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Silken Heart Tales of Amaranth #8 Characters ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ ❮Download❯ ➽ Silken Heart Tales of Amaranth #8 Author Thom Lane – Ander wakes in a strange bed in absolute darkness He has a wound in his shoulder a slave boy at his side and no memory at all Ander wakes Tales of PDFEPUB #191 in a strange bed in absolute darkness He has a wound in his shoulder a slave boy at his side and no memory at all of how he came here His ship has sailed stranding him in the great i. The 8th tale from this series introduces Anders who is in Amaranth on shore leave from his ship when he saves the Emperor's ward and is badly and magically injured His recovery is aided by Brat a young slave owned by the Mistress of the house where he's stayingThis story brings a little background about Amaranth and also we see a brief return from Master Like and Tam I do wonder if there is eventually going to be an overarching plot to the stories and clues introduced

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Mperial city of AmaranthDuring a slow recovery he learns that he was hurt saving the life of the Emperor's ward Leona but his own life is now under threat And so is his heart as the hot sweet slave boy Brat wriggles. Thom Lane has wrought another winner with this sensuous love struck tale of the controlled but passionate courtship between Ander a wounded bed ridden freeman and his caregiver Brat a mischievous bathhouse slave boy In this very different twist from previous ‘Tales of Amaranth’ stories the author explores the boundaries of visual deprivation and the rich bounty that can be reaped when one must rely on other senses Beautifully written this tale of two virile young men finding their place by way of an unselfish act of valor is a genuine not to be missed treatWandering merchant Ander awakes to find himself incapacitated in a dark room with little to no memory of how he got there A warm body nestled against him is the only sign that he is in a non hostile environment When the figure stirs and touches him with overt familiarity Ander correctly concludes that the slave has been caring for him for some time Ander attempts to clarify his situation but the impervious “shhs” of said slave and the pain of his body have him repeatedly falling back to his healing sleep The story of how Ander came to be in his situation slowly unfolds throughout the book; as the passion between Ander and his helpmate Brat steadily rises to lust desire and beyondI loved the story of Ander and Brat transforming from strangers to lovers; it was sensual passion personified and hot as hell But what made this book a not to be missed winner for me was the full and robust backstory of all the characters the lovely glimpses of the politically charged climate of Amaranth and the compelling coming of age drama of Ander a man at the cusp of manhood coming into his own The story gave me so much than I expected I was exuisitely fulfilled by the sexually charged courtship of Ander and Brat and initially thought this to be a bedroom only tale But it is so much ; the added details of its supporting players the witty repartee between the characters the emperor's credible ninja guard; this story even has some fashion bits Each detail lent sparkle and richness to a well crafted smoldering tale Loved it This author continues to surprise me and my delight with this series continues to growThank you Thom Lane for expanding my vision of your lovely world of Amaranth eyes closed no lessSlow burn Flame to fire LoveNOTE This book was provided by Loose Id for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews

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Silken Heart Tales of Amaranth #8His way ever deeper Silken Heart MOBI #10003 under his skin But Ander has no job no home no clear future and passion alone can never be enough Leona has ideas though and in the end the Emperor himself will take a han. My first Thom Lane in a while and am a bit disappointed I liked the prior works a lot but something feels missing in this one Its still a well written book but just lacks interesting characters and there's not much of a plot either