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review la nuit des albinos 103 ↠ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ la nuit des albinos ❤ Author Mario Bolduc – Loveable crook Max O’Brien finds himself in Africa solving the murder of a friend Distraught by the murder of lawyer and good friend Valéria Michieka Max O’Brien travels to Tanzania to track down Loveable crook Max Ht by some to have supernatural powers many albinos found themselves targetted for murder trafficking and la nuit MOBI #10003 organ theft and Max has reason to think that Valéria was killed because of her legal work defending their rights and safetyMax’s investigation leads him into the history of the terrible “Night of the Albinos”. This is not the easiest or most obvious read but stick with it Yes Max is a con man but as with the earlier books that almost irrelevant to the plot which honestly is a tad convoluted that it needed to be As before and don't worry if you haven't read Bolduc before most of the action takes place outside of Canada in this case Tanzania Bolduc uses the mystery of a disappearance in Texas and bad news about Max's former lover to explore the issue of trafficking in the body parts of Albino Africans Yes this is gruesome Yes it's also a real thing There are two threads and the plot meanders in time a bit but things do some together Thanks to Netgalley for the ArC

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Loveable crook Max O’Brien finds himself in Africa solving the murder of a friend Distraught by the murder of lawyer and good friend Valéria Michieka Max O’Brien travels to Tanzania to track down those responsible What starts as a fight for justice uickly becomes entangled with the persecution of albinos in the East African state Thoug. International con man Max O’Brien had been hoping to retire but is convinced to carry out one last scam to help an old lover Valéria who desperately needs a large injection of cash to save her ‘Colour of Respect’ foundation Her daughter Sophie tells Max that the foundations funds have been embezzled by the accountant They cannot go to the police because the foundation’s reputation would suffer too much and their crucial work in saving albino children would be destroyed The book is set mostly in Africa – predominantly in Tanzania but also in Rwanda and Kenya The focus is on the illegal trade in albino children’s body parts which are believed to have magical properties “This superstition pushed gangs of criminals in search of profit to scour the countryside for albinos of any age kidnapping killing and cutting them up then selling pieces of their bodies to medicine men and healers who flogged them to their customers” Valéria and her foundation campaign tirelessly to protect albinos and their families and to stop this abhorrent industry First comes the scam where an American billionaire is relieved of two million dollars I did not like this episode – it lacked finesse and it reflected badly on Max who apart from this action comes across as a likeable and generally moral rogue Still Max gets the money Valéria needs Unfortunately before she receives it Valéria and Sophie are brutally murdered The rest of the book concerns Max’s attempts to discover why they were murdered and to track down the murderer The Tanzanian police are wilfully incompetent national politics rears its ugly head there are murders and Max is arrested kidnapped beaten and barely escapes with his life Added to his troubles Max finds out he has also been scammed and the money has disappearedThere is also a side story of an elderly former American state executioner who has gone missing and is sought by his wife and son in law It is not until uite late in the book that the relevance of this disappearance is made clear The story becomes uite convoluted and both Max and the reader spend much of the time perplexed Thankfully all is explained by the end following a myriad of twists and turns Everyone has secrets some that they will kill to hide and few characters are as simple as they at first glace appear to be I found this book very interesting as it dealt with a part of Africa I had not read about before let alone visited and a horrendous superstition and trade that was new to me It all seems very well researched and the setting uite believable The story was riveting and I had to know who had committed the murders and why Nothing was straightforward or predictable and the ending rather out of the blue For that reason I can only give the book four instead of five stars although I definitely do recommend reading itI received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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la nuit des albinosWhen multiple people were murdered after which Valéria convinced her government to reintroduce harsh punishments for human traffickers Did the lawyer’s unwavering opposition to the trade in albinos cost her her life Max’s search for the truth about his friend’s death is filled with secrets and mysteries each impenetrable than the las. Two seemingly separate stories that converge before the conclusion Confusing to some but after reading the first 2 Max O'Brien books I was expecting it This one was a little harder to read content wise I hope that of his books will be translated into English