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review ´ The English Aristocrat's Bride 105 Û [PDF] ❤ The English Aristocrat's Bride Author Sandra Field – THE ENGLISH ARISTOCRAT Blue blooded millionaire Rafe Holden needed a wife one who would agree to a loveless marriage And he had a most suitable candidate in mind THE WRONG TWIN But she had an identica THETe in mind THE WRONG TWIN But she had an identical twin sister Karyn Marshall aroused the kind of desire in Rafe that he'd been hoping to avoid OR THE. By the end of the book I actually like Rafe and FIONA much than Karyn our supposed heroine She was such an idiot pushing Rafe away just because of her bad marriage and did not give Rafe even a chance to prove himself Rafe was such a nice guy despite his current wealth and power; it was his humbling experience as a dirt poor aristocrat that made him such a sensitive and kind manFiona really shone in this story and upstaged our heroine to be honest She was initially the doormat twin who was bullied by her nasty adoptive parents without her even realisingLuckily she had Rafe to watch out for herOnce she had her eyes opened and the right man to fight for she blossomed into a strong and beautiful woman Her visit to Karyn and telling her off for hurting Rafe was one of the best scenes in my opinion I couldn't call Karyn 'idiot' enough by thenThe sexual chemistry between Rafe and Karyn made me roll my eyes thoughI found their love scenes boring hahaOverall this is only an OK story for me

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THE ENGLISH ARISTOCRAT Blue blooded millionaire Rafe Holden needed a wife one who would agree to a loveless marriage And he had a most suitable candida. 4 Stars When her mother passes away Karyn believes herself to be truly alone now with no family until she opens an envelope that contains her birth certificate and adoption records for two babies She's shocked to find out that she has a twin and is eager to find her sister who from the records lives in England So Karyn leaves her home in Canada to seek out her long lost twin Only when she arrives she's met first by a stranger who thinks she is her twin Fiona And then by Fiona's adoptive father who denies the adoption and threatens her should she insist on spreading her lies and impose herself on her twin But it's the stranger Rafe who had thought her to be Fiona and had kissed her with such a passion; it's his scorching accusations that she is an imposter and only after ill gain that has Karyn retreating and giving up her sister Rafe is mystified by Karyn and the outrageous lies He grew up with Fiona he remembers her family bringing her home from the hospital But he can't help feel something for Karyn and wonders at the tortured look in her eyes so he hires a PI to seek the truth When he discovers that Karyn is indeed Fiona's sister he tries to make amends and reunites them Rafe is torn Fiona has been his constant friend and he was preparing to ask her to marry him But the passion in Karyn's kiss is missing from Fiona and Rafe cannot deny that he wants the wrong twinThis is one of those forbidden love stories Karyn feels she is betraying her sister with her feelings towards Rafe Rafe is torn between his feeling of duty and loyalty to Fiona and what was expected for their future There's much heart ache which actually could have been avoided had either Karyn or Rafe asked Fiona what she wanted I enjoyed this very much

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The English Aristocrat's BrideWRONG BRIDE Rafe was no stranger to making ruthless choices So would he decide to risk than a marriage in name only and take Karyn as his arranged brid. The story begins with the heroine Karyn arriving in England with the intention of meeting her twin sister for the first time She only recently found out that she was both adopted and had an identical twin sister after her mother died Karyn is trying to work up the nerve to approach when she meets the hero Rafe Rafe initially mistakes Karyn for her twin Fiona whom he has been close friends with since childhood They share an explosive kiss which causes Karyn to flee and Rafe confused as has never felt anything like that towards Fiona before When the truth is revealed no one believes Karyn and she decides to leave and not disturb her twins life however Rafe tells Fiona the truth and the sisters build a relationship Rafe and Karyn's feelings for one another grow but both are wary of relationships after past bad experiences I enjoyed the story and thought the plot line and dialogue between all the characters was really good There were elements however that I found a little frustrating which lessened my enjoyment of the book First when Karyn reveals she is Fiona's twin no one believes her not even Fiona Fiona's father and Rafe Come on they are identical twins it would be pretty obvious and even Rafe mistook her for Fiona in the beginning Then Rafe had the cheek to accuse her of trying to scam Fiona er what So she searched the whole world for someone who looked like herself just to pull a fast one a little ridiculous Secondly I thought that Karyn's trust issues with men were just dragged on and on and on which got a tad annoying Despite this I did enjoy the book and will look to read other Sandra Field books in the future Oh the title and back cover blurb are misleading so don't let this sway you either wayOriginally posted at