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Download Valence Confluence #4 Mobi ´ 454 pages Ì Jennifer foehner wells Þ [Reading] ➽ Valence Confluence #4 By Jennifer Foehner Wells – Earth’s days are numbered Two very different women race to prepare for the battle to come The future of Earth is in their hands OneThe ravenous Swarm Between them Jane and Zara offer humanity its best chance at survival but the odds are stacked against Valence Confluence eBook #222 them and their best may not be good enough A real page turnerVery hard to put down especially the last third Two storylines converge in a very tense nail biting finish I love how she has developed these characters so thoroughly the Pligans especially It was a fascinating glimpse inside how very differently species might behave and how important it would be to overcome our own expectations in order to relateVery well done

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Earth’s days are numbered Two very different women race to prepare for the battle to come The future of Earth is in their hands One struggles to resurrect her ruined ship so she can navigate t This is not a review per se but rather a comment on the entire series so far It is awesome I am too old to waste time on books that are silly unbelievable mostly smoke and mirrors and gratuitous violence I have liked sci fi since I was a tween read it all my life but if a book or series is not character driven I will uickly put it down Jennifer Foehner Wells is my kind of sci fi author a builder of universe that she populates with real characters real people regardless of skin tone tentacles size fur or body odor Her people are authentic; very few are merely peripheral or background Some admittedly seem not as well developed but good grief it's asking too much of any author to flesh out every character in a scene much less a series Jennifer makes great effort to avoid that Sure her science may occasionally be far fetched and some things may seem a little formulaic but as a guy who once thought he would like to write insert hysterical laughter here I can attest that writing is HARD world building is harder and creating believable people with character and meaningful dialogue is hardest Jennifer has the Right Stuff I will stick with this series as long as she spins it out Kudos

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Valence Confluence #4He politics at the galactic core in a desperate bid to recruit allies The other strives to master alien technology to supply the forces of Earth with the tools needed to defend themselves against Kuboderans ruleThe alien navigator continues to be my favorite character The new aliens are a strange and entertaining set of beings Jane is still doing it all and doing it well Ajaya and Ron are as competent and low key as ever The engineer is actually useful though he still manages to sound like the men who were forced to reluctantly accept Civil Rights Law when he talks about aliensThe plot connecting the books gets twisty and the timelines for actions in the Solar system and other parts of the galaxy were confusing There are gaps between the end of one book and the beginning of the next The writing doesn't create a smooth transition and the endings are choppy The relationship between Jane and the engineer reads like a 1960's sitcom Bewitched comes to mind and is slightly plausible Fortunately JFW spends most of the time showing what the characters are accomplishing and there's no over the top romance novel prose In Druid Gene she does a much better job of showing a boyfriendgirlfriend without diminishing the female main characterThe science is uirky the engineering suspect the weapons sketchy travel times are meaningless The nature of the Swarm is unclear and the space combat is not well written There's too much missing if the writing characters and interactions don't ring true Started skipping pages in the second half of the book but I will read probably try her again I really like her aliens