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The Seduction of Place The History and Future of CitiesTants is central to Joseph Rykwert’s argument in The Seduction of Place Insisting that they are the physical constructs of communities he travels through history to The Seduction PDFEPUB or trace their roots in ancient times and outlines current attempts and future possibilities to improve the metropolis Rykwert includes a broad range of urban landscapes th and th century Paris and London the current sprawl of Mexico City and C. I was not happy with this book I read it under the title The Seduction of Place The City in the Twenty First Century and it was mostly from my perspective a collection of historical anecdotes about cities with very little narrative structure I also was unable to detect an argument in this bookRykwert is clearly a brilliant guy but I'm not sure what he was trying to do here

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No other place on earth is as full of Place PDFEPUB #196 both of promise and of dread as the city it is at once alienating and exciting These concentrations of people have not however come about as the result of vast immutable impersonal forces but because of human choices The worsening or betterment of urban life will also be the result of choices Our choices That cities display and represent the personal desires of their inhabi. I mostly enjoyed Rykwerk’s book It seems a bit like Lewis Mumford’s City in History tome in a smaller format In short I feel it might be better titled The Seduction of All the Crap I Know About Not a slam – I can only hope to be able to someday collate whatever it is I should remember about the built world into a single publication but as I selected it as a commuter selection it’s not a very good read at 20 minutes a pop Rykwerk at the subtitle suggests concludes with possible panaceas for the 21st century city’s inevitable urban malaise with fairly basic suggestions similar to what we’ve already read from Jane Jacobs The New Urbanists and even Peter Blake In short he proffers urban and architectural “solutions” that are pretty common sense but indeed oft ignored or only lightly implemented in most capitalist societies Not really a strong conclusion to such a densely filled book but overall a well written history of almost everything about cities

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The Seduction of Place The History and Future of Cities Read & download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free · ❮Ebook❯ ➢ The Seduction of Place The History and Future of Cities Author Joseph Rykwert – No other place Airo planned cities like Brasilia and finally New York the world capitalAlways opinionated and often controversial Rykwert assesses how and why urban projects from the past succeeded or failed and what lessons can be drawn from them for the future Ultimately The Seduction of Place is a deeply felt and powerfully reasoned call for a commitment by every citizen to Seduction of Place Kindle #209 the creation of a humane place to liv. decent book analysis and opinion lacking until last chapter