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Read & Download ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook à K. Hollan Van Zandt In the bloody clash between Christians and pagans in fifth century Alexandria a servant girl becomes the last hope for preserving peace Written in PDF or in this evocative and thrilling tale a blend of history adventure religion romance and mysticism reminiscent of The Mists of Avalon“Written in the Ashes is one of those rare novels that sets ‘history’ afire to bathe readers in the glow of a greater hotter truth Fans of The Mists of Avalon will find this romanticalchemicalfeministspiritual epic eually captivating” Tom Robbins bestselling author of Tibetan Pea. Written In the Ashes takes place in the 5th century after the Roman Empire collapses in Alexandria Egypt It opens with teenager Hannah a shepherd girl roaming the desert with her father in search of a new place to live that has water for their sheep and themselves to live One night Hannah sleeps close to the sheep to keep an eye on them but she is awakened by men who kidnap her and rape her They bring her to Alexandria and auction her off as a slave to the highest bidder Tarek However Tarek is a young man still living in his father's house His father Alizar soon discovers HannahAlizar recognizes the beauty and talent in Hannah for her intelligence and singing voice He decides to give her the opportunity to buy back her freedom and sends her to the Library of Alexandria to get educated and is taken under the wings of Hypatia the library's headmistress and other's When Hypatia gives lectures she invites Hannah to sing and the audience is mesmerizedMeanwhile the Bishop Cyril vows to rid Alexandria of all he views as pagan including Jews and Hypatia Cyril does find a way to chase the Jews out and a great many are killed How far will he go Does he and his disciples have anything to do with the burning of the Great Library How will Hannah fair in all of this You must read Written In the Ashes to find out Yes this is a must read for all historical fiction lovers This is K Hollan Van Zandt's first book but you would never guess it It sung to me like the main character Hannah with beautiful prose gleaming characters and 5th century Alexandria Egypt being brought to life The words poured off the pages and as hard as I tried to savour each word I could not put Written In the Ashes down I cried at the end because I was so upset that the book ended Written In the Ashes is book one in what Van Zandt hopes to be a trilogy It has been optioned by Mark R Harris Academy Award Winning Producer Crash Gods Monsters for a TV mini series Van Zandt told me that one of the big publishers really loved the book but doesn't think that readers are interested in 5th century Alexandria Egypt and the burning of the Great Library I find that hard to believe and I hope you will help K Hollan Van Zandt I and others prove them wrong Written In the Ashes is in my top 5 books of all time I hope it will be yours as well

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Summary ´ Written in the Ashes ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Î [Epub] ❧ Written in the Ashes Author K. Hollan Van Zandt – In the bloody clash between Christians and pagans in fifth century Alexandria a servant girl becomes the last hope for preserving peace in this evocative and thrilling tale Traditions Hannah embarks on a dangerous uest to unite the fractured pieces of the Emerald Tablet the last hope to save the pagans and create peaceOn this odyssey that leads her to the lost oracles of Delfi and Amun Ra and to rediscovered ancient cities and rituals Hannah will experience forbidden loves painful betrayals and poignant reunions But her efforts may be in vain Returning to Alexandria Hannah finds a city engulfed in violence even as her own romantic entanglements come to a head Now it’s not only her future but the fate of all Alexandria that is at stake. Save your hate for someone who deserves itThis and other beautiful uotes fill the pages of Written in the Ashes Written is the Ashes was at first refreshing because this is the first non YA book I've read in weeks which is highly unusual It's also a historical novel which I don't read very oftenEvery once in a while a book comes along that restores my faith in indiesmall pub books I read indies to discover books like this brilliant uniue original and well written reads gems that only be found if you dig deep enough through the mud and the rock I can hardly believe such a novel exists that so few people know about well enough that an Academy Award winning producer read it and snatched it up for a TV miniseries DThis novel is highly entertaining as well as thought provoking and the amount of hard work and research put into it is evident on every page I could clearly picture the beauty and the danger of the 5th century setting and the stunning characters especially the beautiful and brave Hannah Ashes has it all love passion growth drama adventure danger murder humor and above all an absolutely gripping and gorgeous writing styleI am absolutely a fan of Kaia VanZandt and I have just one uestion for her where can I get the seuelPS Apparently Ashley Judd yes the lead in TV show Missing talks about Kaia “Kaia is an old soul She’s a powerful intelligent woman I look forward to reading her book”Cool huh

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Written in the AshesCh Pie A True Account of an Imaginative Life and Villa IncognitoAfter she is abducted from her home in the mountains of Sinai Hannah is enslaved and taken to Alexandria where she becomes the property of Alizar an alchemist and pagan secretly working to preserve his culture Revered for her beautiful singing voice the young slave is invited to perform at the city’s Great Library where she becomes friends with the revered mathematician and philosopher Hypatia as well as other pagans who curate its magnificent collections Determined to help them uphold pagan culture and. BEFORE READINGThis book is currently available for 229 in Kindle format at At this price and having checked the sample I figured why not try it Hypatia and the Alexandria library the subject matter is interesting ON COMPLETIONI have the hardest time writing reviews for those books that neither anger me because they are so terrible nor excite me because they are so wonderful This is such a book I wanted to learn about the life of Hypatia the famed woman astronomer philosopher and mathematician who lived at the turn of the 5th Century CE I wanted to learn about the Library of Alexandria and the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismagistus However after reading this book I feel I could have gotten the same from a rapid search at Wikipedia In fact I did feel compelled to read at Wikipedia anyhow There are today so many unsolved uestions The author has done an admiral job of offering us one possible explanation detailing Hypatia’s death and the circumstances of the burning of the library In an epilog she has explained where she has altered known facts willfully allowed anachronisms and specified the unknowns I cannot criticize that It is just that I simply didn’t learn enough This book is a dramatization of one possible scenarioSo let’s look at the manner of dramatization I believe a primary problem for me is that the tone of the novel is too cinematic Many people enjoy plot oriented books with dramatic turns and bravado behavior This is a book for them I think it is totally corny when in the heat of the fire a character throws a shard of emerald and whamo kills the bad guyThis felt like fiction to me Given the acknowledged known facts how can these be puzzled together to make sense This is how the author has approached the subject matter This is in fact logical but it becomes “too cleaned up” too simple This event has to happen so that event can happen A message is to be delivered so the characters do this or that so the message can be given True life is so much messier and complex In this novel a repentant bishop is just too “sweet” for my tastes but you see the author wants to make a particular statement that will please her readers or her own beliefs We know that Bishop Cyril did exist although some events remain unclear The author has chosen one very plausible alternative to profess her point of view and to achieve a moving story In addition there is clear forewarning of coming events I appreciate subtlety The author employs a few writing gimmicks for example the repetitive use of a one word sentence “So” The reader is supposed to stop and pause and think and then go on It is just that it was used repetitivelyThe author imagines one character who has a wonderful view of religion based on kindness compassion and understanding This character states that he follows all religious beliefs not limiting himself to just one A person of any faith will nod and say THIS is what religion should be about I too thought the lines beautifully expressed how religion should be manifested THIS is what we must seek Pretty lines that I guarantee all will lovebut again a bit obvious On a Kindle you can see the number of people who have marked a particular passage Yup everyone loved these lines No one could hate them For me this book was good but I wanted a lot I want nuances I wanted complicated people I wanted answers Unfortunately we do not today have all the answers That is certainly not the author’s fault but we have to decide if we want to spend time on the bookThis book is the first of the planned Mediterranean Trilogy It is optioned for television Many people will enjoy the cinematic feel If you are curious for visit wwwWrittenInTheAshescomHannah