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READ & DOWNLOAD Ñ Mistress Hired for the Billionaire's Pleasure â ➽ Mistress Hired for the Billionaire's Pleasure Download ➺ Author India Grey – Fast cars glamorous socialites everyday components of devastatingly handsome billionaire Orlando Winterton's thrilling decadent lifestyleWhEgedly his sonNow Orlando will hire Rachel to take care of the child and as long as she's under his roof he'll keep on Hired for the Epub #220 making love to heruntil he's got her out of his syst. Midway through this book I wasn't sure I'd finish it The mistaken assumptions and refusals to communicate were just too frustrating I know I know and believe me I knew what I was getting into reading a Harleuin Presents I had liked the beginning the gothic y feel of the hero and heroine meeting in a cemetery the heroine running away from her own wedding during a rainstorm and finding herself drawn to the expansive estate of the brooding mysterious hero Their initial interactions were passionately heated and enjoyable to read and Grey's writing style was elegantly smooth But then the plot plodded along with contrived conflict poor communication and stock tropes The story did eventually take an upward turn rewarding the reader with memorably cinematic scenes and I finished the book believing these characters did indeed find a happy ending All in all the story was worth pushing through the tiresome parts

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Fast cars glamorous socialites everyday components of devastatingly for the Kindle #212 handsome billionaire Orlando Winterton's thrilling decadent lifestyleWhen Rachel arrives at Orlando's remot. Pianist Rachel Campion runs out of her own wedding to an abusive man that she was being forced into marrying by her domineering mother She ends up by chance at the estate of Orlando Winterton whom she had previously met once before He offers her a place to stay while she sorts things out Orlando is losing his eyesight which he keeps a secret from everyone On top of this his ex girlfriend surprises him with the news that he is supposedly the father to a baby boy Felix who she leaves with Orlando when she decides she can’t handle raising him on her own Rachel stays on for awhile to help Orlando with Felix and Rachel and Orlando find themselves growing closer togetherThe story started off good and seemed interesting at first but the it went it started to get tiresome I did like Rachel and little baby Felix but what brought the book down for me was Orlando I can understand that losing one’s eyesight would be life changing but he acted as though it was life ending He thought he couldn’t be a father to his son and therefore refused to have anything to do with little Felix He thought if he told Rachel he was losing his eyesight she would want nothing to do with him And on and on it went The way he kept his failing eyesight a secret from everyone when it was going to become known anyway just got tedious after awhile The the story went the I lost interest

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Mistress Hired for the Billionaire's PleasureE country estate in desperate need Orlando cannot deny the pull of her fragile beauty and Mistress Hired eBook #180 takes her passionately Then a baby is found abandoned on Orlando's doorstep all. He former RAF pilot grounded due to sight deterioration now almost blindShe famous pianist that ran from her own wedding and hid in his housePlot he and she fall for each other but she’s a whiny little girl and he’s a secretive idiot that thinks he isn’t lovable because he’s blind His ex comes back with apparently his son throws a few jabs about his blindness the heroine still has no idea what’s going on though the clues are all there and thinks he’s still in love with his ex The ex is a bitch lying to the heroine about how they would get back together because of their son the heroine runs away back to the abusive man she ran from realizes she’s pregnant the hero come to her concert they finally talk and have a HEAI absolutely hated this story for all the above reasons The hero was an idiot the heroine was a stupid coward and the plot consisted of an idiotic misunderstanding that could be resolved with a few minutes of conversation But then there wouldn’t be a story would it That would certainly be preferable