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Indomptable AngéliueAt haar als slaaf probeert te verkopen Ze wordt gekocht door de sultan die haar toevoegt aan zijn harem waar ze al snel uitgroeit tot zijn ‘favoriet ’waa. Angeliue in BarbarySergeanne Golon 3rd in seriesThis book tells how beautiful emerald eyed Angeliue sets out in search of her first husband Joffrey de Peyrac Although Angeliue has lived many lives in the years since Joffrey was sentenced to death she could never forget him and remembered as the gentlest and wisest of her lovers When the King reveals that Joffrey was spared execution and later outwitted his guards she knows that no matter how inaccessible his hiding place she will make every sacrifice to find him In the face of the King's jealous opposition Angeliue embarks on a voyage of discovery The clues lead her from Marseilles to Candia the blood soaked centre of the slave trade to Malta Algiers and the fabled harems of Morocco Shipwrecked sold to Rescator masked prince of the pirates given to the Grand Eunuch of the Sultan Mulai Ismail cruellest and most fanatical of the sons of Mohammed Angeliue is sustained only by her great love Another magical entry to this series I still have all my original paperback copies That has to tell you something

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Opnieuw slaat het noodlot toe en Angéliue wordt ontvoerd door een piraat die haar het bed in probeert te praten Angéliue wijst hem echter af waarna de pira. 35 starsReview is slightly spoilerish Of course it's important I know you Nothing would make you bother the police for a joke With you it's always something important you're about to be murdered or else commit suicide or perhaps you've decided to involve the Royal Family in some fiendish scandal or disobey the PopeHah This is the third book in a long series and this review will be rather brief to avoid spoiling events from the prior novels Angeliue Book 1 and Angéliue and the King Book 2 At the end of book two Angeliue learned that her supposedly dead husband might not be so dead after all and she's willing to risk everything including the King's wrath to find him Despite the heavy police guard placed on her by the express command of Louis XIV Angéliue slips away and her feminine charms come in uite handy when she needs to wheedle her way onto one of the King's vessels heading for Crete No surprise but there's no smooth sailing in Angéliue's world and after a battle or two at sea and a shipwreck she's captured and sold as a slave to the highest bidder the notorious pirate Rescator Oh but the fool escapes and lands herself right into the hands and harem of the infamous Sultan of Morocco Will she survive with her virtue intact or will that treacherous body of hers betray her once again This was the only time in her life that she was ashamed of being a woman and a beautiful one to boot She could not help thinking of herself as merely a work of art being inspected by some critical collector pondering its material values only She felt as is sic she had been robbed of her soulI did enjoy this book although there were times when events dragged on too long for my tastes there seemed to be a lot of background being set up for events that will happen in the later books I did notice that the edition I read is from a different translator than some of the other editions and read a bit dryer than those and for that I'm knocking off half a star Still jolly good fun and next up is Angeliue in Revolt Book 4

CHARACTERS Indomptable Angéliue

CHARACTERS Ý Indomptable Angéliue ✓ [Download] ✤ Indomptable Angéliue Author Anne Golon – Opnieuw slaat het noodlot toe en Angéliue wordt ontvoerd door een piraat die haar het bed in probeert te praten Angéliue wijst hem echter af waarna de piraat haar als slaaf probeert te verkopen Ze w Opnieuw slaat het noodlotRdoor ze zich de woede van een rivale op de hals haalt Ondertussen is Joffrey de Peyrac onvermoeibaar op zoek naar zijn geliefde Zullen elkaar ooit nog vinde. I read the complete series of 13 books theoretically it would be 14 in English but vol 1 2 are one volume in Germany plus the last 3 books have not been translated into English twice but this volume is the one that I did enjoy the least I am simply not interested in sultans serails and harems at all I prefer France or uebec as a locationSo this time while rereading the whole series I will skip this volumeThe first 9 books were great but the last ones from vol 10 on seem to be differentas if they have been written by somebody else not by Anne Golon I hope that the l'integrale version of Angeliue will finally correct and change this