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PDF ´ BOOK Beyond the Event Horizon FREE Ã SCOTT MCELHANEY ↠ [Reading] ➺ Beyond the Event Horizon By Scott McElhaney – Insolpro.co.uk Award winning mainstream author Scott McElhaney is now reintroducing his first award winning novel of Christian Sci fi a tough genre in itself This book was origGalaxySkylar Rains has made a significant breakthrough regarding the future of time travel Testing this theory however leaves him stranded 1100 years in the future with no hope of return What he discovers is a frightening world devoid of all life Now he must sift through the clues to learn what became of the world he once knew Much to his surprise he finds that these clues may lead him to a Great sci fi suspense story told in 3 distinct parts The story begins in the near future with a man who hijacks a time machine and heads off into the future A mistake leaves him stranded nearly a thousand years further than intended What he discovers reuires a lot of investigation and archaeology on his part This is where the story breaks off and tells two other stories They seem loosely related at first but in the last 15% of the book you will see how necessary these two stories are Great book with beautiful characters

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Award winning mainstream author Scott McElhaney is now reintroducing his first award winning novel of Christian Sci fi a tough genre in itself This book was originally published under the pseudonym Scott Curtis and received rave reviews from both the scientific community as well as the religious community This is a full length novel that will take you on a journey through time and across the Space opera time travel hi tech and young adult fiction all wrapped up in one It's not marketed as young adult but I think it could ualify as such based on some younger endearing characters and the fact that the language is clean Thoroughly enjoyable though

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Beyond the Event Horizon Nother planet nearly 12 light years away Scott McElhaney is the 2008 winner of the Xulon Book Award for his first novel Mommy's Choice Now he is making all of his novels available to Kindle readers at the very accessible price of only 99 cents His newest mainstream sci fi series The Mystic Saga including Indentured Legacy Violation Judgment and Convergence have been downloaded than 50000 tim Beyond the Event Horizon is a pretty good story Actually I found it to be like three storiesThe first part is fascinating The time travel The blurring of two realities in the future The mysterious woman The mysterious feast and Skylar being kicked out of it All very well written and pretty well enthrallingEnter part two A completely different cast of characters None were overly interesting to me It took a while to even convince myself to be interested in the storyPart three begins to pull in the story of part two with a new story So yeah three storiesPart four pulls it all together finally We learn about the mysterious woman from part oneAlong the way we learn about the Marriage Feast of the Lamb A solid Christian theme and very well integrated into the storyFor an award winning story I did find errors that should have been caught by an editor than I expectedOverall it is a pretty good story I liked it even though I had to make myself work for it