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Haven of Dante The Staff of Moshe Free download Õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ½ [BOOKS] ✯ Haven of Dante The Staff of Moshe Author Leonardo Ramirez – Insolpro.co.uk Librarian's Note an alternate cover for this ISBN can be found hereHaven Irena Dante seventeen struggles with a dysfunctiThing stopping The Aristocracy from world domination is the Dante family lineAnd now its Haven's turn to carry that torch Combining literary fiction with fantasy this action packed young adult adventure races through dimensions of of Dante The Staff of eBook #9734 paranormal science fiction and the supernatural of the afterlif. Tag along with Haven on an escapade of a life time The Dante dynasty is preventing The Aristocracy from taking control of the world The Aristocracy is functioning as a covert social order and has encroached on the world at all ends 17 year old Haven is just a teenager trying to cope with her messed up family She soon finds out that her mom has been hiding obscure secrets about their family history Battling the 9 circles of hell like in the classic writings “Dante’s Inferno” the Dante family is successors of a time gone by ancient heritage and extending back to the infamous Dante Alighieri himself This exciting fiction deals with spiritual folklore as well as a blend of fundamental fantasy and sci fi Leonardo Ramirez has whirled an alluring story of suspense action and adventure Entertaining and uick stridden ‘Haven of Dante’ will have you all consumed until the end

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Librarian's Note an alternate cover for this Dante The PDFEPUB #233 ISBN can be found hereHaven Irena Dante seventeen struggles with a dysfunctional family Her workaholic father is never there but his absence is filled by a loving mother harboring the secret and mysterious past of their Haven of PDFEPUBfamily The Dantes are in. “Haven of Dante The Staff of Moshe” by Leonardo Ramirez is a magical and heroic contemporary fantasy tale about the battle between good and evil on earthThe prologue introduces the realms of hell and its portals to the upper world in a short piece set in the early 14th century Ramirez uses a fantastic blend of classic images and myths about hell by calling it Hades and giving it Satyrs but also adding the rod of Moses see title and a purgatory realm In the midst of it all is Dante Aligheri the founding father of the Dante family who successfully fights evil and whose descendants will do so as well A great set up for the classic fantasy side to the story told in an authoritative and strong voice that echoes the looming dangers and demonic darkness that will run as continuous threat throughout the book Moving to contemporary times we meet the hero of our story Haven of Dante a young woman whose father Robert is the founder of Dante Technologies The company has just developed a sensational new invention that some fear may be mis used if falling into the wrong hands The Chinese are interested to invest but can they be trusted Can Harry second in command be trusted eitherHaven is a wonderful hero written with just the right blend of vulnerability and strength to make her extremely likeable but also believable as the heroine of this tale The story has several sub plots such as Haven’s friend Sol who has an abusive father and comes to stay with the family The enemies of the family are the Aristocracy a demonic society who have infiltrated earth and who use weak humans as vessels to destroy humanity When Robert disappears it falls to Haven to take on the family tradition to defend earthThis book is just the beginning of Haven’s journey; there is a promise for a seuel towards the end The book is well edited timely paced and full of suspense and action With a heroine like Haven this well written adventure story seems aimed at young adults but the multiple fantasy elements should make this book appealing to a much wider audience

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Haven of Dante The Staff of MosheHeritors of a centuries old legacy stretching back to Dante Alighieri himself They fight to contain the nine circles of hell described in the classic literature Dante's InfernoToday the nine circles have infiltrated the world at every level operating as of Dante The Epub #224 a secret society known as The Aristocracy The only. While a young just graduating from high school girl loses her parents she learns that her family is part of a long line of protectors for the world against the Aristocracy or hell’s leadersFull Review On YouTube Here through her own trials she then comes back to set things rightShe has to come to terms with her new life it’s destiny and all that it has in store for her