Summary Starman Jones 108

Summary Starman Jones

Summary Starman Jones 108 ✓ ❴Ebook❵ ➤ Starman Jones Author Robert A. Heinlein – The stars were closed to Max Jones To get into space you either needed connections a membership in the Guild or a whole lot money than Max the son of a widowed poor mother was every going to have What The stars were closed to Max Jones To getGolden Age of Heinlein this is the so called juvenile written Heinlein always claims just as much for adults that started them all and made Heinlein a legend for multiple generations of reader. This Heinlein guy was pretty good at telling a storyMax Jones is a young farmer working hard to support his unlovable stepmother after his father's death but he dreams of the life his Uncle Chet lived as a member of the Astrogators' Guild Chet had promised him that he'd nominate him for membership but died while Max was still too young to join and then Max's father before he died also made him promise to take care of his stepmotherBut when his stepmother remarries and she and her new husband sell the farm out from under him he runs away taking his uncle's astrogation books with him The books get stolen from him by a deceitfully helpful conman and then he discovers that his uncle had died before nominating him for the guild and all his dreams seem crushed forever But then he meets that charming conman again who decides that they can help each other get what they both really want—a berth on a starship For Max it's a berth as a steward's mate and he's tending farm animals again but he's on a starship and he's a plucky resourceful just plain likable young Heinlein hero who makes you buy into every improbable plot twist along the way to his dreamOnce again great funUpdate May 2017 Rereading this decades after originally reading this is interesting It's still a fun story with the plucky young Heinlein hero who makes you buy into all the improbable plot twists It is of course very dated in a number of ways The improbability of star travel depending on a set of printed books of numbers and euations has often been commented on The social dynamics of Heinlein's world has been the subject of lots of commentary and discussion most particularly the often uite rigid gender roles especially in the juveniles ie Heinlein's young adult novels It's worth noting that he often but far from always subverts those roles somewhat For instance in this book Ellie rather testily points out to Max that women are dealing with the reality of the rules they live with Another woman an appallingly predatory creature sheds that behavior when the ship hits a real crisis and there are important things to do than play social gamesAnd yet Heinlein never really uestions those basic social roles even as later in his career his expectations of what jobs women can hold expands considerablyNo what really struck me this time is Heinlein's unuestioning assumption that starships and hyperspeed trains will exist side by side with dirt farmers relying on mule traction cooking over an open fire is a mundane necessity for poorer farmers and the hobos who would have been regularly encountered during the days of Heinlein's early adulthoodIt's a world largely unchanged not from the 1950s but to a great extent from the 1930sHowever another thing that caught my attention this time is the way characters major or minor may be described in terms revealing that they are ethnic or racial minorities with the fact having zero plot significance Dark skin or an epicanthic fold are treated merely as mundane items of physical description part of the normal range of humanity just like brown hair or green eyes There's a loud tiny segment of contemporary sf readership that claims to revere Heinlein and yet thinks this is controversial when today's writers do itIt's still great fun to read at least for someone who first read it in the early 1960s No guarantees for Gen Y or millennials who grew up in an entirely different world than I did Because pretty much everything I just mentioned as anachronisms were still real things that people knew about when I was a kid even though less common than when Heinlein wasFor my fellow Boomers you'll wince at some of the datedness but for my mileage it hasn't had a serious visit from the Suck Fairy

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Ave What Max does have going for him are his uncle’s prized astrogation manuals book on star navigation that Max literally commits to memory word for word euation for euation From the First. I read a lot of Heinlein's juveniles when I was younger but I missed this one and it was on sale from Audible so it was nice to enjoy one of his earlier works before he started getting old and wanky Everything from Friday on was pretty much Heinlein getting his freak on but his earlier novels are still sci fi classics for good reason Starman Jones is your basic boys' adventure story Max is a kid from Earth who runs away from home when his stepmother marries an abusive bum He meets an amiable drifter who turns out to be a not so good Samaritan but he meets the man again when they're both trying to find a way off planet and the two of them lie their away aboard a spaceship From there Max's talent for math and his inherent good nature and sense of decency lead him from one position to another aboard ship and when the ship gets lost taking a bad jump to an unknown star system Max of course is the one who saves the dayObviously this book was written for teenagers but it stands up as pretty good adult SF even today though it is a bit dated it was written in 1951 The gender roles are pretty old fashioned and while Heinlein's FTL drives and beam weapons are standard sci fi you may chuckle when Max breaks out his slide rule to perform astrogation Still I think it compares favorably to any genre fiction written for kids today and Heinlein did a much better job than most writers of bridging the gap between YA and adult fiction I might not start with Starman Jones if you haven't read any of Heinlein's juveniles before it's pretty good but it's not his best but if you're already a Heinlein fan this will definitely be an enjoyable read

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Starman JonesThe stars were closed to Max Jones To get into space you either needed connections a membership in the Guild or a whole lot money than Max the son of a widowed poor mother was every going to h. I like this dated novel A human civilization that was pictured or imagined before our present level of computer and electronic technology was even imagined A young man inherits somewhat informally a set of astrogator's texts and then sets out to get sponsored to get into the Astrogator's guild the only way to become an astrogator someone who plots the course of starships through deep space One of Heinlein's so called teen novels and a good read It dates back to 1953 and as I said is very dated but in an odd way that adds to the book much as some of Verne's books are I checked and saw a few used copies it may not be easy to track down but I'd say you might find it worthwhile If you can track it down it might just be worth a read Update I just noticed that Hoopla has an audio version of this and most of Heinlein's books This book is very dated and for that reason I recommend you should try it The view of things pre solid state alone makes the book worth it