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Free read Á The Tied Man (The Tied Man, #1) Å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free á ➮ [Read] ➪ The Tied Man (The Tied Man, #1) By Tabitha McGowan ➺ – Older cover edition of ASIN B00AXDNVHSLilith Bresson an independent successful young artiOlder cover edition of ASIN BAXDNVHSLilith Bresson an independent successful young artist is forced to travel from her home in Spain to the wild borderlands of northern England to repay her feckless father’s latest debt by painting a portrait of the enigmatic Lady Blaine AlbermarleOn her first The Tied PDF night at Albermarle Hall she meets Finn Strac. A Tale Of Unspeakable DepravityFor years Finn has been the unwilling entertainment for 100s of cruel and twisted clients Coerced into selling himself by a wealthy Englishwoman he must submit to the perverse whims of a steady stream of strangers or else risk the safety of his two younger sisters However sadistic the customers may be Finn has yet to encounter one that was crueler than his bossowner Blaine She gets off on hurting him both physically and emotionally While she uses threats and blackmail to maintain power she has a special interest in Finn and is constantly dreaming up ways to toy with him His life is a living hellLilith first arrives at the mysterious island retreat after being coerced by her father who failed to pay his tab Apparently Blaine wants a portrait by Lilith a famous painter and demands this as payment for her father's debtSoon Lilith finds herself trapped on the island It doesn't take her long to figure out that she is a pawn in Blaine's sick games Unable to stop Blaine's appalling abuse of Finn she finds herself growing fonder of him and walking a dangerous line This story was heart breaking shocking and deeply emotional My heart went out to Finn and to a lesser extent Lilith Blaine's cruelty knew no bounds She was cunning beautifuland a total sociopath The fear was almost palpableI would recommend this story to anyone that enjoys a dark romance It was a little slow moving at first but once the story got going I couldn't put it down The ending seemed a bit rushed and I really wanted of Finn and Lilith post Blaire If it weren't for the rushed ending it probably would've been a 5 star read for me

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Eb that her patron has spun yet against the odds she forges a strong friendship with the damaged dysfunctional Finn In a dark modern twist to an age old story Lilith Bresson proves that sometimes it’s the princess who needs to become the rescuerPlease note that this storyline contains depictions of drug abuse violence and non consensual sexual activit. 45 SOLID STARS The summer I met Lilith Bresson I had begun to die Not physically you understand I had never been that lucky But each day a little of my soul disappeared and Blaine sensed it Wow this was a bit of a rollercoaster ride But I made it Thanks Shannon for recommending this one to me It was dark but I think I had a fair idea that it was going to be before reading it so maybe it was not as shocking as others who read it without any hint of the storyline etcFirst off let me just say as they might say in Ireland Finn weren't you the rightto land yourself in a load of shite like that How shite was my childhood a True Story by yet another Irish White Trash Bastard Yeah Finn's childhood was not good so maybe he thought he was going to live the life of Reilly when he met up with Lady Albermarle Boy was he wrongAlbermarle Hall Yes this peaceful kind world is set in the rolling hills of Northumberland NOT peaceful and kind I mean FINN STRACHAN The very first time I met him Finn Strachan stole my breath LILITH BRESSON Lilith is a famous artist who is brought to the Hall to paint the Lady of the Manor's portrait Just out of interest what did you make of my FinnProbably the most beautiful man I've ever seen I usually reserve the C word for those totally unworthy to live in this world the scum of the earth the lowlifes who have no redeeming features Was there someone like that in this book Sure there was Lady Blaine Albermarle one word Cunt actually two words Fucking Cunt She was a prize bitch She had taken Finn from the streets of Dublin and was keeping him against his will And her friends were just as bad “Lady Albermarle to you isn’t it you Paddy piece of shit” What a dick he was I first visited London about 25 years ago and definitely felt a bit of an anti Irish vibe there in some places pubs not everywhere mind you I felt so self conscious with my Irish accent Did actually get referred to as a Paddy by one nice chap At least at that stage there were no signs for job advertisements saying NO IRISH NEED APPLY Thank God that day is gone Back then the Troubles in Northern Ireland were still potent but again that has changed for the better Some of my best friends are British you know who you are you Slappers “It was easy to forget that other people lived in a world where rules and laws and common sense could keep you safe A world where if you did the right thing you were allowed to get on with your life in whichever way you chose” I trust Coyle gave you a warm welcomeHe was very professionalHe normally receives better reports than that especially from our female guests Was there a problemNo no problem It's just well he knows it doesn't he That whole 'Celtic Charm' thing's a well polished act but reminded me of one of those theme pubs on the Dublin tourist trail Shelves full of pitchforks and wheelbarrows and not a native in sight He HAD to be Irish hadn't he Seriously what a Prick he was He was not just mean he was bad to the core dickheadHenry wanted to throttle you at one stage too What did you call meAh A chuisle Gaelic 'My darling' I prefer the proper translation mind youWhich isHe gave a bashful smile My pulse Well you learn something new every day I studied IrishGaelic for 13 years it is compulsory in Ireland still not bloody fluent in it Often heard the expression chuisle never knew that it translated as pulseThe stuff that Finn had to endure was awful He was drugged up half the time so that he could endure the suffering But when those two arrived seriously they were the fucking icing on the cake Horrible “In a fortnight Lilith had figured out about me than anyone had ever cared to know and I could only hope that she would hold it gently” The last part of the book was a real rollercoaster would they could theyI could feel my blood pressure rising wanting it all to end well But there were still a few surprises in storeThis is a debut novel by this author Was a bit wary as I read that she is English and wasn't sure if she would portray the Irish character as realistic I have been burned before reading about Ireland and Irish characters where we are made out to be living in the back arse of nowhere with accents like Tom Cruise in Far and Away But I cannot mention any authors as we all have to be nice and friendly here on Goodreads No author bashing allowed But I needn't have worried Finn was great the real deal had the Irish expressions down to a tee feckin' thought I was the dog's bollocks away with the fairies Jesus you look knackered No it was shite Shut your filthy fuckin' hole I am not sure how much of a reputation the Irish have of using bad language We do use it a lot It is not nice I have lived outside Ireland for than 24 years and I remember being on holiday there some years back and the oldest said to me Why does everyone use the F word Because I grew up with it I suppose I was tuned out and did not really notice but when I did tune back in it was all over the place in the pub walking down the street at the football and hurling matches I suppose the only place you will not hear it is at Mass I still use bad language I really should try not to but I just cannot help myself “Even at this ridiculous hour and clad in a faded blue t shirt and ancient pyjama pants he looked like something Michelangelo might reject for being too beautiful” And she got the accents right on the names and words SinēadSláinteI have a son called Seán and every time I see his name written by a teacher or whoever without the sīne fada it drives me demented Being Irish I think I am entitled to nit pick a little bitI did want an Epilogue the ending was way too abrupt for me But I guess it paves the way for a future story for Finn Strachen and Lilith Bresson “I can’t do this alone Finn I need you beside me”“Nobody had ever said that to me”

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The Tied Man The Tied Man #1Han Blaine’s ‘companion’ a cultured and hauntingly beautiful young man who seems to have it all But Lilith has an artist’s eye and a gift for seeing what lies beneath the skin She soon discovers that Blaine is gaoler than lover and if the price is right depravity has no limitsAs the weeks pass Lilith finds that she too is drawn into the malign w. 4 stars It took me awhile to decide what to rate this and although it will be one that will stay with me just one of those you don’t forget I couldn’t rate it any higher because I do think it was a bit too much at times and it emotionally exhausted me I flinched felt nauseated and disturbed beyond what I can explain with words Is there a uestion of whether this was good or bad No cause it was definitely very good Both writing and story It’s along the lines of how much dark is too much dark I’m not a voracious reader of darktwisted romance I like them but I need a balance of dark and normal Along with that there are certain things I cannot tolerate But the most important thing for me when I pick a dark read is that the main romantic relationship to be a healthy one I can’t tolerate when the MC’s are abusive to each other emotionally or in any other form Basically the dark part of the book needs to be an external thing to the relationship Now this book meets my criteria but damn I felt nauseous disgusted heartbroken angry and I can go on and on It was one of the hardest books I’ve read that’s not saying much since as I’ve mentioned I don’t read a lot of dark romance but when I do I’m used to reading dark books which are less explicit or in which the traumaabuse is perhaps depicted but not in present time and we are not going through it at the same time with the characters And if that is a scenario which does happen it’s not prolonged the way it was in this The relationship between the leads tho God that was beautiful And the way everything unfolded the writing itself as well as the character development it was all done very well To be honest I kinda knew what this was about and how it was gonna unfold because I read some reviews beforehand Now what those reviews didn’t really explain ok maybe they did but I didn’t take it very seriously was how hard this was going to be to read For anyone who might wanna pick this up Read the reviews and get all the spoilers non plot related to decide if it’s for you