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Too Good to Be True free read ð 106 ✓ [PDF / Epub] ★ Too Good to Be True ✪ Benjamin Anastas – When he was three in the early 1970s Benjamin Anastas found himself in his mother’s fringe therapy group in Massachusetts a sign around his neck Too Good to Be True The phrase haunted him through hi When he to BeWhen he to Be PDF #10003 was three in the early s Benjamin Anastas found himself in his mother’s fringe therapy group in Massachusetts a sign around his neck Too Good to Be True The phrase haunted him through his life even as he found the literary acclaim he sought after his novel Too Good MOBI #10003 An Underachiever’s Diary had made the smart set take notice  Too Good to Be True is his deeply moving memoir of fathers and sons crushing debt and. Suppose that you are a fairly young writer who has attained an enviable degree of success with a couple of published books and some connections with major literary magazines listed on your CV But then your life starts falling apart You go broke you have an ill considered affair that once confessed causes your pregnant wife to have one of her own and leave you; you suffer from writer's block What will be your Act IIIt's obvious isn't it You write about yourself After all this is the Facebook Era enough about you let's talk about me Essentially that's Benjamin Anastas' approach except that he manages to secure the benefit of a mainstream publisher rather than Facebook as his literary forum Granted Anastas' prose is usually much better than what one finds in amateur online postings and he manages to edit his story far astutely than do most contributors to social networking websites But what he gives us in Too Good to Be True is a mercifully short 175 page book that doesn't begin to live up to its critical notices and gushing dust jacket blurbsAnastas recounts rather impressionistically bits and pieces of his recent life's troubles his dysfunctional family history and his initial steps toward recovery To his credit he doesn't wallow in self pity and he occasionally manages to amuse but in the end he fails to convey a real sense of affective engagement with his subject aka himself; the words are there but a convincing depth of feeling is strangely absent Maybe that's a defensive strategy without which Anastas wouldn't have been able to face his own story In any case the conseuence is that the reader or at least this one is reduced to the position of a clinical spectator who can't bring himself to care very much about either the author or his screwed up past If Too Good to Be True were a work of great literary prowess one might manage to forgive its lack of emotional power But it isn't so one can't Instead Anastas only demonstrates that a sincere memoir can be true without being good

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E for his young son forces him to confront his own childhood fraught with mental illness and divorce His father’s disdain for money might have been in line with the ’s zeitgeist but what does it mean when you’re dumping change into a Coinstar machine trying to scrounge enough to buy your son a meal Charged with rage and despair humor and hope this unforgettable book is about losing one’s way and finding it again and the redemptive power of ar. Something of a disappointment A memoir of a sort of a once successful author who finds himself entering his 40s divorced broke and adrift I went into it rooting for him but I can't say the story he tells is particularly insightful or compelling Anastas is a talented writer to be sure but there's not much real effort at self reflection or self awareness evidenced in these pages He confesses to a sin of cheating on his girlfriend later wife but everything that follows seems to be the result of others' inexplicable and it seems to him inexcusable behavior Perhaps but as the book wore on I found myself trusting him less and less I don't want to dismiss the real anxieties and troubles that he found himself in but he lived to published a book about it and a dash of humor would have helped He traces a central source of his problems to the idea that he lived from his youth onward a life that was 'too good to be true' which left him unprepared for rockier times and unaccountable failure but that phrase reeks of a particular kind of condescension that surfaces here and there throughout this book a kind of attitude I might have taken if it had been presented with a little self deprecation and a bit of a laugh rather than with the utter seriousness on display here

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Too Good to Be TrueInfidelity and the first cautious steps taken toward piecing a life back together It took a long time for me to admit I had failed Good to Be PDF #9734 Anastas begins Broke his promising literary career evaporated he’s hounded by debt collectors as he tries to repair a life ripped apart by the spectacular implosion of his marriage which ended when his pregnant wife left him for another man Had it all been too good to be true Anastas’s fierce lov. I loved this book for its wisdom about money about heartbreak about longing for its honesty Anastas's poverty may not run uite so deep as those who are truly suffering in this country but I know many of us will recognize ourselves in his struggles and in the connections he makes to what we learn in childhood A beautiful book