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FREE PDF õ BOOK The Strangers Ø ❰PDF❯ ✈ The Strangers Author Margaret Peterson Haddix – Told in alternating points of view from Chess Emma and Finn Greystone Greystone Secrets #1 The Strangers is the beginning of a new page turning adventure that examines assumptions about identity famil Told in alternating poiTold in alternating points of view from Chess Emma and Finn Greystone Greystone Secrets #1 The Strangers is the beginning of a new page turning adventure that examines assumptions about identity family and home from the master of middle grade suspenseWhat makes you you?The Greystone kids thought they knew Chess has always been the 35 Stars → I was intrigued by the premise of THE STRANGERS and it had a strong start After seeing a bizarre story on the news the Greystone children's mother disappears and Chess Emma and Finn are determined to bring her home Their mom left behind only cryptic clues to her whereabouts and it's going to take smarts and courage to find her After the halfway point the story took a strange turn that I wasn't expecting like a genre change almost It became slow and repetitive in parts and unfortunately ended in a cliffhanger Overall though it was a fun middle grade mystery with sci fi elements

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Kids reach the Greystone family This bizarre coincidence makes them wonder Who exactly are these strangers? Before Chess Emma and Finn can uestion their mom about it she takes off on a mysterious work trip But puzzling clues left behind lead to complex codes hidden rooms and a dangerous secret that will turn their world upside do A fun alternate universe story

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The StrangersProtector over his younger siblings Emma loves math and Finn does what Finn does best acting silly and being adored They’ve been a happy family just the three of them and their momBut everything changes when reports of three kidnapped children who share the same first and middle names ages and exact birth dates as the Greystone The story begins when the children come home one day to find their mother a bit distraught Something is clearly bothering her as she listens to the TV or radio where they are stating that three children have been kidnapped – three siblings from Arizona with identical first and middle names as well as agesbirth dates of each of the Greystone children That night Chess overhears his mom talking to someone named “Joe” saying he “needed to fix it” The next day when the kids get up to go to school their mom tells them she has a business trip in Chicago she needs to go on and will be gone for a few days but she has found someone to take care of them – the mother of another student Things are strange as they only receive texts from their mom on the first day gone but the kids very uickly discover that their mom has prewritten the texts and timed when they will be sent out with the last one saying that she is sorry she can’t come back homeBefore reading this book I read one review that said it was best to go into this story blind I can somewhat see what they might be saying but sometimes it’s nice to know at least what sub genre you might be picking up Historical fiction? Fantasy? This one is very unusual to me because it touches a topic or subject in science fiction that can be difficult to relay to the readers – even in adult books While reading it my immediate thoughts reminded me of A Wrinkle in Time While The Strangers is clearly not the same book it reminded me of when I was in 5th grade watching the book through a film projector not a movie but scenes with narration As I watched A Wrinkle in Time I remember trying to grasp the concepts it was portraying to us because it was so foreign to me This is one of those books where there is an unusual concept to grasp but I think it was explained and shown just about as well as it could beAudio Book ReviewIntense That’s at least what it felt like for me when listening to the story on audio The story is written in 3 POVs Chess Emma and Finn who are the three Greystone children in the story As the children each tell the story from their point of view we get this overall sense of urgency and seriousness as they try to uncover what is really going on and how to get their mother back The audio book really seemed to portray this very well as I had to stop it sometimes just to get an emotional and mental break Who knew middle grade audio books could have such an effect?My favorite character to listen to was Finn who is the youngest The narrator really created a terrific child like voice to portray him I could immediately tell it was Finn narrating when it came to be his turn He was also the one who provided emotional breaks for me while listening as his take on things were sometimes rather cute to listen toOverall this was an engaging story to listen to that I think fans of A Wrinkle in Time might enjoy or for those who are looking for books where life is just a little bit off and not uite settledLength 7hrs 56 minutesRating 5 stars