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Sammie’s heroic rescue from undesired wedlock turned her into the toast of the ton wooed by suitors far and wide But she couldn’t forget the swashbuckling brigand who’d abducted her–something about him intrigued her completely Then she met Eric Landsdowne the dashing and seductive Earl of WesleyHis exploits were legendary his life filled with danger He was the elusive Bride Thief who had his own reasons for helping you. This may sound like an oxymoron but this Romance Novel was utterly Romantic The reason I say this is simply thisthere were so many ahhhhhh moments I stopped counting them D'Alessandro is uickly becoming a new favorite of mine She is so witty and writes characters that you swear you've met before Red Roses Mean Love her debut novel made my Top Romance Books Ever list and the Bride Thief while maybe not as touching as her first may also make the list I was glued to it until I finished it Samantha is not your typical heroine She is fiercely independent although she longs for love she's intelligent but also down to earth and funny and she is not breathtakingly beautiful although don't try to tell the Earl of Wesley that This lady is a breath of fresh air She grabs the Bride Thief's attention bewitches the one and the same Earl of Wesley Eric Landsdowne and never lets go Eric Landsdowne is a man who knows what he wantsand he wants Samantha I love how possesive he is of her attentions and how jealous he gets when she raves about his alter ego the Bride Thief He's jealous of HIMSELF for heaven's sake I loved it There are small parts of this book that seem to slow and get bogged down but the vast majority of this book is so good that the pages won't turn fast enough There are a host of secondary characters that add so much to the story I really cannot recommend this book any higher

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The Bride ThiefNg women escape the unhappy fate of arranged marriages and whose true identity was a scrupulously guarded secret But from the moment he rescued Sammie–only to discover she’d already managed to get herself un betrothed–Eric knew he couldn’t lose her a second time Marriage was out of the uestion Which left only one option A clandestine affair that might lead to scandal social ruin and the unmasking of a love bested legen. A magical historical romance where the 'hero in disguise' meets his match in an eccentric bluestockingWords can not describe how much I loved this book The concept is actually something you don't see a lot in historical romancemuch to my surprise and horror THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE BOOKS LIKE THIS Like the movie 'The Abduction Club' This 'genre' is fucking ripe with opportunity and it pisses me off that barely anyone is taking advantage of that Most of the 'hero in disguise' books I've come across are were the hero is a lorddukeviscount etc etc pretending to be someone of a lower rankpeasantpirate or a 'peasant' pretending to be someone of rank So when a book like 'The Bride Thief' comes along you are compelled to read it and love it The hero Eric Landsdowne is awesome I love him How could I not He lives in an age where woman don't have much of a choice in anything and he loathes that He's a woman's right's advocate how can you not love that While he was at war His beloved sister Margaret was forced by their father to marry an awful man who abused her cheated on her all sorts of awful things Eric hates that he wasn't there to prevent the wedding and to save his sister all the pain she now has to endure He puts on a mask and cape and steals away into the night as 'The Bride Thief' to save young ladies who are being forced into matrimony giving them the choice that they were denied Choice is extremely important to Eric He rightly believes that every one deserves a choice to live their lives how they choose However with each young lady he saves his life is put in even jeopardy Sammie is an eccentric bluestocking interested in science and animals than she is in finding a husband Like Eric You can't not love Sammie She is intelligent outspoken uirky and fun She can't seem to be mean even though all the assholesincluding her mother actually in her village deserve to be put in their place she is never anything but nice and good naturednot in an annoying way She is described as being plain but obviously Eric thinks differently so all those assholes in the village can go royally fuck themselvesRead and find out why I hate them JERKS At Twenty five she is uite happy to be a 'firmly on the shelf' spinster Her mother will have none of that of course and arranges a marriage for her Well Samantha is having none of that and goes to her betrothed's house and hilariously breaks off the engagement Having heard about Sammie's betrothal Eric kidnaps Sammie but the rescue was unnecessary as she had already managed to get herself out it He returns her to her family but the unusual woman who while in her company as the notorious masked thief manged to touch him in some profound way remains on his mind and he decides to further the acuaintance in his unmasked state only to check if she is okay after her 'ordeal' with him Nah didn't buy that for a second he just wanted to see her again The rest you shall have to read for yourself Though I'd love to spoil it Besides from being romantic adventure 'The Bride Thief' is funny I fell in love with Sammie when she explains masked Eric how she got out of her betrothal I also couldn't help but love how Eric becomes jealous when Sammie sings 'The Bride Thief's praises even though he knows it's ridiculous because it's him for god's sake'The Bride Thief' is a gem and I recommend it to anyone looking for a great book with romance intrigue adventure and laughterThe only thing I didn't like about 'The Bride Thief' wasTHERE WAS NO EPILOGUE HOW COULD YOU LEAVE ME HANGING LIKE THAT JACUIE and there is only one ONE sex sceneShout out to Krissy for the book recommendation I loved it and I'm so happy you recommended it

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The Bride Thief Read & download Ê PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¶ [Epub] ➚ The Bride Thief By Jacquie DAlessandro – HAS ENGLAND’S MOST INFAMOUS BRIDE THIEF FINALLY MET HIS MATCHAt six and twenty Samantha Briggeham knew her marital prospects were fading by the season HAS ENGLAND’S MOST INFAMOUS BRIDE THIEF FINALLY MET HIS MATCHAt six and twenty Samantha Briggeham knew her marital prospects were fading by the season and she was pleased by the thought She had no intention of being betrothed–especially against her will–to a man she did not love She had a planand it didn’t include being swept into a pair of powerful arms and spirited away by a masked The Bride eBook #188 rider News of. The Bride Thief is the story of Samantha and EricOk I need to gush AAAAAAAAAAIn this unconventionally charming read meet our heroine Samantha Briggeham the 26 year old plain jane spinster eldest and the only unmarried daughter of the Briggeham household scientist inventor lover of insects pets science astrology and mentor to her nerdy brother Hubert She lives with her forgetfully oblivious father a zealously matchmaking mother; has seen three of her beautiful married sisters thanks to her mum; and now enjoys imparting her vast knowledge to her youngest brother Hurbert Yes she is the combination of Mary and Elizabeth Bennett to her charming and gorgeous Jane like siblingsWhen her parents try to get her married off to a boring old coot she takes it upon herself to get out of the situation What she does not imagine is to be kidnapped by the infamous Bride Thief and be potentially rescued She instantly informs him of his error yet is fascinated by the man who is willing to risk his life to give her a better oneWhen he actually delivers her back to her home she becomes the talk of the ton much to her chagrin Everyone is fascinated by the one bride the thief did not disappear with and it is at one of these particular soirees she meets Eric Landsdowne the dashing and seductive Earl of WesleyEric Landsdowne took to rescuing unwilling brides when he was not able to rescue his own sister from an abusive marriage He however has never has he been fascinated by a woman as much as Samantha the bespectacled curious minded honest woman who is smarter than all the chits combined He tries to stay away from her but cannot stop himself from involvement in her life and her brother's too Also every time he looks at her his heart goes Mine Mine Mine Strange huhSoon attraction begins to soar its beautiful head But while Eric is hell bent on avoiding marriage so is Samantha Both want a no strings affair for their own reasons But with the magistrate on his heels secrets and lies brewing between them and fate having its own plan will they find their HEAEndearing leads fabulous plot sizzling attraction heartwarming scenes with engaging and likable secondary characters that add significantly to the story I really loved both Eric and Samantha she gave me a very Penelope Bridgerton feel and that is always AMAZING We also get a bonus love story at the very end and overall the book just makes you feelGOODThank you GR for the suggestionSafe455