are unreservedly attracted to each other I want you I have for a while I’ve respected your brother steering clear but I want to spend the last few hours before I go with you Big brothers best friend is a trope that never gets tired and although this is a very uick read Sara Jane has given the reader enough background to understand that when this couple reconnect post Marines and College in Serving Trouble a lot of water will have passed under the bridge for them both The problem is that at the end of this novella they are standing on opposite sides of the bridgeThat’s going to leave a scarI love Sara Jane's writing and characterizations her Independence Falls Series was one of my favorite reads of 2015 and I cannot wait to see who we meet and what story lines we are given the pleasure of reading as the Second Shot series develops