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The Soldier’s Curse Monsarrat #1 Read & Download Ü 4 ↠ [PDF / Epub] ☄ The Soldier’s Curse Monsarrat #1 By Meg Keneally – A fast paced witty and gripping historical crime series from Tom Keneally and his eldest daughter Meg In the Port Macuarie penal settlement for second offenders at the edge ofAges such The Soldier’s PDF as being able to spend time in the Government House kitchen being supplied with outstanding cups of tea by housekeeper Hannah Mulrooney who despite being illiterate is his most intelligent companion Not long after the commandant heads off in search of a rumoured river his beautiful wife Honora falls ill with a sickness the doctor is unable to identify When Honora dies it becomes clear she has been Soldier. This is a very fine historical murder mystery set in a 1920s convict settlement in Australia Meg and Thomas Keneally have carried out very thorough research to capture the feel and appearance of the settlement at Port Macuarie would have been like at that time Port Macuarie was where re offenders were sent those convicts who received their ticket of leave and then violated it's conditions or committed another crime Hugh Monsarrat was one such re offender sent to Sydney for forging documents and setting himself up as a lawyer in Exeter without the reuired ualifications After working as a clerk and gaining his ticket of leave he made a stupid mistake and found himself sent to Port Macuarie where he was fortunate to be selected to clerk for the commandant Major Shelbourne While he bides his time until he is free again Monsarrat settles into a comfortable routine starting his days sharing a cup of tea before work each day in the kitchen of the Major's housekeeper Hannah Mulrooney one of his few friends in the settlement While Major Shelbourne is away looking for a rumoured new river system a heinous crime occurs and Hannah is blamedI always enjoy historical fiction based on facts and this is exceptionally well done The authors have also drawn many fine characters in Monsarrat Hannah the Major and his wife Honora as well as the Major's second in command the intolerant and violent Captain Drummond They also portray the local Aboriginal community the Birpai with compassion in contrast with the soldiers and convicts limited understanding of them and their culture The plot was also well developed with a slowish start to introduce the characters and their backgrounds and then some hints of how the crime was committed but the culprit and motive not really clear until close to the end It took me a while to get around to reading this but I'm so glad I have finally done so and look forward to reading the next book in the series soon

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A fast paced witty and gripping Curse Monsarrat PDF #9734 historical crime series from Tom Keneally and his eldest daughter Meg In the Port Macuarie penal settlement for second offenders at the edge of the known world gentleman convict Hugh Monsarrat hungers for freedom Originally transported for forging documents passing himself off as a lawyer he is now the trusted clerk of the settlement's commandant His position has certain advant. The Port Macuarie penal settlement in 1825 was a harsh environment led by Commandant Major Angus Shelborne one of the congenial of men who had run the colony But his second in command was a violent cruel and sadistic man named Captain Diamond and whenever the Major was absent from the settlement Captain Diamond made the most of his position Convict Hugh Monsarrat was a well read man and his knowledge led him to be the trusted clerk of Major Shelborne He was desperate for his ticket of leave so did all in his power to stay out of Diamond’s wayMajor Shelborne’s wife Honora was a lovely young woman who was doing her best to make life for the female convicts a little better But when the Major left the settlement in search of a rumoured river many days ride away Honora fell ill Her housekeeper Hannah Mulrooney nursed her and didn’t leave her side in the two weeks of her illness with Monsarrat spending time with Mrs Mulrooney and asking after Honora’s health His growing suspicions of what was ailing her worried him but when he spoke to the doctor about his thoughts the doctor dismissed themBut worse was to come and it led to a tense increasingly frustrating time for Monsarrat as he tried to outwit the devil before another innocent person was sent to their death The Soldier’s Curse is the first in The Monsarrat Series by Aussie author Meg Keneally and her father ThomasTom It took me awhile to become involved with the characters with the plot being slow and plodding but the tension soon ramped up and kept the pages turning I’m looking forward to the 2nd which is set in Sydney at the Parramatta Female Factory Highly recommended

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The Soldier’s Curse Monsarrat #1’s Curse Monsarrat PDF #180 slowly poisoned Monsarrat and Mrs Mulrooney suspect the commandant's second in command Captain Diamond a cruel man who shares history with Honora Then Diamond has Mrs Mulrooney arrested for the murder Knowing his friend will hang if she is tried Monsarrat knows he must find the real killer And so begins The Monsarrat Series a fast paced witty and gripping series from Tom Keneally and his eldest daughter M. As one would expect from the Keneally’s this is a uality read The story takes place at Port Macuarie NSW 1825 The main character of Hugh Llewellyn Monsarrat is a convict clerk attached to Commandant Major Angus Shelborne Monsarrat is an intelligent man but whose past fraudulent and deceiving actions has seen him shipped to Australia as a convict in lieu of the hangman's noose; so on this count he is lucky Because of his past employment experience as a law clerk he has managed to avoid mostly the hard labour inflicted on convicts with only a small stint in this respect reuired of him With the Major needing a scribe Monsarrat has a relatively cushier position than most convicts However as with small settlements of this nature and given the times of ineuality Monsarrat is always cautious with his remarks so they are not misconstrued and subseuently give reason for any chastisement and further punishment The authors describe the method by which convicts in the main addressed an answer to a uestion which today is practiced well by politicians ie giving an answer to uestion without giving an answer and simply repeating the uestion as a statement or making a criticism simply as a statement The Major’s new wife arrives at the settlement fits in well with the harsh environment and commences to involve herself with the welfare of the convicts and their children until falling ill with an unknown ailment and for which she subseuently dies Monsarrat’s main confidant is the housekeepercook attached to the Major’s household a ticketed now free Irish woman Mrs Mulrooney Through a series of events implications of the source of Honora’s sickness points to a rather nasty Captain who is besotted with Honora but when Monsarrat bravely confronts him he denies any involvement With further investigations taking place it is deduced that Honora had been poisoned and for which implicates Mrs Mulrooney Not satisfied with this accusation and on looking back at previous events Monsarrat is able to discover the real perpetrator Through his endeavours even though the conclusion is a sad affair for him and Mrs Mulrooney Monsarrat is able to achieve his dream that for years had eluded him This read gives accounts of the harsh penalties given to convicts for small misdemeanours the lashings and subseuent imprisonment with only bread and water which must have done very little to reform anyone