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SUMMARY 새디스틱 뷰티 Sadistic Beauty î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB é [Reading] ➶ 새디스틱 뷰티 Sadistic Beauty Author Yunhee Woo – 대학생 우해솔은 어느 날 갑자기 집으로 쳐들어온 룸메이트의 섹시한 누나 천두나와 함께 살게 된 이후 두Riginal WebcomicOfficial English TranslationOfficial Japanese TranslationWhat happens when two guys and a dashing girl meet Beats me but it doesn’t sound romantic Or does it Depending on your definition of romantic Doona’s sadistic ways might be the most romantic thing a guy could wantPermanently unfinishe. There are lots of good parts and a few morally uestionable or downright not okay parts in it Altogether it's always important to remember that showing something in fiction is not necessarily endorsing itIt's a pity it's unfinished although at the same time I have a feeling the characters arcs and relationships could have already been resolvedAlso important to note that you probably won't enjoy it as much if you're not into BDSM

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F 더욱 그녀의 괴롭힘을 바라게 되는데 한편 대학 강사인 변민호는 복학한 두나에게 막말을 내뱉지만 왠지 둘 사이는 단순한 원수가 아닌 듯 사랑과 욕망 사이에서 방황하는 세 사람이 엮어 내는 고통과 쾌감을 넘나드는 짜릿한 로맨스O. I REREAD THE WHOLE THING 'CAUSE MORE CHAPTERS

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새디스틱 뷰티 Sadistic Beauty대학생 우해솔은 어느 날 갑자기 집으로 쳐들어온 룸메이트의 섹시한 누나 천두나와 함께 살게 된 이후 두근거림이 멈출 날이 없다 우연한 실수로 누나에게 무서운 벌을 받게 되지만 오히려 야릇한 기분에 빠진 해솔은 새디스틱 뷰티 PD. It was actually well written story with great art Not to mention it was hot I really need some femdom stories like thatWish it wasn't on hiatus