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FREE DOWNLOAD µ The Avengers Ý ❮EPUB❯ ✻ The Avengers ✶ Author Dan Abnett – Wanda Maximoff the most bewitching Avenger goes it alone in this collection of her solo adventures away from Earth's Mightiest Heroes First the science of cosmic writing team DnA and the magic of the Wanda Maximoff the most bewitcF the West Coast Avengers COLLECTING SCARLET WITCHAVENGERS ORIGINS SCARLET WITCH UICKSILVER MATERIAL FROM MARVEL TEAM UPSOLO AVENGERS MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS MYSTIC ARCANA SCARLET WIT. Story has been fine a bit mediocre; definitely not OMG AMAZING I also really really hate the old style art I was hoping the book would have modern art but it looks like that will only be in the last bit of the book Hoped to read on FCBD this year but wasn't able to convince myself to read it all through on that day

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Wanda Maximoff the most bewitching Avenger goes it alone in this collection of her solo adventures away from Earth's Mightiest Heroes First the science of cosmic writing team DnA and. When Marvel released their money printing machine movies last summer they also published volumes that collected stories about some of the new characters The Ant ManScott Lang title was a decent read but now we have some of the collected stories about Scarlet Witch a new cinematic AvengerThe problem here is that the Scarlet Witch aka Wanda Maximoff has pretty much always been a team player Brotherhood of Evil Mutants the Avengers and the central figure in one of Marvel’s most far reaching crossover events the House of MHer power she’s a mutant whose “hex” abilities can alter probability and reality In her long tenure at Marvel she’s made odd choices in who she’s shacked up with Why is the Vision driving a car when he can fly Did he have to stand in the MVA line in Brooklyn for days or was he smart enough to get his paper work processed in Staten Island where the lines are a lot shorter because no one bothers to go to Staten Island for anythingAnd the uestion also remains whether her kids from the android lovin’ marriage were real there’s her weirdo over protective brother uicksilver don’t get me started on the icky Ultimates’ relationship and of course she has Daddy issuesWho’s your real daddy Wanda The events in Axis revealed it might not be who you thought it wasThere’s some compelling fodder here for a storyline or two but sadly we getPast lives pirate hooker crapMarvel hasn’t been very attentive to Scarlet Witch as a solo hero and it shows in this set of mediocre storylines most from the Marvel Presents anthology series from the ‘90’s The Scarlet Witchuicksilver issue from Avengers Mythos is also contained hereBottom line Here’s a character with a cool ability and an interesting history that is begging for an A list treatment How about it Marvel


The AvengersThe magic of the Scarlet Witch combine in true comic book alchemy Now Wanda must confront very personal demons pitting her uncanny hex powers against horrifically twisted versions o. This is a collection of solo Scarlet Witch stories that range from the 80's 90's and the 00's The one connecting theme that I could identify was that the majority of the stories explicitly discuss her hex magic power I enjoyed reading a variety of stories from different ages of comics Just studying the covers and noticing the change in comics prices was a fun exercise There are a few pin ups and reprints of trading cards in the book My favorite story is the one where Scarlet Witch has to fight the West Coast Avengers I would recommend this to readers who are already fans of the Marvel Universe If you are a newbie looking for information on Scarlet Witch and her backstory start with Wikipedia and then read this collection