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A bad boy wrapped in a sexy muscled grown up package might be worth a little risk Molly Webster has always followed the rules After an ugly scandal tore apart her childhood and made her the focus of the media’s harsh spotlight she vowed to live an ordinary life No fame No impropriety No pain Th. 4 Rock n' Roll Stars–with a HELPFUL WARNING I'll start off this review with a HELPFUL WARNING for those of you who are familiar with Nalini Singh's work This book is very different from this author's Paranormal and Urban Fantasy books Very different She's writing in a completely different genre and it needs to be read as such Also the characters are of Contemporary Romance age; however the book reads and feels like a New Adult novel I cannot stress that enough If you are not a fan of the New Adult genre or copious amounts of sex for that matter you might want to take that into consideration before reading this book Those of you who read my reviews know that I'm a HUGE Nalini Singh fan I pretty much love anything she writes So when I heard she was writing a ROCK STAR ROMANCE which I LOVE to read I was beyond excited and also curious to see how she would tackle a genre she normally doesn't write For the most part I think she did a good job Rock Addiction is your uintessential rock star romance full of sex drugs not the hero and rock n' roll It features an insta lustlove connection a great cast of characters and an intriguing plot–when it wasn't being taken over by the sex It also has a New Adult feel where the heroine is a virgin the hero a manwhore and the drama takes center stage I don't mind this as long as the writing is good and not overly dramatic What this book lacks–THANK GOODNESS–is the over the top drama that is so common in the New Adult genre In fact the drama in this story made sense to me I never once had an issue with it I'll admit I struggled with the beginning of this book but once the plot moved past the hook up sex tacky one liners and warp speed insta lustlove I was able to feel the connection between the hero and heroine Fox and Molly It was refreshing to read a rock star couple who actually communicated They openly talked about their concerns their fears and their insecurities Boy did I love that aspect of the story Fox is a sexy rock star with an overabundance of arrogance charisma and sex appeal He's not your clichéd rock star that's for sure He knows what he wants doesn't play games communicates and is one of the most determined and dedicated heroes I've read to date I felt Singh portrayed the complexities of his rock star persona brilliantly I know many felt Molly was an annoying heroine but I uite liked her I understood her reluctance and insecurities regarding Fox's rock star lifestyle I can't imagine nor would I want to deal with the constant media intrusion and rumors not to mention the groupies My only problem with Molly and Fox for that matter was the beginning and how uickly they jumped into bed together I didn't admire how easily she gave up her virginity very clichéd for a one night stand with a Rock God Frankly she came across as the typical groupie willing to sell her soul for one night with a rock star and he came across as a self indulgent rock star only interested in getting his rocks off Call me old fashioned but I don't find anything sexy or romantic about one night stand sex That said I enjoyed the rest of the book especially the second half which focused on the problems and challenges inherent in the decadence surrounding the rock star lifestyle I really admired Fox and Molly's willingness each in their own way to do whatever it took to make sure their relationship worked This was difficult for Molly in the beginning considering her past but it didn't take long for her to show strength of character as the storyline progressed and she overcame her fears and insecurities Fox was just all kinds of awesome right from the start His devotion and dedication to making their relationship work as well as helping Molly navigate the land mines resulting from his fame was what I loved the most about this story I also like the overall theme you don't have

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Rock AddictionEn she meets Zachary Fox a tattooed bad boy rocker with a voice like whiskey and sin and a touch that could become an addiction A one night stand with the hottest rock star on the planet that’s all it was meant to be Fox promises scorching heat and dangerous pleasure coaxing Molly to extend thei. Dear new adult authorsEver heard that less is New adult romances aren't really my thing But when it has Nalini Singh's name attached to it what’s a girl to do; I had to read it I had expected a much higher standard though from this author than the usual run of the mill new adult romancesFromthefirstline Her smile smashed into him with stunning force He just saw herhasn't met her yetand he's gone all wobbly at the knees What a manDNF at 75%Nope This contains all the clichés and standard tropes and formula of any other new adult romanceThe florid prose the insta lust the emo thoughts of the hero the sex five minutes after meeting the heroine who 'never does that sort of thing' but then goes ahead and 'does that sort of thing' the view spoilertwenty something virgin hide spoiler

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Rock Addiction Free read ¸ 0 Ì [Epub] ➤ Rock Addiction ➥ Nalini Singh – A bad boy wrapped in a sexy muscled grown up package might be worth a little risk Molly Webster has always followed the rules After an ugly scandal tore apart her childhood and made her the focus of t A bad boy wrapped in a sexy muscled grown upR one night stand into a one month fling After that he’ll be gone forever his life never again intersecting with her own Sex and sin and sensual indulgence all with an expiration date No ties no regrets Too late Molly realizes it isn’t only her body that’s become addicted to Fox but her hear. DNF at 40% This was bad y'all Why oh why do authors think that just because something is new adult that they can't use any originality or brains Is it something about the words new adult because I can assure you that there is no power there New adult readers deserve something better than thisI honestly couldn't keep going reading this cheesy insta love dialogue hearing about organismic librarian virgins and a damaged rock star experienced man Why recycle this plot that I've read time and time againThe heroine was boring and annoying the sex was too freuent and awkward and there was so much unnecessary drama No buenoCopy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review