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Lessly lost in the Colorado wilderness at the onset of a harsh winter Brook is nearly frozen and almost at the end of her endurance Lance a wild looking reclusive man who. Hmmm It wasn't that it was horribly written I guess unless you consider poor plotting and weird author decisions poor writing which oops I think I do First part of the book has the heroine kidnapped and raped after going to pick up something for her husband in a bad part of town So you know from that and some other clues that the husband is behind it all But here's a wimp out the authors choose to make the husband the leader of a group of car thieves No reason at all for the wife to have even been sent on the errand I thought that maybe it was going to turn out that he was trying to do her in but no She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time Bad criminal husband Bad Bad You poor planner youSo she is kidnapped and violently graphically raped over and over again with gross details So okay dark story She'll escape and there will be a dark intense revenge or maybe given the book blurb she will be out of the frying pan into the fire with another psychopath But she will fight and triumph At least that was what I was expecting But noWhen she escapes and does a pretty fine harrowing job she lands with a loner mountain man who is just the sweetest guy who ever hid out in the woods It was all rainbows and fairy dust and bunnies and pink ponies andNo tension no mental problems no nothing Just a sweet little story of two people falling in love And they were so considerate of each other and helpful and caring and sharing their boring stories That's all very well and good for real life but it doesn't make riveting readingAnd in the end she just divorces her inept criminal husband and heads back to fairy land with her hermit prince

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BetrayedHas shunned society likes his solitary life deep in the wooded mountains But his world is about to be turned upside downAdvisory Contains sexual violence and strong langua. Second chanceI read Zeke and it was indifferent I read this book thinking to give the author a second chance based on the reviews and again I'm indifferent Is it dark Some of it very most of it no The h went through some horrible crap to be sure and it is explained in exacting though repetitive detail However a few sordid scenes does not a dark book make The lovey dovey far exceeds the bad and I'm getting really annoyed with authors advertising a dark book with all sorts of warnings and then throwing in sensitive Hs and HEAs Still decent story line well written good flow so three stars

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Free download ¹ Betrayed 109 ☆ ➥ [Epub] ➟ Betrayed By Wodke Hawkinson ➯ – Brook a Denver socialite is abducted during a botched carjacking and mistreated in the worst possible ways by her captors She escapes wandering injured half naked and hopelessly lost in the Colorado w Brook a Denver socialite is abductedBrook a Denver socialite is abducted during a botched carjacking and mistreated in the worst possible ways by her captors She escapes wandering injured half naked and hope. First off I have to say that this book is nothing like I thought it would be I did read most of the previous reviews but still thought that it would be an erotic romance I couldn't have been wrong and what I did get I think worked much better than what I was expectingBrooklyn h and her husband had been going through some tough times but she was determined to get passed it and make their marriage a happy and close one again When her husband had asked her to go to some old used book store to buy a copy of a rare book for his boss she was than happy to go for him She gets in her expensive sports car types the book store's address in to the gps and starts on her errand The closer she gets to her destination the she starts to doubt that she should be there at all However this is important to her husband so she continues on When she gets the the store she parks and gets out of her carlocking it she thinks to herself that she'll make it uickjust in and out She never makes it inside the storesome lowlife makes some teasing remarks to her and she decides to abort her errand and head back to her car As she reaches her car she is abductedLance H has had a traumatic last few years and has given up on society and moved into a cabin high in the mountains It's in the begigning of winter and he's doing some last minute chores before the big snow hits he lives off the land and only earns money by selling steampunk jewelry and things that he makes When he 's discovered the body of one of his goats that had been killed by a large mountain lionout of no were comes a half naked and half dead woman She's been beaten horribly and is wounded from her mad trek through trough terrain with nobother choice he takes her back to his cabin to try and do what he can for herDo not read this book if 1 you cant stand detailed discriptions of brutal rapes I'm not talking about the Hero rapeing her and her forgiving and loving him later type of thing or any kind of BDSM type of senerios This was pure malicethe bad guys being VERY BAD type of scenes Or 2 Your looking for an erotic book with hot love scenes The first part of this book is hard to read but the rest of it is a sweet love story about two very wounded poeple learning to live and love again