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review Brigitta of the White Forest ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Brigitta of the White Forest Author Danika Dinsmore – Briggy what happens when the Hourglass runs out Brigitta wished she had paid attention to her Auntie Ferna's lessons Being able to sThe White MOBI #238 Briggy what happens when the Hourglass runs out Brigitta wished she had paid attention to her Auntie Ferna's lessons Being able to string a thunder bug sy. Well since I'm the author of this book I find it hard to be objective about it I certainly enjoyed writing it I love spending time with my characters and in my imaginary world and I'm tickled any time someone new reads it especially if they are not a friend or family member

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Mphony wasn't Brigitta of PDFEPUBgoing to help them now She didn't know exactly what would happen when the Hourglass ran out since no living faerie knew a time when the Hourg. A charming story of sisters and growing up and discovering the big secrets of the older generation

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Brigitta of the White ForestLass didn't protect of the White MOBI #9734 the forest But even though she couldn't remember the details she did know that without the Hourglass there would be no White Fores. Let's start by saying that I have never read a book about fairies before I actually wasn't sure if I would like this book at all because of that However it was a great book It took a little bit to get into it because of it being about fairies which I had no knowledge of what to expect and because the names are all VERY unusual You can guess that just from the title Brigitta is the main character and her sister Himalette plays another major role They live in the White Forest which is protected by a magical hourglass The area surrounding their home is called Foraglen and in Foraglen is the Dark Forest Brigitta begins the story by being jealous of her friends who have received their destiny markings but she has not She actually has no clue what her destiny is supposed to be because she doesn't have an affinity to any specific task Her mother has always been a great cook and therefore her destiny marking was a Feast Cook it had a professional name in the story Brigitta spends a lot of time daydreaming running errands and watching her sister This is how the story begins with her running errands and watching her sister During one such errand the White Forest is cursed by turning all the creatures within to stone Brigitta and Himalette are the only ones to not be turned to stone due the the most powerful fairy spell called the Blue Spell somehow being cast upon them They turn blue instead of turning to stoneWhat should two little girl fairies do when everyone they know and love has been turned to stone and they have no one to turn to The Blue Spell makes them itch and they just want to have everyone normal again Brigitta's only option is to go in search of Hrothgar at the Dead Mountain out in the Dark Forest She is the only fairy they can think of that may not have been turned to stone She was known to have had magical abilities and was even banished from the White Forest using the Blue Spell She seems to be the only one who might be able to save them from the Blue Spell an save the entire White Forest from their stone curse Brigitta and Himalette travel where no other fairy has gone before in order to save the world as they know it They encounter monsters they had never seen and make a few friends along the way Their bravery is what legends are made of and will be remembered for all of Fairy historyThis is a wonderful story Once you get use to the odd words to describe fairy culture locations and the fairies themselves you will fly through the story as the action never stops I read the second half of the story 70 pages in less than two hours I just had to know what would happen next and what obstacles these delicate fairies would conuer next Children particularly girls will love this story The creativity the author shows is amazing and after you get used to it and think in terms of someones that is mere inches tall the world around you will take on a whole new perspective It was a wonerful read and I look forward to book twoRead reviews at