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The Nanny's Homecoming Free download Û 104 ☆ ❮Download❯ ➿ The Nanny's Homecoming ➺ Author Linda Goodnight – After her fiancé calls off their wedding Brooke Clayton has nowhere to go but home If she can survive in the tiny Colorado town for a year she'll fulfill the odd terms of her estranE odd terms of her estranged grandfather's will Turns out the wealthy businessman next door handsome single father Gabe Wesson needs a nanny for his sweet tod. Loved the book It was a page turner Brooke's fiance calls of the wedding so she heads home to fulfill the will that her grandfather had stipulated Gabe her neighbor reuires a nanny but because of the loss of a younger sister Brooke is afraid to take care of his son Hmm sounds interesting doesn't it Well you need to read it It really keeps you wanting to turn the page to see what's going to happen next J

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After her fiancé calls off their wedding Brooke Clayton has nowhere to go but home If she can survive in the tiny Colorado town for a year she'll fulfill th. This book is part of a miniseries called Rocky Mountain Heirs and it involves a group of five or six cousins who are bound by a will to live in the small mining town of Clayton Colorado for one year’s time in order to receive 250000 and 500 acres of Colorado land It’s a strange plot device but it works as we see the different cousins in each book react to their situation Brooke Clayton 23 the heroine of this book is back from college in Denver and looking for work following a failed engagement She finds widower Gabe Wesson 33 who is the owner of a silver mine and who needs a nanny for his 4 year old son The author deals with the couple’s 10 year age difference nicely with Gabe having a lot of doubts about dating Brooke and Brooke having to defend herself from her white trash Clayton cousins who accuse her of sleeping with her boss The Clayton family is basically the Colorado euivalent of the Hatfields and the McCoys and generally it’s one side of the family that causes all the trouble because if all the cousins don’t come back and stay for one year the fortune goes to the other side of the family I’ve really enjoyed reading about this group of relatives This is the first book in the series; the second The Sheriff’s Runaway Bride takes a look at Kylie Jones who is a minor character in this book There are a lot of twists and turns in the story and the reader sees the characters grow and heal Recommended for romantic suspense fans

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The Nanny's HomecomingDler and Brooke needs a job But Gabe sees Brooke as a reminder of the young wife he lost Given their pasts do they dare hope to fit together as a familyforeve. The Nanny’s Homecoming is the first book in the Rocky Mountain Heirs Miniseries The story starts out when the grandchildren of Grandpa Clayton come to his funeral The town is named Clayton after the family It’s a small run down town which Grandpa Clayton has plans for even after his death After the funeral the grandkids come together for the reading of Grandpa’s will Grandpa Clayton decides to leave each of them a large inheritance The only catch is all of them must come back to Clayton and live there for one year If even one of them does not do this they all lose their inheritance and the money goes to the other side of the Clayton family which the family has been in a feud with for a long time This story focuses on Brooke a grandchild who came back to live in Clayton after the funeral and breaking up with her fiancé Gabe comes to Clayton to reopen the Lucky Lady mine He brings with him his small son AJ Since Clayton is so small there are no daycare centers so he is looking for a nanny Gabe meets his new neighbor Brooke Clayton and even though he thinks she is not very reliable and scatterbrained he seems to connect with her and ask her to be his nanny Brooke has decided she wants no children and finds every excuse not to take the job even though she needs the job is great with kids and seems to make AJ happy She ends up feeling a connection to Gabe just like he did for her and decides to take the job Brooke believes she is responsible for her younger sister’s death after Brooke was suppose to be watching her and that has made her want nothing to do with being in charge of kids and she tries to get over that by taking the job But when someone starts stalking Brooke to try to get her to leave Clayton and bad things start happing at the mine AJ is placed in danger and Brooke regrets taking the job Will she ever get over the loss and guilt from her sister’s death Will the feelings Brooke and Gabe feel for each other ever amount to anything You have to read The Nanny’s Homecoming to find outI really enjoyed the story I enjoyed seeing how much Brooke grows through the story to get over her guilty feelings associated with her sister’s death and I loved the characters I can’t wait to meet some of the other grandchildren and what happens to them in Clayton I loved how the author gives us clues in this book for the next book in the miniseries and that makes me want to read the next book as soon as it comes outDISCLOSURE I was provided a free digital version of this book from Harleuin in partnership with NetGalley to review it I was not reuired to write a positive review and the opinions I have expressed are my own