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Free download ↠ ピアッシング Piasshingu ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ ❮Ebook❯ ➠ ピアッシング Piasshingu Author Ryū Murakami – უზარმაზარ მეგაპოლისში ერთმანეთს ორი ერთ??რივე მეგაპოლისის ვიწრო ჩიხებსა და ბინძურ შენონებშია ჩაკარგული კავაშიმა უინულის სამტვრევითაა შეიარაღებული ჩიაკის კი საკუთარი. This review and stranger things on Blood Red VelvetSome books are unrelenting rays of sunshine filling you with joy optimism and hope for the future and then there is Piercing a two hundred page miasma of darkness and human miseryIt's not so much a horror story per se with most of the true horror being in Kawashima and Chiaki's mistreatment as children and how it continues to warp and destroy their lives as adults Kawashima's homicidal fantasies and Chiaki's self destructiveness collide into a corrosive mess after they meet by chance There are a lot of parallels to his earlier book Coin Locker Babies in that the characters have a lot of pent up rage and agony from childhood that never could be vented or gotten justice forRyu not Haruki do not confuse them Murakami's artistic writing style with its fractured pacing is like a bandage being torn off slowly and with a great deal of tension as if you're not sure whether it will reveal a gaping wound or a small cut Ultimately it is both Piercing paints a portrait of a wound which seems small on the surface but runs bone deepContains some content that could be disturbing or triggering namely depictions of abuse and self harm

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უზარმაზარ მეგაპოლისში ერთმანეთს ორი ერთნაირი ადამიანი შეხვდება ორივეს საკუთარი ისტორია აქვს ორივეს საკუთარი ხმები ჩაესმის და ?. Seriously perturbed about a rash of late night impulses to murder his newborn child with an ice pick Tokyo businessman Kawashima Masayuki decides that the only sensible thing to do is to murder a random prostitute instead But even with all his careful preparations which Kawashima painstakingly scribbles into a notebook the last thing that our everyman hero expects is that his intended victim is just as deranged and volatile a freak as himselfSanada Chiaki is a SM call girl in her early twenties who has been suffering a sexual dry spell after a strand of unsatisfying boyfriends When not lobotomizing herself on pharmaceuticals Chiaki passes the time transferring the all consuming inner turmoil of her deeply troubled past into acts of self mutilation and occasional bodily harm to others Piercing is a pithy and nasty novel with the structure and pacing of a shock thriller until the narrative derails completely into a twisted romance of sorts between two psychotic toxic personalities After a deceivingly cursory set up the book shifts gears and the last hundred pages which in a single chapter relates Kawashima and Chiaki's eventful night together moves at some serious fucked up velocity And while bleak and certainly not for the weak of stomach there is a mean spirited streak of subtle gallows humor that penetrates the often erroneous interior dialogues of the novel's two leads giving the novel dramatic heft as a disturbing satirical peep show into the psychogeography of the give and take and take and take that we call relationships

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ピアッシング Piasshinguიარაღი მუდამ თან აქვს კერტში გაყრილი რგოლი რომელიც სასტიკი წარსულისა და კიდევ უფრო სასტიკი აწყმოსგან თავდასაცავად თავად აირჩია. so this book made me feel physically unwell I think it was an excellent well written book masterfully translated but it was extremely painful and unpleasant to read the two main characters have a lot of residual damage from childhood traumas that they never dealt with it's a very visceral intense and dark story murakami's descriptions of violence and abuse are graphic and minutely detailed but not without compassion the characters are fully realized and I think the characters' relentless battering of themselves and each other was so overwhelming that their disturbed thoughts became compelling and in a way understandable compulsive self mutilation for example or how masayuki learned to isolate himself from pain and fear kindness there were also some important points about how precarious your life is when you're part of a marginalized group like immigrants or sex workers seriously doubt I would ever even entertain the idea of reading this again and I don't know if I'll ever read anything else by ryu the other murakami but I think it's very powerful and worth reading if you can stomach it