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The hill country of East Tennessee when he is released from jail  While telling his story Cormac Mc. film of the book update None other than James I'm handsome and I can do anything Franco directed a version of this last year I just saw it; and damn James I hate to say this but it was really good And faithful Really great performance by Scott Haze as Lester You probably shouldn't watch it while you eat your tea nor should you be watching it with any elderly relatives but if you know what the story is about you probably would not do that Unless you want to kill them off with shock and horror This time round I spotted that Child of God starts just like Omensetter's Luck with a rural auction Kind of a really useless factAnd now the actual reviewME AND CORMAC WE GO BACK A LONG WAYThis was a re read my first for years and once again I loved Cormac's outrageous daring style I gave it five stars all those years ago and I give it five now I felt again that I was in the presence of a writer who could dip all the other American writers in his Weetabix and mush em all together and eat em up and go for another bowl of em This guy is the real deal Well allright So how come I didn't like any other CMcC book if he's such a wow Good uestion you know I had a go at Blood Meridian and as everyone knows that's like reading the Bible if God was Sam Peckinpah Beautiful beautiful writing completely suandered on an endurance test Western with zero story and zero character So I failed there All the Pretty Horses well that was better and I did finish it but by now Cormac's style has got ever outre he's much deeply in love with the conjunction and and by then he'd got too mythtastic for my taste I still like my soap opera thank you I’m just this suburban gentleman in a semi detatched house with a cat and a bottle of real ale and a High Llamas cd Myths Not so much So I think Cormac and me had a parting of the ways But if I recall right before we bade farewell and he took the road west we shook hands cordially It felt cordial that is although his face betrayed no expressionTHIS WILL MELT YOUR FACEAs to Child of God this book is a total treat but I got to warn you the main character is a little unsavoury Lester Ballard our grisly necrophile protagonist has uite a bit of the old Ed Gein about him Which if so would make him the fourth fictional incarnation of Ed so inspirational was he and that is leaving aside the biopic about him which is called Ed Gein There was Hitchcock's Psycho there was ol' Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was ever a film so aptly titled it was in Texas there was a massacre it was done with a chainsaw and there was the regrettable Buffalo Bill in The Silence of the Tiny Little Baa Lambs with his human skin dresses Now Barbara Gowdy in her arresting story We So Seldom Look On Love makes a case that there are indeed true necrophiles people that only love people if they're dead Imagine the fate of a necrophile who's looking for commitment I guess the only solution there would be taxidermy But I argue that the great majority of necrophiles wind up with the dead through poor lifestyle choice and low self esteem They are just lonely But in a special way You and me we may have been through lonely times you may still be going through those times and I only wish I could reach my hand through this screen and give your shoulder a little sueeze wouldn't that be nice hmm maybe it wouldn't can you imagine if you booted up your computer and all these arms came out wiggling around Doesn't bear thinking about I digress this loneliness that we have suffered was still on the planet Earth it was a recognisable common emotion We could have been rescued at any time These necrophiles though the loneliness of these guys is a cold cold moon of Pluto They are off the scale of ordinary inabilities to communicate to invite affection they are the antimatter of human dalliance They make autists look like uiz show comperes The only date they've been on is where they shoot em in the back of the head and lug em home That's a date Of sorts Now Lester Ballard if he could only of met a nice girl some time in his early life and could of settled down somewhat it may have been the making of him But he never met the right gal And he took the wrong turn in life The way it goes sometimes


Child of GodCarthy depicts the most sordid aspects of life with dignity humor and characteristic lyrical brillian. How far can one book go How objectionable can the subject matter beWell take a southern degenerate raised in an abysmal state of affairs and trace his downward spiral into serial murder and necrophilia that’s what McCarthy did in ‘Child of God’ But that’s just the tip of the iceberg This novel is a descent into the darkness that can befall an uneducated and amoral man when left to his own devices; someone abandoned on the fringes of civilization and left to fend for themselves with what little they possess When basic needs aren't met and baser desires are never addressed or fulfilled the human reaction is often extreme and appalling History has taught us this time and time again Lester Ballad is uite possibly one of the most reprehensible characters in modern literature yet it is impossible to hate him completely What made me suirm was Cormac’s ability to actually get me to relate to the lonely outcast and feel some sympathy for him showing me the human side to a character we would all regard as subhuman We are products of our environments the results of upbringings and teachings What happens to those who have been locked out of normality by the same societies that judge them'Child Of God' is like nothing you've ever read before If you know anything about Cormac McCarthy you'll know that the brilliant author is not known for holding back or giving a single shit about how offended you might be by some of the harsh realities humanity has to offer Read this book and you will be shocked You will be upset But above all you will be wading into territory very few writers have the fortitude to map and conuer 'Child Of God' is a game changer a short novel that will push the limits of what you thought great content could be It is a must read for any avid adult reader; a book that is both brave and depraved at the same time You have been welcomed You have been warned This book was one of the '10 Books That Made Me Suirm' piece I wrote See which other books made the list

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SUMMARY Ç Child of God À [Ebook] ➧ Child of God ➭ Cormac McCarthy – In this taut chilling novel Lester Ballard a violent dispossessed man falsely accused of rape haunts the hill country of East Tennessee when he is released from jail  While telling his story Cormac In this taut chilling novel Lester Ballard a violent disIn this taut chilling novel Lester Ballard a violent dispossessed man falsely accused of rape haunts. ”The dumpkeeper had spawned nine daughters and named them out of an old medical dictionary gleaned from the rubbish he picked Uretha Cerebella Hernia SueThey moved like cats and like cats in heat attracted surrounding swains to their midden until the old man used to go out at night and fire a shotgun at random just to clear the air He couldn’t tell which was the oldest or what age and he didn’t know whether they should go out with boys or not Like cats they sensed his lack of resolution They were coming and going all hours in all manner of degenerate cars a dissolute carousel of rotting sedans and nierized convertibles with bluedot taillamps and chrome horns and foxtails and giant dice or dashboard demons of spurious fur All patched up out of parts and lowslung and bumping over the ruts Filled with old lanky country boys with long cocks and big feet” You could say that those country boys and those daughters of the dumpkeeper are uneducated disenfranchised white trash but don’t put them too far down the rungs of the evolutionary ladder because you still need room for Lester If you were to compose a ballad of Lester Ballard it would not be one of heroism of self sacrifice or of kindness It would be a song of the grotesue of darkness and of the human mind degraded to the point of madness If Lester were an animal He would be a dog with rabies You’d put him down because he wouldn’t be safe walking around with normal people The sheriff after yet another issue with Lester gives him a warning that of course didn’t make even the slightest impression on Lester ”Mr Ballard he said You are either going to have to find some other way to live or some other place in the world to do it in”What the sheriff should have done if he’d had any inkling of what was to come was to gunnysack Lester and throw him in a deep river He could have tried driving him across the state line and leaving him to be someone else’s problem but Lester is just that kind of bad penny that always turns up again 2013 movie poster for Child of GodIt all begins when Lester’s ancestral home is put up on the auction blocks Now it ain’t much There is maybe some good timber on it and getting bids is not easy but land will always sell Cormac McCarthy doesn’t really say but usually when land gets sold at auction there is a back tax issue Lester doesn’t seem like the type that would ever think paying taxes was in his best interest What this does is make Lester into a wandering bundle of mischief He steals He spies He plots vengeance Not that anyone in the county seems to have any prospects to achieve prosperity anything above the poverty line but Lester falls into that category of negative digits His attempts at wooing women let me see your titties are met with disdain and rejection Even the dumpkeeper’s daughters who will hump just about anything would crush him under the heel of a calloused foot rather than give him a whiff of the pleasure of feminine kindness Lester is an annoyance but comical inspiring the shaking of matronly heads and laughs between men over a bottle of shine If truth be known they think he is a troubled but relatively harmless dumbass It’s not like he’d have ever thought of it on his own It just fell into his lap He comes across a jalopy running in the woods with the radio on A boy and a girl with clothing disarrayed are in the backseat dead The girlwellshe is still warm and unlike other girls she ain’t saying no Yeah he did it Lester had such a good time he brought her back to an abandoned house he’d been using for shelter He’d been lonely of course ”Alone in the empty shell of a house the suatter watched through the moteblown glass a rimshard of bonecolored moon come cradling up over the black balsams on the ridge ink trees a facile hand had sketched against the paler dark of winter heavens”Well the girl wasn’t much for conversation but if he brought her close to the fire and warmed her up she could almost feel alive ”He took off all her clothes and looked at her inspecting her body carefully as if he would see how she was made He went outside and looked in through the window at her lying naked before the fire When he came back in he unbuckled his trousers and stepped out of them and laid next to her He pulled the blanket over them”Just as Lester is settling into his new domestic arrangement tragedy strikes He builds the fire too big and the whole house catches on fire He saves his beloved rifle the bears he won at the carnaval and his bedding but his new plaything kept in the attic so she would refreeze was lost Except for the fickleness of fate Lester might have remained a happily contented necrophiliac for the rest of the winter Now summer would have brought on different issues The smell of decay might have even put a damper on Lester’s lustful stirrings Homeless and womanless Lester decides to try and fix both those problems As women disappear and the law is powerless for lack of evidence to do anything about Lester’s predilections the White Caps decide to take matters into their own hands In Indiana back in 1873 farmers started forming this secret society that would violently inflict justice on people who seemed to be beyond the law As this movement spread South the organization took on some racial overtones and started disguising themselves similarly to the KKK Merchants who were buying up too much land and black men who had thoughts of becoming land owners were targeted in a time when poor white farmers felt they were losing everything They were farmers not law enforcement officers Lester escapes ”He’d long been wearing the underclothes of his female victims but now he took to appearing in their outerwear as well A gothic doll in illfit clothes its carmine mouth floating detached and bright in the white landscape”Lester starts out being strange just a bit different Not different in an Einstein pondering the universe kind of way More like two brain cells drifting around in his head that collide once in a while creating a spark kind of guy Once he has been banished from any center hold in the community he becomes feral a man caught in a permanent state of flight or fight He becomes dangerous and unhinged The grotesue becomes as normal to him as white picket fences are to the rest of us Cormac McCarthyCormac McCarthy will always expose you to a form of human being that will make you uncomfortable You will twitch in your seat You will check the doors and windows one time before going to bed You will start to make a indepth analysis of your crazy cousin Larry You will reluctantly come away with a broader understanding of the spectrum of people making up humanity You will uestion your own sanity and wonder if it is possible for you to ever be as crazy as Lester Ballard Would Lester have been able to stay a hair’s breadth away from insanity if he’d had one normal friend Just one person who could give him a bead to follow A person who could say ‘that ain’t right Lester’ at a critical moment I do ponder uestions like that late at night when I wonder if I could be stable enough and patient enough to keep someone else sane I would probably be too practical to put myself in the path of a psychopath We just hope the madness doesn’t find us I also have read and reviewed Suttree by Cormac McCarthyIf you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at