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Sword of the Bright Lady Summary Í eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ [Download] ➵ Sword of the Bright Lady ➾ M.C. Planck – Insolpro.co.uk Christopher Sinclair goes out for a walk on a mild Arizona evening and never comes back He stumbles into a freezing winter under an impossible night sky where magic is rOf violence and notorietyTo win enough power to open a path home this mild mannered mechanical engineer must survive duelists assassins and the never ending threat of monsters with only his makeshift technology to compete with swords and magicBut the gods and demons have other plans Christopher's fate will save the world or destroy. “Sometimes peoples would rather cling to a pretty lie than face an ugly truth especially if the lie is one they’ve told themselves about themselves” Kept from being your typical A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court by the strong internal voice of our displaced protagonist and his strong sense of right and wrong Better than average story of a stranger in a strange land“ with hope came fear The mixture was indistinguishable from anger” Both magic and faith work the latter healing and rejuvenating“I must respect the will of the gods assuming I can figure out what that is”Humor is integral to the story Christopher recognizes the emperor’s clothes but also sees worth and potential in his rustic new surroundings“This is how we defeat Evil It cannot comprehend Good Well that and fireballs”Minor typos such as “abject lessons” “My cynicism remains untroubled by hope” Cover art uibble a revolving receiver rifle pictured while the text describes a rolling block design Very different looking“You underestimate yourself Stop it It’s stupid and weak”

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Christopher Sinclair goes out for the Bright PDFEPUB #195 a walk on a mild Arizona evening and never comes back He stumbles into a freezing winter under an impossible night sky where magic is real but bought at a terrible price A misplaced act of decency lands him in a brawl with an arrogant nobleman and Sword of ePUB #187 puts him. Fantasy Review BarnTen copper is eual to one silver ten silver is eual to one gold After a battle the victors go around the field and harvest a glowing ball of energy from each of the dead; collect enough of it and a person can level up one rank Die and a person can be revived but will lose a level of rank More rank means better magical abilities; higher ranked men can shrug off sword blows with ease and heal even the deepest wounds in seconds After a duel the victor gets all the lootz from the loser; usually keeping any magically enchanted items and selling off the mundane stuffThe latest online roleplaying game from Blizzard No unfortunately this is the world in which protagonist of Sword of the Bright Lady finds himself transported to in this thoroughly mediocre portal fantasy offering Now I have accused books of feeling like a video game before but I can’t think of a book that was this blatantly a video game in written form The harvesting of tael and the ability to lose it upon death is the collection of XP plain as day I have collected glowing stuff from my kills in too many video games to mention There is a color coded system to check people’s affiliation so a person can always check the manual if they get lost And at one point Christopher our poor lost soul of destiny looks through his recently acuired spells through a visual menu like apparition in front of him; complete with a silent guide to act as a tutorialI wanted A Connecticut Yankee tale here and in a way I got one But instead of King Arthur’s Court we ended up in Azeroth; and did so without a trace of irony to be found There was a decent story to be found here; Christopher using his mechanical knowledge to change society around him But it walked a predictable line and was surrounded by so much silliness that it was hard to take seriously Of course the protagonist shows gunpowder to a disproving audience changes the course of warfare and becomes a man of destiny within a world he barely understands There was uite literally no other way this story could have gon It was what I expected it was what I got Enjoyment can be found in these stories and I got a bit of satisfaction when everything he did was inevitably proven to be right I admit that for all the predictability I saw through the story I was caught off guard by the ending; in retrospect it was obvious but the author managed to fool me and kudos to him for thatUnfortunately the detractions to the book outweigh the strong ending and various comeuppances that the baddies of the tale get Go beyond the silly set up and incredible ease in which Christopher bends the world around his will It is actually surprising to see a book fail the Betchell test these days but this one does it rather miserably The closest it comes to passing is when one woman addresses a table that has a second woman at it; it may be the only time in the book two women are in one scene — surprising because this is a land of endless war missing a large percentage of its male population Of the six women of note in the book three offer themselves to Christopher in some fashion And despite a large portion of the male population dying in the war women are still left with the prospect of a good marriage being their best only hope in life with a bit of an inconsistency arising from a high ranking church officialFor those who look for well paced plotting first and foremost in their fantasy novels this book will probably work well But it is pretty easy to overload on portal fantasy; they all too often deal with one super character changing the world and need something uniue to break form the back Granted this one had a uniue feel but it wasn’t one that worked for me2 StarsCopy for review provided by publisher

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Sword of the Bright LadyUnder a death sentence In desperation he agrees to be drafted into an eternal war serving as a priest of the Bright Lady Goddess of Healing But when Marcius god of war offers the only hope of a way home to his wife Christopher pledges to him instead plunging the of the Bright Epub #219 church into turmoil and setting him on a path. What I was hoping forWhat I was expectingWhat I gotNow I do feel a bit bad about having such a negative reaction because I consider the author or at least the author's online persona to be a generally awesome guyBut there really isn't much nice that I can say about this book I like the concept of tael although it does seem very very videogamey And overall this story might have worked better if it had just gone all the way and made itself a WoW fanfic It would have been a very creditable WoW fanficOthers before me have complained about this book seeming to be ripped out of a video game And the author himself has mentioned that this is his interpretation of a common gamer fantasy that of being the one RL person stuck in fantasyland The problem with writing a book about a fantasy that everyone has already had is that you have to do something to make it pretty darn interesting and compelling Harry Potter does this really well starting with Stock Tragic Boy who then becomes a compelling character with flaws and struggles trying to fit in in a strange and beautiful world all based on the similar premise of wish fulfillment stranger in a strange landThe other problem with writing a book about this type of video game fantasy is that this book fails at being a video game fantasy There is no video game plot Video game plots take you through various parts of the world jungleland desertland cryptville etc This Entire Book you spend at a save point changing your character's outfit talking to NPCs who have suffered arrows to the knee and impressing locals It also might have been the first draft of a much better novel One that outright admitted the MC was sucked into a video game and actually explored in depth the fear and displacement and horror at all the bloodshed That gave a hint of the possibility the MC might not make it That gave roles to other characters that were complex and GRRMartiny The first chapters touch on the feelings of displacement but then any depth gets sidelined in favor of lengthy descriptions of the financing concepts Gary Stu is bringing to KrynnWherever The MC character is a painful Gary Stu whose every roadblock exists only to prove how invincible he is and there are no characters developed beyond the most flimsy cardboard cutout Think of one of the NPCs in Diablo and you'll get backstory Every other character exists only as a foil for Gary Stu's successes And every conflict is resolved linearly within a ten page chapterThe author has said this book took about three months to write It could have benefited from some months Sadly it reads like a NaNoNovelFor one thing one of the things I was really hoping to see was Mechanical Engineer Awesome The MC is a supposed mechanical engineer who is going to change the world by industrializing Monty Python and the Holy Grail But there is VERY little mechanical engineer research done here and it translates to modern guy goes to medieval fantasy world and is somehow not killed and everyone loves him and instantly embraces all of the modernizations he brings Also hot chicks throw themselves at him which he manfully ignoresThe final battle seuence was pretty good if unsurprising But the final plot twist felt very very rushed I got royally sick of watching Christopher make stupid overly idealistic military decisions and then get rewarded for them Part of war is loss