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The Orphan Choir Read & download Í 9 ë ❰BOOKS❯ ✭ The Orphan Choir Author Sophie Hannah – A MOTHER WITH AN EMPTY NEST IS BEING HAUNTED BY A GHOSTLY CHILDREN'S CHOIR ARE THEY GIVING HER AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE THAT ONLY SHE CAN HEAR OR ARE THEIR MOTIVES MORE SINISTER Louise Beeston is being ha A MOTHER WITH Ight and to make matters worse she's the only one who can hear itHoping to find some peace Louise convinces her husband Stuart to buy them a country house in an idyllic sun dappled gated community called Swallowfield But it seems that the haunting melodies of the choir have followed her there Could it be that her city neighbor has trailed her to Swallowfield just to play an elaborate malicious prank Is there really a ghostly chorus playing outside her d. Lately I haven't had much time to read books as voraciously as I used to so I have been extremely particular with what books I allow to occupy my limited time The Orphan Choir by Sophie Hannah is one of the books I decided to read based on it being described as a woman's ascent into madness with horror elements in it The first part is uite true but the second half of that assessment is very far from the truth The Orphan Choir is narrated by Louise A woman who is driven mad by the insane thumping of her neighbors music at odd hours of the night To make matters worse she's convinced he's doing it intentionally All she wants is a little peace and uiet so she can go back to complaining about the loss of her son Joseph who boards at a prominent school where he's a member of the Saviour Choir Before long Louise hears her sons choir and can't understand why she deserves such tortureIn an effort to get away from her noisy neighbor in Cambridge Louise moves with her husband Stuart to a uiet slice of heaven of England's countryside Ultimately Louise finds that uite possibly the music she's hearing may in fact be in her head Could she be missing her son so much that she can't get the choral music out of her head or is something sinister at playHonestly I was not in love with this novel for a good while It's an easy engrossing read yet the narrator takes some getting used to I could have maybe appreciated this novel had I not gotten in her head Ironic huh Seriously she complains about everything To top off her complaining she whines to no end about how much she misses her son who's away at the boarding school What ultimately saves this novel for me is the ending I was ready to write this one off as just another novel with not much going on but I feel it ends perfectly Sophie Hannah pretty much owed me for wasting so much time and energy on Louise that the ending needed to make up for it big time I liked the ending and yes it does supply that horror feel the blurb suggests My overall thoughts are that The Orphan Choir by Sophie Hannah was not bad at all I only wish there was a starring character I could actually want to be in the same room with The Orphan Choir is a fast read and may appeal to fans of psychological suspense Overall I would like to read by this author so long as I get a little horror and a lot less Louise Copy Provided by Picador USA via Netgalley

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A MOTHER WITH AN EMPTY NEST IS BEING HAUNTED BY A GHOSTLY CHILDREN'S CHOIR ARE THEY GIVING HER AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE THAT ONLY SHE CAN HEAR OR ARE THEIR MOTIVES MORE SINISTER Louise Beeston is being haunted Louise has no reason left to stay in the city The Orphan Kindle She can't see her son Joseph who is away at boarding school where he performs in a prestigious boys' choir Her troublesome neighbor has begun blasting choral music at all hours of the n. This is the first book in years that has physically infuriated me It gets 2 stars only because the protagonist gets what I wanted her to get at the endThis is the story of Louise Beeston contender for most annoying mother of the year who is plagued by a neighbour who plays loud music a few times and therefore naturally sends our hero into fits of absurd hysteria and also has to contend with the pain of having her son away at a choir school and she wants him back One hundred pages in and she seemingly solves this little 'problem' This whole section is boring and pointless and most importantly not scary So as a ghost story this fails beyond anything I've ever read I was haunted by the sadness and melancholia of works like The Road which did not have ghosts in it at all and this just asserts the piss poor scares this book provides A third of the way in brief ghostly moment Then nothing for another hundred then mildly evocative ghostly moment then wild ending which came from nowhere The main problem and this is the reason I disliked the protagonist She shouts a lot Not just a bit but all the time when she isn't shouting at the council for not locking up her neighbour she's shouting at her husband for not being supportive or she's shouting at her son's tutor for keeping him somehow against her will Then she shouts some and moans and then bizarrely at the end she flips completely and becomes so calm and eerie I think she inhaled a truck load of drugs The narrative that Sophie Hannah utilises is a choice which is very popular at the moment and I fail to see how The problem with a first person present tense is that the writing cannot help but feel sloppy and this is no exception The language is basic which is fine except that the way one though flows to the next reads at times like a stream of consciousness which means we're stuck in the fucking diarrhoea that is the protagonist's bowel of a brain In conclusion not scary stick to psychological thrillers please

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The Orphan ChoirOor And why won't they stop Growing desperate she begins to worry about her mental healthAgainst the pleas and growing disuiet of her husband Louise starts to suspect that this sinister choir is not only real but a warning But of what And how can it be when no one else can hear itIn The Orphan Choir Sophie Hannah brings us along on a darkly suspenseful investigation of obsession loss and the malevolent forces that threaten to break apart a loving family. I have read most of Sophie Hannah's books and have liked them all but this is the worst book I have ever read