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Download Book ´ Anthony Bourdains Hungry Ghosts 128 pages ✓ Anthony bourdain é ❮Reading❯ ➷ Anthony Bourdains Hungry Ghosts Author Anthony Bourdain – Hungry Ghosts is cooked up by the best selling author and veteran chef Anthony Bourdain Kitchen ConIrits behind these horrifying tales This horror anthology is sure to please and scare On a dark haunted night a Russian Oligarch dares a circle of international chefs to play the samurai game of 100 Candles where each storyteller tells a terrifying tale of ghosts demons and unspeakable beings and prays to survive the challengeInspired by the Japanese Edo period gam Anthony Bourdain was always one of my favorites of the “celebrity chef” crowd Bourdain was that rare character who could produce something beyond the scope of a mere cooking show The man wrote books both nonfiction and fiction His forays into television produced “Parts Unknown” one of the most iconic shows about food and food culture of all time Bourdain taught us that food could be one of the true conduits to a better understanding of other cultures Andrew Zimmern covers a bit of the same ground but Zimmern is in line with the Bobby Flays of the world You would have never caught Anthony Bourdain rubbing elbows with Chris and Maneet on an episode of “Chopped” for example No Bourdain was dangerous His personal demons drove him hard and we took note of that He was often rude and profane But he could also elevate food culture into a work of anthropological art His demons finally caught up with him on June 8 2018 when he committed suicide One of the last projects that Bourdain was working on was a graphic art series in conjunction with novelist Joel Rose The intent was to produce a comic bookgraphic novel in a horror vein with food as the subject to tie all of the stories together The result is “Anthony Bourdain’s Hungry Ghosts” which I picked up in graphic novel form so I could have the whole effort in one handy volume The premise is pretty simple A group of guests has been brought together to a feast hosted by a Russian oligarch of sorts After the meal he invites the chefs and cooks to the table for a game of “Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai” or “Kaidan” for short This was a legitimate historical game played by the Japanese samurai class during the Edo 1603 1868 period The samurai would gather in a room and 100 candles would be lit and the samurai would begin telling ghost stories extinguishing one candle upon the completion of each tale The room would get darker as the night went on and the stories would become scarier The “winners” were those samurai who could last until the final tale was told Most of the stories involved the Yokai which is a sort of catch all term for all manner of supernatural creatures in the Japanese folk mythos Leaving the room in fear would mean a loss of “face” but one has to remember that the Yokai were legitimate forces of nature and danger to the Japanese people during this time Belief in the spirits and demons of the countryside was a given More of a parlor game than anything to be taken too seriously it nonetheless sets a perfectly viable stage for the purposeEach segment in “Hungry Ghosts” is drawn by a different artist The concept and stories were written by Bourdain and Ross The whole thing has something of an EC Comics feel about it which was the stated intent There is a section in the back that highlights each of the Yokai that appear in the stories and there are also five recipes drawn from various sections of the book “Kaidan” art by Alberto Ponticelli This is a uick set up story that introduces the characters and explains the terms of the game to be played Look close thoughthere is foreshadowing to be found even this early in the game“The Starving Skeleton” art by Alberto Ponticelli The owner of a small restaurant refuses to feed a starving beggar Be careful on that walk home dude “The Pirates” art by Vanessa Del Rey Wanton women were often driven into the sea by capricious and overly moral townspeople One such lady is lucky enough to survive in the waves long enough to be picked up by a pirate vessel Did I say lucky? The men are horny and the action is fierce Keep in mind that I didn’t say who was lucky the woman or the pirates Let’s just say THAT ain’t gonna grow back Definitely NSW “Salty Horse” art by Leonardo Manco A rich estate owner has an unnatural taste for horseflesh After devouring his entire holdings from colt to stallion to nag he is left only with a stringy old warhorse upon which to feast The eyes are a delicacy“The Heads” art by Mateus Santolouco A cook who loses his apprenticeship is taken in by a mysterious group of cooks Heads will roll“Deep” art by Sebastian Cabrol An abusive sous chef is given his comeuppance A reminder to always be careful who you are goosing“Boil in the Belly” art by Paul Pope A young cook visits his parents but he has an appetite that just won’t uit Almost like another mouth in his belly that just can’t be satisfied Don’t worry though Those country doctors know how to cure all SORTS of things“The Snow Woman” art by Irene Koh When the demon woman tells you not to speak of your ghostly sexual liaison LISTEN TO HER“The Cow Head” art by Francesco Francavilla A village in the throes of drought and starvation is visited by a mysterious stranger who just HAPPENS to have a cow head in place of a human head He offers to tell them where to get food but they decide that he’d make a tasty meal all on his own This is obviously not a great ideaThe recipe section is pretty cool The recipes are actually featured in the stories themselves They look easy enough to make though you may find yourself hanging out in the Asian section of your market for a few of the ingredients The art is generally good across the board “The Pirates” and “The Cow Head” are particularly effective from a visual standpoint The stories themselves all follow the classic EC Comics formula of moral closure All of the tales have that particular brand of cosmic justice that ensures that everyone involved gets exactly what’s coming to them The section on the Yokai themselves is informative It’s important to realize that Japan is a very haunted place if nothing else in the psychological sense The Yokai are than mere ghosts or spirits they are often the physical manifestation of natural forces and the power of the landscape itself To a typical Japanese citizen of the Edo period these elemental entities would have held great power of belief “Hungry Ghosts” is a fine graphic novel and I’m saddened to know there won’t be any follow up efforts It was nice to know that Anthony Bourdain was continuing to expand his footprint into different types of media Definitely recommended for those who enjoy this sort of thing Don’t rest easy Mr Bourdain I hope that yours is a restless ghost better to remind us all to never take the life we live for granted You are welcome to come and bang on my walls anytime

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Hungry Ghosts is cooked up by the best selling author and veteran chef Anthony Bourdain Kitchen Confidential Emmy Award winning TV star of Parts Unknown and acclaimed novelist Joel Rose Kill Kill Faster Faster back again from their New York Times #1 best seller Get Jiro Featuring all new original recipes prepared by Bourdain plus a guide to the ghostly legendary sp Hungry Ghosts Tales of Fear and Food from Around the World was Anthony Bourdain's last work before his death in June 2018Bourdain an admirer of Japanese folklore as well as graphic novelscomics worked with several artists to compile Hungry GhostsThey were released as single issues but I read the book form which includes all 9 storiesThe scene is set with a Russian oligarch type figure who hosts a dinner party and wants to end the evening with a parlor game hyakumonogatari kaidankai Kaidan the game of 100 ghost stories He invites the chefs to play along as storytellersEach story is intended to be macabre and terrifying than the last As the storyteller finishes they blow out a candle making the room darker with each passing story Until it is pitch blackThe sections scroll to see some of the art from the stories are various themes all include yokai the catch all Japanese name for ghosts goblins Each story has a larger theme of food or eating signature BourdainA little unsettling but not terribly horrific the stories border on grotesue and eerie Artwork is different for each one adding even flavor My faves were The Pirates Snow Woman and The Heads

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Anthony Bourdains Hungry GhostsE of Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai Hungry Ghosts reimagines the classic stories of yokai yorei and obake all tainted with the common thread of foodIncluding stellar artists Sebastian Cabrol Vanesa Del Rey Francesco Francavilla Irene Koh Leo Manco Alberto Ponticelli Paul Pope and Mateus Santolouco as well as amazing color by Jose Villarrubia a drop dead cover by Paul Po Oh mannnnn I really wanted to love this It could have been perfect I don't know if it was a short production schedule or what but the transitions between issues just did not make sense First it's these rich guys doing this ritual and I'm thinking damnnn this is going to backfire on them but then in the next few issues the rich dudes are not even there? They explained at the beginning that everyone was to sit together in one room and light 100 candles and after each person told a scary story they were to extinguish one candle Except they moved rooms and characters disappeared and the candles kept multiplying???We have the chefs go into this room with the candles alone without the rich dudes the characters are divided into the richies and the chefs who just cooked their 5 star dinner but the whole conceit was that you sit together and one at a time extinguish a candle chefs and rich dudes alike I seriously went back to the beginning several times because I was like am I missing something?It was a genuinely terrifying concept that was executed poorly A group of people from different worlds summoned by a mysterious and eccentric millionaire is convinced to play an ancient samurai game where 100 candles are lit and everyone has to go around telling a scary story and extinguish one candle until all the candles are out and a demon is summoned That's a genuinely awesome storyBut this isn't that story