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Hounded The Iron Druid Chronicles #1Atticus O’Sullivan last of the Druids lives peacefully in Arizona running an occult bookshop and shape shifting in his spare time to hunt with his Irish wolfhound His neighbors and customers think that this handsome tattooed Irish dude is about twenty one years old when in actuality he? It's hard for me to read urban fantasy these days and not compare the books to the Dresden files When the main character is a magic wielding badass that interacts with mythological figures it makes it harder to avoid the comparison When the book is in first person and the magic wielding badass is also a snarky sarcastic wise ass well it's nigh impossible to avoid putting the two books side by side in my mind That said there are a lot of differences And the vast majority of the things that set Atticus apart from Dresden are good things These books are lighthearted than the Dresden files Atticus is less emo than Harry and he starts off as a huge badass who is able to go toe to toe with some serious mythic shit right off the bat in book one Mind you when I say I like these differences it's not because I dislike the way things were handled in Butcher's books I'm saying that I like them because those are the things that make these iron Druid books distinct from the Dresden files It gives the books their own distinct feel Normally I'd probably give this one a 45 stars But given that it's the author's first book AND the fact that I know I was unfairly comparing this book to the Dresden files all the way through I'm going to bump it up to 55

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PDF ¾ BOOK Hounded The Iron Druid Chronicles #1 » KEVIN HEARNE » [PDF / Epub] ☃ Hounded The Iron Druid Chronicles #1 By Kevin Hearne – Insolpro.co.uk Atticus O’Sullivan last of the Druids lives peacefully in Arizona running an occult bookshop and shape shifting in his spare time to hunt with his??s twenty one centuries old Not to mention He draws his power from the earth possesses a sharp wit and wields an even sharper magical sword known as Fragarach the AnswererUnfortunately a very angry Celtic god wants that sword and he’s hounded Atticus for centuries Now the determined de sigh This was uite the frustrating book to read For the first third or so of the book I wasn't certain how I felt about it but this was largely due to my hesitancy to jump to conclusions Well the potential middle of the road rating uickly deteriorated to a well deserved one star Needless to say I will not be continuing in the series unless I am at a level of boredom I have not yet experiencedLet's start with Atticus Atticus is supposed to be a Druid who is 2100 years old However he acts like an idiotic teenager who thinks he knows it all Atticus is far too immature to be believed as anyone who is than a few decades old rather than 21 centuries old Shouldn't one who has lived this long be a little rough around the edges a bit wise? He makes ridiculous comments jokes some might say if they were actually funny is obnoxious to gods despite their ability kill him oh please get rid of him Morrigan says whoa and gadzooks oh yes very mature and cannot contain his horniness despite literally being ancient Atticus' inner dialogue is also uite clearly modern day American and nothing like what you would expect someone who has lived so long to be Shouldn't he be an amalgamation of the history he has lived??One of the worst scenes in the book by far? When Atticus gives a paramedic a WEDGIE while he is trying to help him with a gunshot wound WHAT THE F%K is that??? A freakin wedgie???? Oh yes I think 2100 years is enough for Atticus He also sleeps with this or that goddess because apparently he is irresistible Yes the red curly hair and long goatee is just freakin unbearably irresistible not When all is said and done Atticus is uite frankly who Kevin Hearne dreams he could be Male fantasy fulfillment is splashed across every page of this bookThis book is a classic example of telling not showing Clearly the author was also trying too hard and it came through the writing He tried hard to be funny but it just simply failed most of the time The dialogue was stilted and the dull info dumps were nearly unbearable The gods in the book were unimpressive as they were never fleshed out I was largely attracted to the book due to the Celtic mythology aspect but Hearne failed in this department as wellAnd then there is Oberon Oberon does not strike me as a dog at all just some jackass' idea of what a dog would sound like if you could communicate with himher I absolutely hated the storyline with Oberon wanting French poodles and then Atticus buying? poodles for Oberon to have his way with Oh great dog rape what a grand way to end the male fantasy bookPS Atticus gives Oberon a DOG both coffee and tea in this book both of which are TOXIC to dogs Caffeinated drinks such as coffee and tea have a similar impact on a dog's system that chocolate does which hopefully people know is toxic as well I hate to think of the number of idiots who gave their dog coffee or tea after reading this book or at least thought it was ok So not only a poor book but it sets a terrible example as well and that isn't even counting the wedgiesugh

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Ity has tracked him down and Atticus will need all his power plus the help of a seductive goddess of death his vampire and werewolf team of attorneys a bartender possessed by a Hindu witch and some good old fashioned luck of the Irish to kick some Celtic arse and deliver himself from evil Ten Things I likedloved about Hounded and the Whys1 Sexy redheaded Irish hero Why because I have a thing for red headed guys and I am a proud person of Irish ancestry so I think Irish people are cool2 Hero is a druid who can also kick butt like nobody's business Why because I love characters who can kick butt and druids are so mysterious and underutilized in contemporary fantasy3 The hero communicates with his dog Why because I am crazy about animals I love the humananimal bond and I thought Oberon was freaking hilarious with his obsessions with sniffing butts sausage and French Poodles4 Celtic Mythology Why well that goes back to my love of the Irish and the Celts and mythology in general Um I do have to say that I prefer my Christian deity because I don't trust those Celtic gods as far as I can throw them no offense to those who believe in Celtic pantheism5 The Arizona setting Why? I hate hot weather but the desert has a raw beauty that appeals Hearne does it very well here and not too many books that I've read were set in Arizona6 The variety of magical elements and beasties here Why because I am a fantasy nerd Enough said7 Swords and swordfighting If you don't know I can't tell you why this is cool8 Werewolves Why? I love werewolves I just do And these are Scandinavian werewolves even cooler9 Wicked witches Why because I like to read books with wicked witches10This book was laugh out loud funny Why? I love to laughBonus Dang Atticus has some good lawyers If you haven't read this book and you enjoy all most at least 60% of what I listed you should read this bookIn all seriousness I really enjoyed this book I had a ball reading it Highly recommendedRating 4550 stars