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Free download The Polaris Protocol 105 Ò ❴EPUB❵ ✰ The Polaris Protocol Author Brad Taylor – Taskforce operators Pike Logan and Jennifer Cahill are used to putting their lives at risk but in The Polaris Protocol it’s Jennifer’s brother and countless innocents who face unfathomable violenc Taskforce operatorE GPS signals making it possible to manipulate everything from traffic signals and banking wire transfers to cruise missiles but only while the system’s loophole remains in placeWith the GPS hack about to be exploited and Jack’s life at stake Jennifer and Pike must find a way to infiltrate the cartel’s inner circle and eliminate the impending threat The price of failure for both the Taskforce and the country is higher than ever. This is the first book I have read in this series and Taylor does really good job onboarding new readers before setting off on high adventure The prolog to the book has Pike and Jennifer and the rest of the taskforce team finishing up a mission Much like the start to a James Bond film this works really well as a device to introduce the characters and give a sense of their personalities and yet have something fun to read for readers who are already familiar with the series By the time the story started really going I had a strong sense of the characters and was ready for the story to get goingThe story itself is a bit convoluted It feels like a couple of different stories that Taylor wanted to tell that were meshed together Not that the book doesn’t work because the stories are interconnected enough not to feel arbitrary or weird but there are a lot of threads going on and it can get a bit much at timesThe main problem this creates is a lot of characters to focus on Taylor tries to do a thorough job introducing a character and their personality which is fine until that character gets bumped off Then it feels like a bit of a waste of time reading all about a guy who isn't around 30 pages laterStill this book is well paced and exciting The action is very well described and this is some of the best small unit action I have read in a thriller in some time Fans of thrillers and adventure books should check this outhttphomeofreadingcomthe polaris protocol

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G cartels Jack Cahill has unknowingly gotten caught between two rival groups His desperate call to his The Polaris Epubsister is his last before he’s kidnappedIn their efforts to rescue Jack Pike and Jennifer uncover a plot much insidious than illegal drug trafficking the cartel that put a target on Jack’s back has discovered a GPS hack with the power to effectively debilitate the United States The hack allows a user to send fals. BACK ON TRACK In the previous book of the Pike Logan series The Widow's Strike I noted that the author Brad Taylor appeared to be suffering a sopho slump For starters there was only one competent villain in the book and it seemed that The Taskforce was having an easy time instead of working for their paycheck in one of the challenging and horrifying situations they had gone through in the previous books In The Polaris Protocol however the author has improved on the previous book crafting the strongest story in the series with major character development a nail biting plot and a epic threat that in real life you wouldn't see coming till it's to late Now to the reviewwhat if the most asymmetric danger to our way of life was already among us The novel begins with a brief snapshot of how GPS systems are critical in modern warfare and how the conseuences can be catastrophic if they fail We then cut to Mexico where Jack Cahill a journalist who has stumbled onto a strange business deal between an American hacktivist and a drug dealer is making a frantic phone call before he's kidnapped by the Sinola Drug Cartel This phone call reaches Jenifer his sister in Turkmenistan where she's helping conduct an ongoing surveillance operation aimed at pinpointing an Islamist terrorist Traveling to Mexico Jenifer's hunt for her brother ends up dragging Pike Logan and the Taskforce into what starts as a simple kidnap and ransom job but turns into race to stop the destruction of a piece of infrastructure which has become one of the main foundations of modern life in the 21st century In terms of plot The Polaris Protocol is the best I've seen from the series with the author once again creating some seriously unexpected twists like a surprise guest appearance from one of the previous books The action is also spot on From a covert infiltration into a Cartel kidnapping house to a frantic free for all fight in a Mexico City museum at times I was left breathless and even wondering at times how Pike Logan would adapt to the increasingly difficult tactical environment The author also put his research trip in Mexico City to good use successfully capturing the insane and twisted atmosphere of the Mexican Drug War where acts of horrific violence have become as easy as flicking off a light switch This is the most brutal book in the series and I advise first time readers to go back to the other books before reading this one In terms of character interaction and development this book trumps its predecessor in so many ways Firstly Pike and Jennifer are now having to learn to deal with the struggles of their relationship with Pike trying to reign in his natural protectiveness of Jenifer to prevent it from getting in the way of their job while Jenifer is forced to make tough calls in her personal and professional worlds when they come together with near disastrous results for her and the Taskforce The book also focuses on how she's the moral compass and sometimes brains of Pike's team making a critical spot check which saves the day at the eleventh hour SecondlyPike and Jennifer's team gets a major dose of character development when they begin to show a lot appreciation for Jennifer in subtle ways even sticking their necks out for her at a critical moment in the story when all appear to be lost Thirdly we have Mr Sicario and Gamal Hussein the two main antagonists of the book who offer an interesting philosophical perspective about killing The Sicario while ruthless has a nagging doubt in the back of his head about the justifications he uses for his actions and is constantly trying to find someone to challenge them while Gamal Hussein has a streak on honor in him but is an unapologetic killer to the core What I've always loved about Brad Taylor's villains is that they've got shades of gray along within the blackness of their morality making them much interesting and far dangerous than other villains in the genre Finally there's Arthur Booth the American HacktivistContractorTraitor who kicks off the events of the book Cowardly egotistical and utterly opportunistic even the unstable Sicario is a much worthy opponent than Mr Booth who dissolves into a blubbering mess when the universe decides to drown him in a tsunami of bad luck and trouble But the thing that damns him the most is that unlike the Taskforce he never stops to consider the conseuences of his actions which is fully demonstrated when he murders a planeload of people with the software he plans to sell to a hostile third party But the star of the show is the main epic threat of the novel the compromising of the GPS constellation The author has put his studies in asymmetric warfare to good use creating a uniue and terrifying threat which would be damn near impossible to counter in time From transport to financial services GPS is critical in many things which we take for granted and in the story Brad Taylor creates a scenario where the titular Polaris protocol a fictional computer software exists to screw up the GPS networks timing signals along with everything that is connected to it From planes falling out of the sky to economic collapse due to financial transactions not knowing where to go this threat is far interesting than your usual assassination of stop the bomb plot On a related note recently the university of Texas conducted an experiment with GPS spoofing using a powerful transmitter to deceive the navigation systems of a yacht and successfully make it go off course by sending false coordinates making the threat of this story just that plausible and worrying Minor criticism there was a moment in the book involving a certain type of restraint where Pike should have known better and dropped the ball causing a complication which normally he would have seen coming Apart from that the story was fantastic Overall the author has rebounded strongly from the sopho slump from the previous book From addressing issues such as contractors the difference between whistle blowers and traitors the Mexican drug war and the importance of a infrastructure system we take for granted Brad Taylor has matured as a thriller writer and in my opinion has clawed his way up to the top of the Military thriller genre with the best installment in the Pike Logan series to date COMPLETELY RECOMMENDED

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The Polaris ProtocolTaskforce operators Pike Logan and Jennifer Cahill are used to putting their lives at risk but in The Polaris Protocol it’s Jennifer’s brother and countless innocents who face unfathomable violence and bloodshedPike and Jennifer are in Turkmenistan with the Taskforce a top secret antiterrorist unit that operates outside US law when Jennifer gets a call from her brother Jack Working on an investigative report into the Mexican dru. Brad Taylor's Pike Logan anti terrorist thriller series travels down the well worn kidnapping plot line but Taylor finds a way to make the familiar new by combining it with an interesting take on using technology against the USA Pike Logan his girlfriend Jennifer Cahill Knuckles Decoy and Blood are all undercover operators for Taskforce an uber secretive clandestine service used to find terrorists and identify them for a secret USA government counsel that then decides if the terrorists can be captured or killed While on a mission Cahill receives a call from her brother a reporter who has been kidnapped by a Mexican drug cartelBecause he is an American the cartel plans to take him to Mexico and execute him after learning what he knows about their plan Their plan in fact involves Booth a traitorous American computer hacker who has invented the Polaris Protocol a way to turn off GPS data used by the military and civilian airlines Cahill rushes to Mexico against Pike's orders and soon finds herself in over her head but Pike rescues her Meanwhile Cahill's brother has been captured by Pelon a murderous assassin and torturer for another Mexican cartel who are interested in also learning what he knowsCahill convinces Pike to go after her brother and they soon engage in various battles against Mexican cartel members and find out about the secret GPS disruptive program It becomes a rush against time to find Cahill before the assassin can find Booth and sell the technology to both the Mexicans and some Arab terrorists Pike will have to use an old enemy to help with unanticipated resultsTaylor knows how to write action seuences and set pieces The novel moves well and the relationship between Logan and Cahill is still goodOverall this is another excellent thriller with a fast paced plot