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Read ´ The Mesalliance ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Î ➾ [Download] ➾ The Mesalliance By Stella Riley ➳ – Reluctantly the Duke of Rockliffe is in the market for a wife His reuirements are simple; a lady who will occupy her position with well bred grace and chaperone his sister NellN that Rockliffe finds infuriatingly provocative Worse still her relatives are uite deplorable from Cousin Diana a spoiled and ill natured beauty to manipulative and devious Uncle Richard As a prospective bride therefore Adeline is out of the uestion Until that is a bizarre turn of events cause the Duke to change his mind and make what his world will call a mésalliance Once back in London Nell plays fast and loose with the affections of Harry Caversham Rockliffe whilst attempting to woo his elusive bride begins to. These books are uite delightful I read the first one but decided to listen to this one Had a lot of driving on my trip to Ireland so it kept me company The Duke of Rockliffe is 36 years old head of his house and responsible for his young sister Nell He is therefore under some pressure to choose a suitable bride Whilst accompanying Nell to what he speedily comes to regard as the house party from hell he meets Adeline Kendrick acid tongued no than passably good looking yet somehow alluring Rockcliffe came across as a bit foppish at times maybe it's the dress at that time Frills and lace even for the gentlemen and powder in their hair But other times he came across as very masculine indeedAdeline didn't have an easy life Her relatives were horrible especially Diana dear Lord what a cow she was Silly bratLoved meeting the characters from the previous book I really like Jack and Harry The next book sounds intriguing too Better get to audible and use up those credits

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Reluctantly the Duke of Rockliffe is in the market for a wife His reuirements are simple a lady who will occupy her position with well bred grace and chaperone his sister Nell – but who will not bore him to distraction He is acuainted with a number of ladies who could fulfill the first two but none who can achieve the last Then whilst accompanying Nell to what he speedily comes to regard as the house party from hell he meets Adeline Kendrick acid tongued and by no means beautiful yet somehow alluring a combinatio. Review written June 11 2016 4 12 Stars Good old fashioned HR uality performed in the most beautiful delicate way imaginedI so very much enjoyed listening to the first audiobook in this series The Parfit Knight 45 stars Visiting the author Stella Riley's home page I actually won the just released new second audiobook The Mésalliance a second in a series but with a new love couple and easily read as a standalone Gosh you can't but be impressedOnce again did I enjoy a fabulous fantastic narrated historical by Mr Alex Wyndham Mesmerized and completely involved in this drama from the first page A strong fact of strength — A sincerely recommended 10 hours audiobook The Mésalliance is a story set in the 1760’s about the 36 years old Tracy Wynstanton the Duke of Rockliffe A life enjoying man who feels it might soon be the right time or maybe by now a needed necessity to find his future bride and wife Especially when he now has his youngest sister to take daily care of as well During a house party at the countryside he and his younger sister meet Adeline Kendric a clever uick witted cousin in the house now 24 Rockliffe remembers since earlier Back then was Adeline just a lovely barefooted teen girl Our hero was a bit enchanted then and even now In young ladies eager work to catch the perfect well born husband happens many strange things Young ladies tends to sometimes be crazy — uickly and suddenly our Rock hero is a married man with a honestly uite damaged sadly unloved young woman Adeleine is not altogether that easy to understand for us or our hero The marital start for these newlyweds are uite tangled the misunderstandings are on a long ueue and everything gets increasingly complicated than needed — Yes this one has a classic Why not start to communicate talk at once storyline This isn't the usually nicely lighthearted pinkish charming and steamy hot historical romance we so often read Just take a look at this book cover No bare broad breasted sweaty hunk men to discover anywhere Nevertheless both sweet and very romantic The Mésalliance and Stella Riley's writing style is for me delicious delicate This story is filled with nearly broken souls grieving uestioning hearts and all in all is it pretty angsty I felt that intense romantic now or never feeling and loved this grandly dramatically touch The Mésalliance makes me start to think of old fashioned comedy theater but in book form Or even those lovely old classics written nearly hundred Heyer or even over two hundred Austen years ago I love witty dialogues with a lot of double meanings to reflect on Very cleverly written here mostly I enjoy big character casts as here I like oddly wacky often hilarious funny but also endearing lovely charming second characters All of Riley's true gentlemen —future heroes and preferred husbands— are also so perfect interesting Yum Steam and smex There is an intense steamy feeling but you are mostly tempted teased and you must be very patient I love to wait only I can be sure to get that smashing sweet kiss and there in the end Big applause to the breathtaking end I was smashed Audiobook edition and the narratorAbsloutely the highest A 5 class so very fantastic good Not a tiniest complain from me Breathtakingly touching in parts grandly romantic Back on my feet been smashed and already longing for next experience with the FABULOUS Riley Wyndham combo Give me please I LIKE tremendously much# A buddyread listening with Sofia I know I wasn't the funniest BR friend this time I just couldn't stop and didn't take my time to book talk much Sorry hon # 20th March My lucky day THANKS Stella Riley The new 10 hours audiobook narrated by excellent Alex Wyndham was mine view spoiler Many thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway The 5 winners are Ingela Happydancing Day hide spoiler

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The MesallianceScent a mystery and Adeline finds herself confronting a family skeleton which emerges without warning from the closet Intent on averting a scandal and unwilling to burden her husband with the secret complications and misunderstandings inevitably ensue But his Grace of Rockliffe is neither a fool nor a man to be easily defeated and his stylish Duchess no milk and water maid How all their difficulties are resolved and the mésalliance proved to be no such thing is told in this lively sister novel to The Parfit Knigh. This is the second book in Stella Riley ‘s Georgian Rockliffe series and the hero the Duke of Rockliffe Rock played a significant secondary role in The Parfit Knight He was such a fascinating character that I was intrigued to meet the woman who would capture his heartHandsome elegant sophisticated and assured with a wry sense of humour Rock is a hero to set any woman’s heart aflutter He is aware of his duty to marry and provide an heir but has postponed the inevitable hoping to find genuine love Having reached the age of 36 he realises the truth of the situation if in all this time you had not found what you sought it was probably because it did not existSince being orphaned Adeline now 24 years old has lived a life of drudgery with her uncle and aunt Sir Roland and Lady Franklin Treated with indifference and resentment by her aunt despised by her beautiful cousin Diana and mistreated by her aunt’s brother Richard Horton Adeline built a defensive wall around herself Gradually she discovered ways of fighting back she had swiftly progressed to the discovery that it was also possible to fight back in small ways –if one was subtle And the result was a now flawless techniue for combining apparent docility with an under current of clever hard to combat acidityRock and Adeline first met briefly eight years earlier and I like how the Prologue offers a glimpse of their younger selves Rock was still unburdened by the responsibilities of being a duke and Adeline was a wild sensitive 16 year old It is obvious that the meeting left an impression on each of them When they meet again at the Franklin’s ball Rock now sees a cold eyed woman with a barbed tongue but is still drawn to her like a moth to a flame She has a rare uality he can only describe as allure Of course although Adeline is everything Rock is looking for in a prospective bride – attractive intelligent desirable and won’t bore him to distraction – she is totally unsuitable both in social standing and family connections However when Adeline’s cousin Diana’s scheme to compromise Rock into marriage is thwarted there are unforeseen conseuences as Rock and Adeline are caught in a compromising situation and Rock proposes marriage something he doesn’t appear too upset about My difficulty has been that among all the young ladies of birth breeding and beauty I cannot find one who wouldn’t bore me to death in a week – and that as you know is the one thing I can’t tolerate You on the other hand don’t bore me at all; over if you will pardon the indelicacy I find myself experiencing an increasing desire to take you to bed’ Adeline welcomes the marriage of convenience as a way of escaping her dreadful relativesI love the scene where Rock shows his protectiveness when he makes veiled threats to Lady Franklin about treating Adeline with the respect due to her as a duchess Desperate to win his wife’s love he is even willing to do something he has never done before – woo a woman He also shows patience and consideration by allowing Adeline time to adjust to her new circumstances before consummating the marriage However I could sense his frustration as time goes onIt was heart breaking to see the marriage slowly deteriorate beneath the weight of Adeline’s secrets and her unwillingness to trust and confide in Rock While I understood Adeline’s fear of losing Rock and her desire to protect him and his family from scandal it was frustrating watching two people who obviously love each other descend into “ a chilly state of impersonal courtesy” The scenes between Rock and Adeline are so powerfully written and Ms Riley captures all the raw emotions of anger fear hurt and frustrationThe scene at the ueensbury Ball where everything finally comes to a head is a real tour de force and seeing the unflappable Rock finally lose control was definitely a highlight for meMs Riley always gathers a colourful cast of secondary characters who are all essential to the story Rock’s friends Amberley Harry Caversham and Jack Ingram are only too ready to provide unwanted advice and some much needed humour; the Franklin family could be described as the family from hell particularly the malicious scheming Diana and sly sadistic Richard HortonI enjoyed the secondary romances between Harry Caversham and Rock’s sister Nell and Jack Ingram and Althea Franklin the only likeable member of the family They played out in the background and never overshadowed the main romanceEvery time I listen to Alex Wyndham narrating a book I close my eyes and it’s as if I’m listening to a radio play performed by several performers rather than just one Each character has a distinctive and easily identifiable voice and Alex slips between the different characters so effortlessly that I am never in doubt as to who is speaking It must be hard for a male narrator to voice female characters realistically but Alex succeeds brilliantlyMY VERDICT An intelligently and well written story with unforgettable characters and a deeply emotional romance brought vividly to life by Alex Wyndham’s superb narration A must readlisten toREVIEW RATING STELLAR 5 STARS Rockliffe series click on the book covers for details I received a free download of this audiobook from the author in return for an honest review This review is also posted on my Rakes and Rascals Blog