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The Mouse and His Child mobi ☆ Hardcover Ê ❰PDF❯ ✩ The Mouse and His Child Author Russell Hoban – What are we Papa? the toy mouse child asked his fatherI don't know the father answered We must wait and seeA tin father and son dance under a Christmas tree until they break ancient clock work rulesHey uest for dream of a family and a place of their own magnificent doll house plush elephant and tin seal remembered from a toy sho Existential nihilism for kids Sounds like I'm joking and I'm totally not I first read this book when I was maybe 8 or 10 and it's the first time I remember realizing that literature could be SO much than just a fun story On the surface it's a story about a windup mouse and his son attempting to find their place in a world after being broken and thrown away They have adventures with various animals in a variety of environments town dump bottom of a pond etc all while being pursued by an evil rat bent on destroying themUnder the surface it's sooo very much It's got subtle puns like Harold and the Purple Crayon on psychedelics It's got nihilistic philosophy summed up in the form of a dog food can It's got an experimental theatrical group composed of crows It's got a running gag that contrasts pure thought with practical application It's got a theistic allegory with the father and son What is light without darkness? What hope can we have to control our own destiny when our place in the grand scheme of things is infinitesimal? What does it truly mean to be self winding? And it's all wrapped up in some of the most gorgeous prose you can imagine Reading this to my seven year old was an absolute delight and I hope to revisit it again a few years from now At this point it was mostly just a grand story to him but there were a few truly deep moments he grasped such as the brutally humorous cycle of life depicted when the dramatic war between the shrews ends abruptly with all of them being eaten by a pair of weasels out for a light dinner who are then in turn picked up by an owl for his supper He could FEEL that there was lurking beneath the surface; he understood that the Bonzo dog food can MEANT something and we had a really good discussion about what it represented This was is and will continue to be one of my absolute all time favorite reads

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What are we Papa? the toy mouse child asked his fatherI don't know the father answered We must wait and seeA tin father and son danc Don't be misled by this book's cover with its gentle picture of a windup toy mousehand in hand with his small son The Mouse and His Child is and isn't a children's book but it is not recommended for the soft hearted of any age The title characters a mouse and his child are toys who seem uite astonished to find themselves in the world moving from a toyshop to display items under a Christmas tree to uite suddenly the dump Despite his father's doubts despite the adversity of the world including the wicked Manny Rat the child holds onto and attempts to realize his dream of finding and making his toyshop companions a windup elephant and a windup seal his mother and sister and finding and making the toyshop's dolls' house his family home I'm making it sound much treacly than it is however There is hope and redemption in this story but there is also cruelty and death Like most good children's stories it can be read simply as a wonderful adventure if you are ten or as a sophisticated fantasy with clever dialogue and deep meaning if you are twenty I liked it so much that I went right back and read it again when I finished I would caution against reading by or with the most sensitive of readers

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The Mouse and His ChildE under a Christmas tree until they break ancient clock work rules and are themselves broken Discarded rescued repaired by a tramp t A pair of toy mice go on a uest for a home pursued by an evil rat I read a blog post about this which made me want to read it and I thought it might be a good introduction to Hoban's adult books It's a melancholy book with lots of death and I know it would have been too dark for me as a child It's beautifully written and the helplessness and persistence of the mouse and his child give it the central effect of tenderness and wistfulness There's some nice humorous bits about absurdist crow theatre etc This did the epic journey genre really well for me; children's stories about toys are good like that looking back because you have to emphasise the characters' combination of helplessness with adventurousness and rely on happenstance to move them around It makes the world seem bigDefinitely the kind of children's book that adults wax lyrical about but isn't really for kids though