characters Treasure Raised By Wolves Volume Three 100

characters Treasure Raised By Wolves Volume Three

characters Treasure Raised By Wolves Volume Three 100 ´ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ★ Treasure Raised By Wolves Volume Three ✓ Author W.A. Hoffman – Gay buccaneer historical adventureromance The third novel in a series chronicling the adventures of Will a disenchanted English Lord and his beloved matelotpGay buccaneer historical adventureromance By Wolves PDF #198 The third novel in a series chronicling the adventures of Will a disenchanted English Lord and his beloved matelotpartner Gaston an exiled Frenchm. Part Three in the Raised By Wolves extended novel 35 starsThis book was my least favorite in the series The interactions between Will and Gaston sometimes felt a bit like too much Too much discussion and searching for ever extended metaphors too many swings from love to madness and back too many choices made for murky reasons that complicated an already sticky situationAs part of the series the events in this book will clearly drive the conclusion This one is about family and society about losing that harbor of two men together and okay This could have been the most fascinating part Until now the men have lived in an isolated world where they were allowed the freedom of their relationship But there was no doubt that unless they sank into obscurity among the rest of the Brethren this would change I just found the directions of that change to be sometimes irritatingThis book is full of women most of whom are unfortunately not wholly sympathetic characters Although in turn one has to have great sympathy for the fact that all the men including Gaston and Will see the women as tools or burdens than people in their own right This is probably true to the era but it grates a bit I'd have liked at least one woman with wisdom and maturity who would engender their full respect They damned well need a good mother but don't find one A wife capable of standing up to them would be a good alternative but they don't get that either All the women here are broken or limited in their own ways Gaston urgently wants children but I wasn't hugely sympathetic about that Someone who is known for hurting his lover in his madness and for having to run off for extended periods in the wilderness to recover himself is being selfish to create children or to ask his lover to do so for him I can see that both men want to redeem their unloved childhoods by loving their own children but kids also need security consistency and stability to thrive The way both men doted on each other to the point of excusing and catering to selfishness made me sympathize a bit less There are than enough forces ranged against them and their relationship and I was disappointed that their acumen wasn't strong enough to see that complicating things to this incredible degree was unwise I decided to attribute some of it to the strength of their needs to please the distant fathers they felt they had always failed even through Will's hatred of his There is an increasingly Ds and mild BDSM aspect to their sexual relationship This was actually well done and apt to the complex pasts of both men but it may bother some readers There are also MF and MMF scenes again fitting to the plot but disconcerting to some after the intense MM monogamy of the early relationship Some parts of those worked for me given the times and the social pressures The end of the book picked up as familiar characters returned to add to the action And as I moved into the fourth book I'm enjoying the series again

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Aised MOBI #10003 arrival of Gaston's father their potential inheritances the political machinations of Will's father Henry Morgan's ambition a bounty upon their heads unwanted brides and an unexpected child. This is the third big book in the series and I'm now totally and utterly hooked on these guysall dozen or so of them This series is totally epic the TV is officially switched off and I'm reading every spare minute I get Will and Gaston are still thoroughly in love and the wonderful thing about these two which is fantastic and so unlike a lot of mm is that they are 100% loyal to each other there have been no roving eyes no flings or sneaky one night stands nothing How refreshing Lets hope it stays that way for the final book

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Treasure Raised By Wolves Volume ThreeAn set among the buccaneers of Port Royal Jamaica in the s In this volume the men ponder the true definition of sanity and the necessity of compromise in the name of love while contending with the Treasure R. So as not to cause confusion I should clarify that I'm rating all these books based on the whole series This is a series where I really feel like I can't individually rate books because they're far too intertwined It really is like it's one huge book that was cut into four volumes because it was too large for oneIf I were to individually rate I probably would have rated this one the lowest of the 4 because it was my least favorite However I still liked it uite a bit and I couldn't even tell you what it is specifically about it that made me love it a bit less Considering I finished the book at about 3 am one night and immediately went into the 4th I can't even tell you what happened in the book So to know what I thought of the whole series the last book see my review for Wolves #4ETA I should clarify something else I saw the author had noted this on another site Treasure is the beginning of the “how do we make this work” phase It deals with areas not related to falling in love or having sex and the romance genre readers deserted the series at that pointThat got me thinking further about why I liked Treasure the least but still really liked it and determined that the reason above was NOT the part I liked less about the third book I think perhaps it was that there was a little less action in this one and that it was sort of setting up a lot of things that continue to be explored further later plus it was focusing on some things that I think were very important for the storycharacters but were less of my favorite things to read So this felt most like the in between book of any of them Because of that I think I would have rated it lower only because it's the book that really pulls together the context of a lot of things in the context of the whole series but on its own it does not have as much forward momentum as some of the othersAnyway I'm mentioning this because I wanted to say that if anyone is reading the series they should keep going even if they feel like stopping at the third I really felt like the whole series makes a lot of sense altogether