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The Six The Gateway Chronicles #1 review Í 109 Ñ [Reading] ➻ The Six The Gateway Chronicles #1 ➱ K.B. Hoyle – Darcy Pennington hates her life She is an insufferably average teenager with no true friends crushing social anxiety and an indescribable sense of not fitting in anywhere When her parents forDarcy Pennington hates her life She is The Gateway PDF #8608 an insufferably average teenager with no true friends crushing social anxiety and an indescribable sense of not fitting The Six Kindle in anywhere When her parents force her to attend Cedar Cove Family Camp the summer before her eighth. Well that was disappointingI was really excited to start this book I love books with this setup and it just had just so much potential The characters seem to have such a nice range of personalities I was really excited to read about Lewis and the premise was just so awesomeWhat went wrongI hold middle grade books to a high standard I expect them to be just as fleshed out detailed and complicated as their YA and adult counterparts If you think these middle grade books don't exist you haven't read the right ones I want to see the passion and the care and the love and the intimacy the author has with their characters dripping from the pageI just felt as though no one cared about these characters There was no passion No uniueness No chemistryThe characters and their reactions felt flat Everything just feltoff I agree with Darcy for once in saying that Amelia was annoying Sam was nice but bland Lewis hardly existed and when he did he was aggravating Perry was dull and one dimensional Dean seemed okay but we hardly got any page time with him The team of the Six didn't work well together or feel like a team Their interactions made me feel uncomfortable There was no chemistry They mostly just hated on Darcy which gave way to her loads of self pity and caused her to feel alienated from the group causing awkward character interactions I'm not sure if there was one pleasant Team moment with these No banter no witty battles no jokes The plot feels frustratingly long and like we're not getting anywhere And I could predict the plot too Which is saying a lot because I'm terrible at predicting plot twists I knew that SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SKIP TO THE NEXT PARAGRAPH Lykos was evil which I found really disappointing WHY DO WOLVES ALWAYS HAVE TO BE EVIL I LOVE WOLVES I justidk Not enough felt like it happened for the first book I would be forgiving towards this if the characters had shone But they didn't BUT There's a reason I gave this book 3 stars Because this book did have a few things that made it possible to read through That number one thing being Tellius Tellius is my BOI My SON Good night I love him so much He's so sad and bratty and hot tempered and spoiled and stiff and such a bean I don't know how someone COULDN'T love him I loved him with all my heart and I wished he had page time He was the reason I wanted to keep reading Rubidus and Colin were also fun to read about I hope that they get expanded roles in the books to come Their characters shoneAnd the worldbuilding is cool I loved the narks And the animals And the scenery and all the species of Alithea Having the talents is really cool but it does have some strains of Harry Potter esue magic so if you are sensitive about that keep that in mind And I liked the idea of being able to communicate with the animalsBut it just wasn't enough to impress me or leave me happy after putting the book down I really hate leaving reviews on books that I wasn't crazy aboutI always feel so mean And it made me sad to have to say I didn't like this book very muchThanks for reading my review

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Grade year Darcy once again finds herself on Six The Gateway eBook #10003 the outside of an established social circle But the camp holds secrets and when Darcy begins to have strange experiences she comes to believe she’s either losing her mind or on the brink of a discovery that could give her. Review originally posted on Words at Home blog March 20 2012 didn’t know what to expect when I started reading The Six I have seen it compared to Narnia and Harry Potter and this is where my apprehension set in I haven’t read Narnia since I was about ten and I’ve never read Harry Potter so I was afraid that some of the magic would be lost on me I also wasn’t sure how invested I would become in a group of thirteen year olds and their adventures but I was pleasantly surprised The Six caught my attention right away with Darcy and her young teen angst and later by Hoyle’s excellent depiction of an alternate world called Alitheia The Six is full of magic and action which bridge the gap between young adult and adult readers Once Darcy and her friends step into Alitheia it is nonstop action and adventure I have to admit that this novel was my first encounter with many of the magical creates that Hoyle talks about Once we stepped into Alitheia it took me a few pages to switch gears and catch up on the lingo but I got there eventually It was a bit of an abrupt transition and I would have liked to see a little world building and introduction to these new types of creatures so that I didn’t spend any time feeling lost But like it said it didn’t take long to acclimate to Alitheia and once I did the magic began – literally and figuratively Not only is this an exciting fantasy adventure novel but it is full of strong and characters and relationships I really enjoyed the characters that Hoyle crafted from Darcy and her initial sullen and woe is me me attitude to Sam and her over exuberance to Perry and his tough guy persona These kids felt really authentic from their demeanors to their dialogue and their attitudes towards each other They were believable and this is a big part of what drew me into this novel It didn’t matter that this was a younger crowd than I usually read about; a well depicted character is a well depicted character I also loved to see the growth in Darcy’s character Hoyle was able to incorporate themes like friendship loyalty and forgiveness that appeal to any audience especially the younger adult crowd These relationships added another layer to the story making it than just a fantasy novelThe Six is an exciting action filled and magical novel that will appeal to both young and not so young readers There is enough meat to the story to appeal to adults who are fans of YA but it is also a clean enough story to be appropriate and relatable to younger teens so it really is the best of both worlds I recommend this book to anyone who loves the magic and adventure of the Chronicles of Narnia and is looking to get lost in another world for a few hours I received an eARC of this book from the publisher TWCS in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own

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The Six The Gateway Chronicles #1Life purpose An unwitting tumble through a magical gateway lands her in a new world called Alitheia and Darcy must convince five other teenagers at the camp to not only befriend her but follow her on a journey beyond their world and their wildest dreams to save Alitheia from an ancient shadowy fo. From about the very first page of this book I was completely captivated and couldn't stop reading till the end Darcy the main character is thirteen when the story begins and at first I both loved her and was frustrated with her She's shy and socially uncomfortable and yet she's embarrassed to be hanging around Samantha an overweight neightbor girl of the same age I was shy and terrified in social situations at that age and beyond and yet I have a disability and remember too well how all the kids in school were afraid or embarrassed to hang with me But Darcy pulls at your heartstrings and you can't help loving herShe and five other kids of her age meet at a family summer camp and make their way through a mysterious gateway into another world where they find their arrival has been prophesied many hundreds of years before Their arrival begins the process of overthrowing the evil ruler to restore the land to the rightful kingI fell in love with the people and characters we meet in this new land particularly the Narks a being that has two distinct selves and personalities the Day Nark and the Night Nark favorite among them is Yahto Veli This is a young adult book but it takes you an an adventure where any adult would want to go any adult would feel compelled to go I haven't felt this drawn into a book series since maybe Harry Potter and like that series The Six and it's seuel live on in my mind and heart I think about the characters and wonder what will happen to them next There will be six books in this series each book another year another meeting at camp and trip through the gateway And oh how I wish I could go too