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Read & Download The Affair The Case of Alfred Dreyfus í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ ❰EPUB❯ ✻ The Affair The Case of Alfred Dreyfus Author Jean-Denis Bredin – On an autumn morning in 1894 Captain Alfred Dreyfus appeared for a routine inspection but found himsTrial and long delayed pardon This book is an account of the Dreyfus Affair the scandal that rocked th century Franc. I am no longer currently reading this I've wanted to know about the Dreyfus trial for years It keeps coming up in my reading about other people of that era One would be Dreyfusard another against I knew the general story but not the details It turns out that this book has far details that I could deal with Me the Francophile I was dismayed to discover how much anti Semitism there had been in France and how virulent it was It is said to be the best book on the subject and I don't doubt that It's probably a great book for someone who wants to know pretty much everything there is to know about everything that surrounded the case but I am not one of those At least not now So I've put it back on the shelf maybe for another day

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On an autumn morning in Captain The Case PDFEPUB #234 Alfred Dreyfus appeared for a routine inspection but found hims. This is a huge book so as you can imagine it goes into every aspect of the famous case of Captain Alfred Dreyfus one of the most celebrated events of the late 19th century It would appear that this type of detail would begin to get a bit boring since the author covers every memorandum letter verifiable conversation and the trial itself but his research is impeccable and he keeps it interesting I could almost guarantee that the reader who is familiar with the Dreyfus scandal will find out events that she did not know prior to reading this book I noticed that one reviewer said it was dense and that is trueit takes some concentration to keep up with the behind the scenes machinations that brought a guilty verdict down on the head of an innocent man And of course one of the most famous things that is remembered is the article J'Accuse by Emile Zola But there is so much and Dreyfus spent nine years on the hell of Devil's Island before being vindicated It is a blot on the history of the French Army and an indication of the anti Semitism that was rampant within the ranks Highly recommended

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The Affair The Case of Alfred DreyfusElf summarily accused of high treason Here he began a twelve year ordeal that included imprisonment on Devil's Island. I'd heard long ago about the Dreyfus Affair and wated to read in detail about it A huge miscarriage of justice at the turn of the century saw an anti semitic and reactionary French army bungle affairs and then frame a Jewish officer of treason to become the scapegoat for their failures The book whilst detailed and following every twist and turn of the affair and there are several of them turns into a bit of a slog to read and at times diverts off into areas that seem to have little bearing on the actual case itself and are to do with cultual or political s of the time