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Free read ✓ Inner Demon The Asylum Tales #33 Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ ➹ [Reading] ➻ Inner Demon The Asylum Tales #33 By Jocelynn Drake ➮ – Gage is a powerful warlock in Low Town where elves faeries trolls goblins and vampires walk free among humanity ButMurdering families and children and Gage needs to stop them before anybody else gets hurtWhen Gage discovers a demon locked away it Demon The Asylum PDF #9734 offers him access to dark ma. Favorite uote “I’d make this world safe for my love Or I’d make it burn”Fans of Drake’s Asylum Tales will rejoice in the fact Drake revisits Low Town and our favorite warlock slash tattoo artist Gage Powell Book two Dead Man’s Deal left readers with a few uestions as to our hero’s future Lucky for us this three part collection of novellas tells us what happened after book two and what’s in store for Gage nowI have decided to review all three parts at one time in order to facilitate a clearer understanding of the storyline and it’s ultimate goalReluctant heroes are my kryptonite and Drake than delivers with Gage Powell The sole proprietor of the Asylum Tattoo Parlor and magical tattoo artist Gage is forced to live under very strict conditions A former apprentice warlock who didn’t agree with the cruelty of the warlockwitch community he escaped that world only to find himself under a death sentence His life is contingent upon his promise to never use his magic in any shape or form except for self defense As Gage struggles to remain under their radar his altruistic nature often places him on the path of no return He has a strong moral compass He will fight to his last breath to keep his friends and the world safe from injustice though his attempts to help often land him in trouble than he can handleAt the end of Dead Man’s Deal Gage is blackmailed back into the very situation he spent years hiding from as a guardian for the Tower in order to save Low Town his friends and his brother’s life Demon’s Fury part one picks up where Dead Man’s Deal left off Gage and his former nemesis Gideon now work together and are charged with investigating a brutal murder steeped in magic Gage is also contacted by a TAPPS agent to help investigate a separate series of murders that are sweeping the cityGage is at his lowest point He struggles to reconcile himself to being a pawn for the Tower again and decides to use his position to forewarn and forearm the residents of Low Town He has resigned himself to being their shield should the Tower ever choose to come for them He is also unsure of how his girlfriend Trixie will react when she discovers he is back with the Tower Warlocks are forbidden to be in relationships and being with him is now even dangerous than everDark and gritty Drake continues to build and expand her world of supernaturals who all live together; though not necessarily in harmony Fast pacing keeps the storys moving at a brisk pace Impacting action and mystery will keep you guessing as Drake introduces us to a new plot that is extremely darker than what we have seen before Violent and unforgiving our hero is poised to travel a path of pain sorrow and possible death Dry humor continues to offset the foreshadowed bleakness Old and new characters are brought into play continuing to reiterate that Gage will always do what he feels is the right regardless of the sometimes horrific conseuencesDemon’s Vow part two eases the reader back into the story with nary a blip Drake continues to ramp up the action and suspense as the bodies continue to pile up The supernatural community is on edge and conducting their own investigations though no one is forthcoming with Gage Gage is horrified to discover that the two murder investigations may be linked He and Gideon race to stop the killers before anyone else gets hurt including his TrixieThe tension is incredible in this installment Drake gives clues sparingly choosing to focus on Gage and the conseuences of his previous actions His going back to work for the Towers was unavoidable but Trixie doesn’t see it that way and her actions leave me wishing that for once she would be there for Gage as he always is for her A new character TAPPS agent Serah Moynahan has become a major player in a short span of time More light is shed on Gideon and the reasons for his actions in the past concerning Gage He is both jailer and mentor to Gage which is a difficult position for both of them Gideon knows what Gage is capable of should he choose to continue his studies and this scares him; which it should By the end of Demon’s Vow readers are even less sure if Gage is capable of getting what he so richly deserves his own happily ever afterIn Inner Demon part three Gage pushes himself to the very edge and makes some choices that will change him though everyone is unsure exactly how fortuitous these changes will be While searching for a way to stop the killers who are cutting a bloody path through Low Town Gage finds himself influenced by a demon whose own goals could give Gage what he’s always wanted the destruction of the Towers Hell is about to rain on earth and Gage is right in the middle of itThis installment left me at odds On one hand Drake wraps up the mystery in an action packed nail biting finale that explains everything perfectly I found the killers motivations plausible On the other hand while the ending resolves the main conflict we are left with no answers towards Gage In fact Drake opens up a whole new storyline gives some tantalizing clues then walks away Character wise Drake continued to develop and humanize them all to an extent often with some bittersweet resultsTrixie and Gideon left me disappointed For all the sacrifices Gage has made for them I was dismayed to find they were not as willing for him Especially Trixie He was willing to give his life for hers and that if nothing else that should have proven his love and loyalty to her Bronx is Bronx and his loyalty to Gage was as always commendable Serah proved the biggest surprise and there is a small part of me that hopes to see her again and that she and Gage can find some common ground both professionally and romantically I do hope Drake continues this series or at least writes an epilogue as too much is left up unansweredRegardless of my misgivings The Asylum Tales series as a whole is an engaging noir urban fantasy that brings to life a reluctant and imperfect hero whose need to do the right thing often leads to heartbreaking resultsRATING B

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Gage is a powerful warlock in Low Town The Asylum PDF #10003 where elves faeries trolls goblins and vampires walk free among humanity But there are two Inner Demon PDF dangerous entities. I loved this book as much as the others in this series but I'm giving it 3 stars instead of 5 because of the ending I don't mind a somewhat open ending but this feels like an unfinished storyWhen I started reading this last part I wondered how the author was going to wrap up the whole story in just over a 100 pages I guess she didn't she just left some stuff open and unsolvedIt felt like she forgot a few chaptersI still love this series with all its action suspence and charachters I've grown attached to but I'm realy disappointed in the ending of this series

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Inner Demon The Asylum Tales #33Gic in exchange for its freedom – a dangerous opportunity but one that could save his loved ones Gage must choose between what is right and what is easy except he’s running out of tim. I enjoyed the entire series up to this point I wasn't expecting a happy ending but the conclusion felt abrupt and half assed as if someone said Ok I'm tired let's just stop here I'm so disappointed that the series ended this way because I was so looking forward to finding out what happened to the main characters and some of those on the periphery Big let down