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The Brave eBook ´ 283 pages º insolpro ¶ ✅ The Brave pdf ✈ Author Rachna Bisht Rawat – Twenty one riveting stories about how India s highest military honour was won Rachna Bisht Rawat takes us to the heart of war chronicling the tales of twenty one of India s bravest soldiers Talking to Twenty one Of twenty one of India s bravest soldiers Talking to parents siblings children and comrades in arms to paint the most vivid character portraits of t Truly remarkable scarification of life stories of brave Indian Solders I salute them for their bravery Must read for all

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Hese men and their conduct in battle and getting unprecedented access to the Indian Army Rawat has written the ultimate book on the Param Vir Chakra I read the book The Brave Paramvir Chakra Stories by Rachna Bisht Rawat The book covers a brief story and history about the war which India had with its neighbours and the 21 Param Vir Chakra awardees After reading I was just in awe with the courage and leadership displayed by these soldiers in different war and battles Every soldier had a different personality but the common trait about them was the love for the country The I read about each of them the I felt proud of our defence forces who safeguard our Indian borders with all hardships Hats off to them I urge everyone to read this book

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The BraveTwenty one riveting stories about how India s highest military honour was won Rachna Bisht Rawat takes us to the heart of war chronicling the tales The current book in uestion fills in my humble opinion a major gap in our literature a mainstream book on the recipients of the Paramvir Chakra their deeds their bravery and their life story This is a stunning but completely true fact at least insofar as my experience in concerned that we do not know much beyond the names of a few of these awesome brave men who did the impossible; or rather who made the impossible possible This book is about them about their lives and their deeds Who was Flying Officer Nirmaljit Singh Sekhon? What exactly did he do? Who was Captain Vikram Batra? Just what did he do that was so awesome? Who was Lieutenant Manoj Pandey? What were his precise actions his exact deeds that led to his PVC? How did he do it? Who was Major Somnath Sharma? Lieutenant Colonel Tarapore? 2nd Lieutenant Arun Khetrapal? Naik Jadunath Singh? Subedar Joginder Singh? Havaldar Abdul Hamid? Lance Naik Albert Ekka?Read about how one man led 90 against a 900 strong enemy; and won Read about how one man defeated 35 enemy soldiers Read about how a brave soldier stomach ripped open kept fighting Read about how a single unit without artillery support armed with Rifles held off an enemy armed with Machine Guns Artillery and Mortar Read about how a young man refused to be evacuated from a burning tank faced certain death but did not flinch from his duty Read all this and and realise that what these people not just the PVC winners but also the entire Indian Armed Forces did and have done in every war every exchange of fire was something special something extraordinary something superhuman; something that has no logical explanation There can be no other explanation for some of the absolutely unbelievable stories that leap out of the book; it is simply beyond human comprehension these weren't aren't normal; they are special Men India needed alive;; but Men who by choice laid their lives for our India