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Download Blurred Red Lines Carrera Cartel #1 Book ☆ 443 pages ç Insolpro Í [EPUB] ✼ Blurred Red Lines Carrera Cartel #1 Author Cora Kenborn – A TOP 100 INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER Obsession is the deadliest viceValentinAs the heir to the devil himself my name is whispereA TOP INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER Obsession is Lines Carrera PDFEPUB #191 the deadliest viceValentinAs the heir to the devil himself my name is whispered in fear and respect I take no prisoners and leave no witnesses Mercy doesn't exist in my world until one mouthy bartender turns it upside down Chaos forces me to kidnap her but insanity compels me to cross a dangerous lineMy obsession with her risks both my empire and our Blurred Red Kindle lives but now that I have Eden beside me I won't let her go If we burn we burn together I love the way Cora Kenborn didn't hold back on the violence and sinister acts At times heartbreaking and I reach for the box of tissues others I was screeching off with their heads So full of action and romance this author singed the sheets This was no mistake This was no joke This was real and the only person left to protect him hid in the corner crying for her own pathetic life I willed my feet to move but the signal from my brain to my feet short circuited leaving me paralyzed

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EdenMy life has always been riddled with bad decisions but one night of being in the wrong place at the wrong time changes it forever Abducted and held against my will I find myself thrust into a long standing cartel war as an involuntary pawn I'll make it out of here Red Lines Carrera PDF #10003 and when I do the guilty will fall one by one As long as I can stop myself from falling for the kingpin The one who takes everything and promises nothing I should hate him He holds me prisoner but I'm the one who refuses to leave The C Blurred Red Lines didn't work for me The only reason I gave it 2 stars is because I actually managed to finish it instead of giving up like I wanted to around 56% To be honest it started pretty ok and I was actually excited because I just love organized crime romances I just love those brutal bad boys and the woman who tame them Unfortunately I never felt any connection between Val and Eden I thought Val was ok he was definitely not boss material to me I actually found him weak Eden was annoying and bordering on TSTL I don't think I would bother following this series

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Blurred Red Lines Carrera Cartel #1Arreras are not good men They commit crimes to line their pockets and sin to warm their beds They use foul language wield weapons like utensils and every single character's morals are uestionable at best This is a dark romance There may be triggers so if you are easily offended this story may be too much for youIf you're still here bienvenidos The cartel is waitingThe Carrera Cartel books are all standalones and can be read out of seuence However if you prefer to avoid spoilers it's highly recommended that you read them in orde First rodeo with Cora and it definitely won't be the last What a deliciously dark readI absolutely love the main characters Two people from opposite ends of the socioeconomic spectrum and their so called thing worksCora has uite the skill with words She created a story that is realistic and mind blowing I could not put this story down I love drama and this story has it in SPADES I recommend this story if you're a lover of drama and darknessFive stars