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read Hope A Memoir of Survival in Cleveland kindle ´ Audio CD ☆ [Download] ➶ Hope A Memoir of Survival in Cleveland ✤ Amanda Berry – Two victims of the infamous Cleveland kidnapper share the story of their abductions their decade in captivity and their final dramatic rescueOn MaRy Jordan and Kevin Sullivan interweave the events within Castro’s house with the ongoing efforts to find the missing girlsThe full story behind the headlines including shocking information never previously released Hope is a harrowing yet inspiring chronicle of three women whose courage ingenuity and resourcefulness ultimately delivered them back to their lives and familiesRead by Jorjeana Marie Marisol Ramirez and Arthur Mor This was an intense read but it was always going to be This is one of those cases that has stuck with me As news of the Cleveland Three broke I was in the midst of a career change I was applying to a program that would get me my degree in Crime Analysis and I wanted this because I wanted so badly to work on missing persons cases This case steeled me and gave me drive even in the midst of a horrible bout of depression at the time of my career change Someday I hope to use my analytic skills on some of the cold cases mentioned in the epilogue Lots a lot of personal blathering I know It's hard for me to be dispassionate about this I'm around the same age as these women I have watched the tv shows they mentioned was listening to the music they liked before and during captivity and reacted to the news events they say they watched on tv The decade between your teens and later twenties is a crazy busy time and a lot of the time it sucks for most people I know But you can't overestimate the importance of choice and free will Both in terms of major life events and in small details Getting to cook what you want Listening to music or not listening to music Choosing when to go to the store Choosing to go outside at all There are very few people who deserve to have choice taken from them And even in prison Castro had choice than his captives Amanda Berry had to forage for writing surfaces even from fast food cartons and paper towels Meanwhile Castro had paper on demand to write an endless series of complaints The power of this book is often in the little details It's claustrophobic and repetitive but that's a strength That's what these women had to live with for ten years and so you can live with it being relayed to you over the course of a few hours Especially when it's written as well as this book is No frills but lots of no nonsense lines that strike a chord and often make me want to sob I see so many people judge victims saying things like well I would do it this way why didn't she scream why did she laugh with him once or twice why why why?? Well this book throws you right into it It shows you horrible violence and petty degradations You live through how the years can erode your ability to fight It also shows how victims can and will fight back always even if its in ways like making sure your daughter has a kindergarten experience It shows how Amanda and Gina didn't have the same reactions to everything because there's no right or wrong way to be a victim or survivor It shows how the victims often antagonized each other and fought amongst themselves and it portrays this in a stark non judgmental way Because they're human and humans do fight even in the best of circumstances But they also found the strength to at least try to reach out to each other even though this kind of horrifying situation that can erode sympathy That takes so so much strength I also appreciated the passages about what was going on in the outside world If Castro is one of the most evil humans I've ever heard about at least this book shows the tireless efforts of the families the friends who stood by them year in and year out They represent some of the best of humanity And of course now these women are in the outside world too I wish them nothing but the best

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Two victims of the infamous Cleveland kidnapper share the story of their abductions their decade in captivity and their final dramatic rescueOn May 6 2013 Amanda Berry made headlines around the world when she fled a Cleveland area home and called 911 saying “Help me I’m Amanda Berry I’ve been kidnapped and I’ve been missing for ten years”A horrifying story rapidly unfolded Ariel Castro a local school bus driver had sepa AmazingAs a sexual assault survivor I often sit and wonder why? It's hard to get up and just live sometimes These women are a inspiration to all survivors Thanks to them all the old backlogged DNA cases are finally getting tested After almost 15 years I have received closure for my own case I want to thank these courageous women for sharing their journey

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Hope A Memoir of Survival in ClevelandRately lured Berry Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight to his home where he kept them chained in the basement In the decade that followed the three were raped psychologically abused and threatened with death Berry bore a child Jocelyn by their captorDrawing upon their recollections and the diaries they kept Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus describe a tale of unimaginable torment and Pulitzer Prize–winning Washington Post reporters Ma This book was the account of the horrible kidnappings from the two well known victims; Amanda Berry and Gina DejesusThis book truly touched me as I'm sure it has touched everyone whose ever read it However I definitely identify with Michelle Knight's book and not just because I read her book first but because her story was much much tragic And though Michelle and Gina were chained together for years and years Michelle was in this book as like another inanimate detail It made her story that much harder And then Amanda and Gina have done so much together and are very very close friends which drives the wedge in deeper because they didn't like each other in the house But if they can become BFF'S outside the house why can't the three of them band together in friendship? The OBVIOUS dismissal of Michelle Knight by Amanda and Gina is a definite black mark in their story for me I don't know if they completely ignored her or whatever to respect the book she had put out on her own but none of their stories match up Why is it that Michelle remembers Castro abusing her most and in front of them while they don't recall that? When Michelle had her last miscarriage and when Castro made her sick off of mustard and Gina helped her through it Gina never talks about that Gina said she became a cutter and then a rubber band snapper but Michelle never talked about that in her book There were many other examples of things that Gina talked about or Michelle talked about that they BOTH should have went through together They were chained together for a LONG time why do they not mention the things they went through together while chained? They didn't even recall the van situation the same way as Michelle did Outside of some tiny dialogue inconsistencies the only thing all three of them seem to recall accurately is their rescue Doesn't the wedge between the three of them means ultimately Castro finally won their obedience?I'm also extremely upset with the cold and unfeeling 911 operator who answered the phone when Amanda got free; Ariel ' s COMPLETELY UNOBSERVANT neighbors; and the FBI who couldn't see the OBVIOUS connections between Ariel Castro and Amanda Berry and Gina Dejesus I'm not saying it's not a good book or a book that truly touches you in ways you can't imagine And I'm not saying Amanda or Gina are bad or unfeeling I'm SOOOO sad about what they went through in that house and I'm SOOOO glad their now safe and sound and free and happy and with their families But the complete dismissal of Michelle Knight in this book and in their lives now is completely disheartening I wish they all could be friends As Michelle had no family or friends to come home to I believe Michelle needs them