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She was irresistible to every Dark Seas PDFEPUB #10003 manexcept one Lily Borsage is the ultimate siren gorgeous aloof and irresistible to all the men in Bayou La Siryna All of them that is until Nashoba Bowman comes back to town The Native American kid w. read and loved Debbie's previous books I was very excited when she told me about her latest Mermaid romance Siren's Call which is the story of Lily Bosarge I jumped at the chance to review it and am so glad that I did The cover is beautiful and intriguing and the blurb further takes our interest forward and will surely make a reader take notice of the bookI had already read the stories of the other two Bosarge sisters Shelly and Jet in Siren's Secret and Siren's Treasure and in both these stories met Lily and with her spell casting Siren's voice and her mesmerizing beauty she was an enigma who had intrigued me and left me eager to read her own storyFinally in Siren's Call Debbie tells her story and gives the readers a real insight into her character Lily is a true siren and with all her beauty expected to marry a merman but she wants to find true love first Deeply loyal to her family and often misunderstood by people including her family she finds herself yearning for true love and tired of explaining to everyone that she is not what they think she has closed herself inside a shellIn comes Nash a Native American and a man she met as a boy became friends and then fell in love with but he left Now he is back and surprisingly not affected by her siren voice He has a secret of his own which he does not want to disclose and is determined not to let anyone near him But Lily is determined to try for her love one last time Will she succeed in making Nash realize that they are perfect togetherDebbie's writing style is simple engaging and flows effortlessly making the reader live her stories She took me to Lily's world with all the beauty of the Bayou and Nash's small cabin surrounded by the forest with its many sounds and smells The world building is stunning and the author merges reality with fantasy so beautifully that nowhere did I feel as if something was stretched too far The suspense drama and danger angle is also handled admirably and I really got frightened and chilled with the mysterious killer on the loose praying for my favourite characters' safetyThis is a fast paced story with a heartfelt family drama a sensual and heartwarming romance and the thrill of danger that kept me hooked to the book and sitting at the edge of my seat right till the end There is suspense paranormal developments and emotional play that had me seeing all the characters through new eyes A definite winner I totally enjoyed reading this bookAll in all Siren's Call is a lovely book that I absolutely loved and strongly recommend to all lovers of romance 45 out of 5 to it and I look forward to reading from Debbie in the future She is a very talented writer and has made a place in my list of favourite authorsI received an ARC from the author and I am very thankful to her The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced

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Sirens Call Dark Seas #3Rens Call PDF heritage of power he isn't ready to accept And Lily has a secret that no mortal man can ever know When a mysterious enemy starts menacing Lily they will both have to risk everything and embrace their deepest destinies if they want to survive. For the final book in the Dark Seas miniseries Debbie Herbert lets her imagination rise to new heights as one original situation after another takes place The world where mermaids live amongst humans is brought to life in realistic ways and I repeatedly felt as though these mythical creatures just had to be true Each of the books in the miniseries has been very innovative and this story grabbed my attention from the start and never let go until the satisfying conclusion SIREN’S CALL is enchantingly inventive and makes you want to believe Since Lily Borsage is a mermaid and has the capability to influence men with her siren ability she has not been popular with the women in her hometown of Bayou La Siryna Alabama Though not always welcome it is not her fault that the male population reacts to her anytime they come in contact When she approaches a stranger in a store she is stunned when ignored yet feels herself drawn to him Upon discovering he is Nashoba Bowman she remembers him visiting the area years ago and cannot understand why the handsome Native American does not seem to be affected by her enticing sexuality Even though Nash does recall their youthful friendship he knows keeping Lily away from him is best while he works on an assignment to photograph wildlife Things did not end well for two women with whom he previously got close and he does not want her added to such a tragic list Lily wants to understand why Nash continues to reject her and she is determined to learn his reason while keeping her own dual identity a secret When her life is threatened what each of them is hiding might have to be exposed or much will be lost The clever blending of mermaid myths and Native American legends sets the Dark Seas miniseries apart from other stories dealing with the supernatural With fascinating characters and wondrous details every scene in SIREN’S CALL is compellingly riveting I thoroughly enjoyed the two prior books and the third story made me wish even harder for these fabled beings to actually exist Debbie Herbert has a talent for making every moment of her books come across as truly believable regardless of how mind boggling an episode may appear Any event including Native American folklore also seems credible and I was often held spellbound during several of the remarkable incidents There are so many extraordinary characters in the story and I found each of them to be special in their own ways Lily has always been told she is beautiful and men are always attracted to her yet she feels very alone She has now reached a stage in the life where having no real friends causes her much distress and I felt for the woman who only wants to be loved Nash is an absolutely incredible man whose caring nature is shown by his actions time and again He finds himself having to make some extremely difficult choices and I held my breath while waiting for his decisions Though a relationship between Nash and Lily does not seem likely at first the powerful pull they feel is too much to disregard Any sexual encounters are sensual and express just how much they desire each other and I thought each moment they are intimate was so genuine All of Lily’s close relatives are featured in the story and it was great catching up on any new happenings The grandfather of Nash was particularly interesting with all his Native American beliefs Debbie Herbert makes SIREN’S CALL intriguingly memorable Copy received from author for a CataRomance review

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Free read Sirens Call Dark Seas #3 100 Ã [Reading] ➷ Sirens Call Dark Seas #3 By Debbie Herbert – She was irresistible to every manexcept one Lily Borsage is the ultimate siren gorgeous aloof and irresistible to all the men in Bayou La Siryna All of them that is until Nashoba Bowman comes back to She was irresistible to eveHose innocent first kiss Lily remembers fondly is now all grown up hot as an Alabama summer and immune to Lily's charms What self respecting mermaid could resist finding out But Nash has a dark history that puts any woman he loves in grave danger and a Si. This is my favorite in the Dark Seas trilogy The Choctaw legends and details are fascinating Nash has his own uniue abilities that bring a whole new aspect to this paranormal world The sea was a given but now we have an attachment and insight into the animals on land Love I loved seeing Lily who has so much confidence seemingly truly find herself I get so used to reading about people finding their confidence but it's also true that those who have it in spades in so many ways also struggle to come into their own We get to see the intriguing Tia again but I fell for the new character Sam Nash's grandfather He brings most of the Choctaw details to life Thanks for the mermaid adventures and romance Herbert I look forward to seeing what you do next