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Black Ingo Book Ý 188 pages ↠ ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Black Ingo By Margaret Way ✸ – Tandarro—the name had always spelled magic for Genny But this time her encounter with Ingo Faulkner would be differentIngo ruled the cattle kingdom and the lives of those dependent on him It was a s Tandarro—the name had always sS of those dependent on him It was a shock to Genny to learn she and her mother were included in this groupHer adolescent rebellion against Ingo's influence had Lol Third cousins falling in love Seriously The African in me doesn't understand Cringe worthy It's a good story line though

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Proved futile Now that she was a woman she knew that there was only one thing that she wanted from this dynamic man who had already given her so much his lov ركيكة

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Black IngoTandarro the name had always spelled magic for Genny But this time her encounter with Ingo Faulkner would be differentIngo ruled the cattle kingdom and the live This was an interesting contrast to Diana Palmer's Champagne Girl because they were both courtship stories of a much older hero who had known and loved the heroine since she was a little girl Both heroine are clueless about love and sex and the older hero's interest in them Besides having a weird title MW's story is bit complicated with a lot of page time given over the heroine's butterfly mother and the hero's dark family historyAs a writer MW explores mommy issues there is just no way around not noticing if you read than one of her stories Some mommys are absent through death or divorce In this story the hero's mother divorced his father and made a Sophie's choice of taking his sister along with and not the hero Other mothers in MW stories are outright monsters or dependent passive aggressive divas like this heroine's mother What was interesting in this story is that the characters knew just how much damage their mommys were doing to them The heroine expects the pain of her mother's selfishness and really can't see how her life will ever be any different Same with the hero By the end of the story with the heroine's mother bagging her fourth husband and leaving the hemisphere the heroine is finally free Sad but free Same with the hero The heroine has extracted a promise from the hero to reconcile with his mother and he agrees in a few yearsSo a true happy ending with happy families is delayed and not shown on the page The Hh will focus on each other and not their relatives I liked that ending which raised the rating from two stars to threeThe two stars reflects the very odd writing style The first chapter is solely a dialogue between the mother and the heroine and it's repetitious dialogue and backstory There are a lot of extended boring conversations like that are dotted throughout the book And there are point of view jumps like whoa the hero the heroine the mother the sister the hero's mother even some minor characters reflect on the heroine's rare beauty We get the POV of the hero's brother in law to round out the final chapter The brother in law really It's just an odd story all around but not unlikable Hero is obviously smitten Heroine needs a good five years of uiet without dear old mom and hero sounds like he's going to get it for her