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Stage FrightMake your dreams and nightmares come true He's the master of disaster the guru of gore the doctor of doom the duke of death and destruction and you can't escape this command performanc. Don't let the common title deter you from an uncommon story Not a Rock N' Roll horror mashup as the familiar cover suggests this delight for horror fans and the otaku at heart brings an unusual mix of science fiction fantasy and scares jelled together with a uintessential 80s aesthetic that still holds up to this day If you like your scifi to delve into the still unexplained mysteries of the mind and psychiatric science like I do this is a book for you as it is based on a legendary and controversial medical discovery from my home state of Louisiana the protein taraxein A stage and screen showman named Izzy experiments with the drug for inspiration to make believable frights for his live horror performances Taraxein which in real life was alleged to be found in higher uantities in the blood of people suffering from schizophrenia has an autoimmune effect that impacts serotonin and catecholamine function in the brain thus disrupting various filters of perception and information processing possibly even causing REM intrusion into waking states It supposedly could induce symptoms of schizophrenia in non psychotic subjects though the findings have not been replicated in any other known reputable studiesThe novel takes place in an alternate near future where traditional film and musical arts compete with a new medium based on dream transmissions called dreamies Izzy is a prodigal genius when it comes to making horror dreamies by recording and manipulating his nightmares in a device called a dreamatron to provide cutting edge entertainment for legions of horror nerds He steals some blotters of taraxein to provide new fodder for an upcoming Halloween show In a modern twist on the Jekyll and Hyde motif Izzy finds he is uickly hooked on the stuff and our mild mannered childlike star becomes a real life monster That's all I can say about the plot setup Needless to say I enjoyed the rest of the ride At times gory but never mean spirited it's a fun and loving tribute to horror and fantasy fandom as well as the live theater spook shows popular in the 40s and 50s The book loses a star for some odd scene transitions that left me disoriented especially when the Kindle version failed to leave a space between paragraphs to leave a visual indication that we are changing perspective There were also some weird lapses in description where some action by a character should have been detailed and so the resulting conseuences seem to come out of nowhere at times I don't know whether this was intentional on the part of the author or the result of some very aggressive editing but it caused some confusion needlessly However it did not take away from the overall enjoyment of the story and the writing is otherwise skillfully done The characters are all very likeable and thus increases your investment and suspension of disbelief when the action gets cartoonish And there are times when the novel can get downright touching and sentimental having one of the most sensitive and respectful portrayals of dementia I have ever readYou all know this book by its cover horror fans but have you taken the time to read it If not the book is now easily available thanks to the renewed popularity of 80s horror fiction following the success of Paperbacks from Hell in which this book is featured Give yourself a treat and let Stage Fright into your dreams

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Angs of decomposing corpses rode the highways of America on the hunt for unsuspecting motoristsTake a front seat in the baddest nightmare in town Superstar Izzy Stark has the power to. Best adjective to describe this book 80s Best genre to file this under 80s But seriously it's a fun cheesy horror novel While not the best it's certainly not the worst I really wish Boatman would've put out stuff

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Stage Fright summary ´ 108 Ó ☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ Stage Fright By Garrett Boatman ✐ – Out of the darkness of the fetid Hudson River the undead rose to eat their victims aliveHorror movie monsters burst from late night TV screens to turn their viewers into victimsBiker gangs of decompos Out of the darkness of the fetidOut of the darkness of the fetid Hudson River the undead rose to eat their victims aliveHorror movie monsters burst from late night TV screens to turn their viewers into victimsBiker g. Surprisingly it's a near future sci fi novel about virtual reality entertainment It ends with everyone falling inside a power metal album cover I added a star because of that skeleton rocking his keytar on the front